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Phone Communities and Activism Showcase

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From government overthrows in the Philippines to the Republican Convention in New York, telephony systems have been hacked to make political statements and empower the those without a voice. Rabble …

From government overthrows in the Philippines to the Republican Convention in New York, telephony systems have been hacked to make political statements and empower the those without a voice. Rabble and Blaine, two close observers of this space, take you on a tour of what people have done for themselves with the technology around them to create new and novel applications.

Talk given at the O'Reilly Emerging Telephony Conference in January 2006.

More in: Technology , Business
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  • 1. Telephony and Activism
  • 2. The Means of Communication • Social Justice organizations have traditionally had no access to powerful telephony tools • Zero, or marginal, budgets • No organizational capacity to work with Carriers or TelCos • Just a strong desire to evoke positive social change
  • 3. The RNC in New York
  • 4. • August 2004 - Asterisk 0.9.7 • 500,000 people protesting in the New York streets. • We were in San Francisco,Vancouver, and in a cabin at 3000 ft in Northern California.
  • 5. RNC VoIP Info Line • Text-to-Speech for Mobile RSS updates from Indymedia • Event Calendars using TTS and RSS • Live Radio Call-in • Streaming MP3 Radio Stations • Total cost: $7
  • 6. SMS - TxtMob • Action alerts via SMS • Simple web-based signup • SMS groups • The problem: Spam Filters
  • 7. 2004 Elections • Last-minute project: 3 weeks, 4 developers • Volunteer Coordination • Polling Place Information
  • 8. Mass Messaging • BIG Groups - 20,000 Volunteers • Deliver messages by state • Time sensitive: delivery within 20 minutes • Repeat several times a day
  • 9. Mass Messaging is Hard • Massive obstacles accessing 1000 lines • VoIP resellers are good at promises • Not so good at delivering • Call quality issues – delays, drops. • Never delivered projected volume of calls, but system was used at 1/10th capacity
  • 10. Vote by SMS • Send out SMS with polling place info • Young Democrats signed up (no, really) to be contacted with their polling place info • How do you do this in 2004 without SMSC, after experience of TxtMob blockage?
  • 11. P2P SMS • Java Applets, loaded in-browser • Communicate with central server • Carrier lookup (85%, no access to number portability info) • Database of carrier SMS-Me email addresses (e.g., 4155551212@tmomail.com) • Email SMS from web browsers, ~200/minute
  • 12. Election Project Costs • VoIP Message Delivery: $1500, including 15 servers from ServerBeach and ~5 rounds of VoIP contract negotiation. • SMS Delivery: $0
  • 13. The End? (we really hope not)
  • 14. Elsewhere • Philippines • Africa • Spain • Portland • Future Projects
  • 15. Ring Tones • Philippines, txtpower.org • Most popular ring tone in the country • Presidential corruption scandal, remixed with pop songs • Catalyst for Pro-Democracy Protests
  • 16. Frontline SMS • SMS Management for remote applications • Clinic data collection systems in the developing world • Clandestine Radio - Zimbabwe listener feedback system
  • 17. Human Rights • Rapid alert system to prevent human rights abuses in the Congo • Mobile phones with solar chargers • Vital communications link for rural communities
  • 18. Women’s Rights • Campaign for Treaty on the Rights of Women • SMS petition gathering • News updates to campaigners via sms • Members who have no other electronic news media
  • 19. Spain • Terrorist attacks 3 days before elections • Government reaction of disinformation • Popular response with protests coordinated via SMS messages
  • 20. Portland • Community TelCo • Use Sipura 3000 to provide POTS access • Collectivize resources, migrate to VoIP-only
  • 21. Freedom to Communicate • Walled gardens are a (very real) form of censorship • Beyond a “pay to play” TelCo system • Email, the Web, Linux, Asterisk are empowering technologies • Freedom to Innovate and Dissent
  • 22. You! • Lots of work to be done • Encrypted, anonymous Voicemail • Pay is terrible, hours are killer • Personal reward is immense • Just like Open Source