Building mobile communities


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Motribe is a platform for <a>building mobile social networks</a> and in this presentation Vincent Maher shares some lessons about community building

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Building mobile communities

  1. 1. Tactics and opportunities for building mobile communities Some practical insights and experiences
  2. 2. campaign Garden-variety mobile campaign using the following mechanics: competition entry, downloads, content
  3. 3. community Much higher levels of initial activity, increased opportunities for 2nd and 3rd day interaction
  4. 4. building community Define the common identity Planning and preparation Launch window tactics Common management problems and solutions Maturity stage and the up-side
  5. 5. common identity The common identity is a combination of attributes that all users can identify with Common interest Age range Location Language
  6. 6. common identity Common interest Age range Location Language Emo style 13 – 20 US, UK English ICP 15 – 35 US English Football 18 – 35 Nigeria English
  7. 7. identity challenges Dialects and languages, location can trigger prejudice and erode the sense of belonging Large age variations and sexual predators Teen age perception is much more granular (18 and 14 are very different) Being inside a crowd of people with the chosen common interest must evoke a strong emotion (e.g. comfort, euphoria, inspiration) No easy way to speak to your group via your channels
  8. 8. planning and preparation - Does the community need content? - If so, who creates it? where does it come from? how often does it get updated? - What is the identity of the administrator? - What are your marketing channels? - What time are your users online?
  9. 9. launch window tactics - The launch window is the first 30 days - Goal: establish enough alpha members (leaders) - What is enough? 100 – 200 (5% of the total) - Establish the rules, internalize them in the alpha members - Start generating organic and search traffic - Establish your best-case CPA
  10. 10. launch fail If your users vs. activity graph looks like this: Instead of this:
  11. 11. launch window - Gender plays an important role in the way a community functions - Communities struggle when there are less than 20% female members and thrive when there are more than 35% - The typical African profile is 70 – 90% male and the same for countries that have a strong Islamic tradition - Situations where women are significantly out-numbered may become self-perpetuating - The counter-measure to this problem is to take a stronger hand in protecting women’s interests while establishing the alpha users
  12. 12. launch window - It sucks being the first person on a community site - On launch, you need 20 – 40 people online at all times for the first 24 hours - To achieve this you need to use a blind network that can quickly adjust the rate of spend and make sure that you are pushing enough traffic onto the landing page - Often an ad with a high CTR is an indication that your ad has too broad an appeal (on blind networks) - If the common interest of the community is very niche then search advertising may be a good way to drive a slow stream of new users. Do not use this for launch as you can’t easily burst search traffic.
  13. 13. management fun - Users uploading bad content - Users harassing other users - Users posting spam messages and outbound links - Users impersonating other users - The solution: - Empower the alpha users to suspend other users and their content - Create the sense of constant surveillance by announcing your presence at random times - Eradicate bad apples early
  14. 14. the up-side External media spend gradually decreases Internal media value grows over time
  15. 15. the up-side The difference can be seen as a saving or added value on top of existing spend This works for the site owners because they are building value Agencies can redirect some of the savings to higher-margin activities like community management
  16. 16. other up-sides - Continued exposure for the brand - A new channel for identifying brand champions - Significantly better ROI on media campaigns - etc
  17. 17. Thank you and questions @vincent_maher