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My PowerPoint on Christianity

My PowerPoint on Christianity



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    Christianity Christianity Presentation Transcript

    • Christianity
    • Holidays
      • Christmas
      • Lent
      • Holy week (palm Sunday, holy Thursday, good Friday, holy Saturday)
      • Easter
      Jesus on the cross Jesus showing his disciples he truly did rise from the dead a representation of the lent season Baby Jesus in a Manger
    • Unifying stories
      • Where Jesus life becomes a unifying story for christens and not Jews is, birth and after death
      • Jews don’t believe
      • born under a star or an angel came and resurrection
      What Jew’s believe about Jesus’ birth and resurrection What Christians believe about Jesus’ birth And resurrection
    • Rites of Passage
      • Baptism
      • Communion
      • Marriage
      • Last rites
      • Death
      A child being baptized A girl getting her 1s communion A couple getting married in a church Man getting his last rites A tomb stone
    • Symbols
      • An Icthus in Greek had the 1 st two letters of Jesus Christ. So it was a fish.
      • INRI was on Jesus’ cross, it means “Jesus Christ king of the Jews”
      • Chi Rho are the 1 st two letters of Jesus' name in greek super imposed upon one another
      An Icthus INRI on Jesus’ cross Chi Rho
    • More Symbols
      • The three linked circles stand for the trinity of God
      • The dove of peace symbolizes Gods spirit at the baptism of Jesus
      • The palm leaves symbolize palm Sunday.
      • The crown of thorns represent Christ’s suffering on the cross
      • The scallop shell is the pilgrim symbol for St. James and how he would give it to people
      • The tongues of flame symbolizes the holy spirit
      • The lamb of god comes from John the Baptist's description of Jesus and the Passover lamb and the resurrection Jesus
      • The cross keys are St. Peter’s keys to heaven
      • Alpha and Omega are the 1 st and last of the Greek alphabet they represent god is the beginning and the end
      The 3 linked circles The dove of peace palms Jesus wearing the crown of thorns A scallop shell Tongues of flames Jesus holding a lamb The cross keys Alpha and omega
    • Core Beliefs
      • Jesus Christ was the messiah.
      • Jesus Christ was sent for our sins
      • Jesus Christ will arrive on the Day of Judgment
      • God is forgiving
      • Belief is as important as actions
      • Ten commandments are guidelines
      • Bible is inspired by God
      • Christianity should be spread
      All (or most) Christians believe: The Ten Commandments Jesus Christ The Holy Bible
    • The Bible
      • Written by Mathew, Mark, Luke and John
      • Mark: written 1 st , 2 nd hand witness, Jesus as a healer and death and resurrection
      • Mathew: written 2 nd ,eyewitness, appealing to Jewish Christians
      • Luke: Written 3rd, interviewer, birth and childhood
      • John: Written 4 th eyewitness, last supper, death and resurrection
      The Gospels New Testament The five books of Moses: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy Old Testament Saint Mathew Saint Mark Saint Luke Saint John
    • Places of worship
      • Stained glass
      • Statues
      • Organ
      • Hymn board
      • Organ
      • Altar table
      • Candles
      Some things found in protestant church. Some things found in a roman catholic church
      • Altar
      • Bible
      • Pews
      • Stained glass
      • Crucifix
      • Organ
      • Statue of a saint
      Some things found in a Greek orthodox church
      • Altar behind royal door and curtain
      • Icons of saints
      • choir
      • Candles
      • bishops chair/throne
      • pews (Men)
      • Pews (women)
      Stained glass of baby Jesus Stature of St. Francis A church choir