Dell Poweredge Server Lineage
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  • 1. Dell Poweredge Server LineageLately th matter hs m u but th Dell Poweredge Server household tree. hr s rll minimal nfrmtnvn frm Dell n th history f th Powerdge Server. ws hoping thr wuld b helpful dandy documentf evolution f servers total wth model variety, a long time n production nd ll specs. Regrettably,nthng ms tht effortless!I ws bl t find list f product quantities frm sm beneficial gentleman n Wikipedia s tht wscommence. r s list (nt ideal but near) f ll th Dell Powerdge Servers nd th year f creation.s th years progressed, s dd kind variables. Towers r wht started t ll. Generally ths matureservers m n th 7U kind factor nd weighed but s muh s nw Hummer.Around th late 90s s mr designs m ut th wr ll towers, but smaller sized towers. Fr instance thDell Poweredge 1300 wuld b s mini tower b todays requirements nd th Dell Poweredge6350 wuld b beastly 7U tower r th Hummer!Rght rund th yr 2001, servers bm lighter n fat nd th Dell Poweredge 1550 ws welcomed wthopen up arms t ll techs tht wr struggling frm sore backs.n 2009, Dell exploded wth mn designs f towers nd rack mount servers lng wth sequence fservers tht highlighted th AMD Operton processors.h " Series" f Dell Poweredge Servers r starting t m ut s f 2010.f nn hs n thr nfrmtn, truly feel totally free t increase r comment wth right nfrmtn. hope ths sbeneficial t ths tht nd t r t ths tht r ust curious.Dell Product Amount Year Produced (Approx)Poweredge SP5100 1994Poweredge SP5133 1995Poweredge SP5133-2 1995Poweredge 2100 1996Poweredge 4100 1996Poweredge 4200 1997Poweredge 2200 1997Poweredge 6100 1997Poweredge 4300 1998Poweredge 4350 1998
  • 2. Poweredge 2300 1998Poweredge 1300 1998Poweredge 6300 1998Poweredge 6350 1999Poweredge 8450 1999Poweredge 2400 1999Poweredge 2450 2000Poweredge 4400 2000Poweredge 7150 2001Poweredge 1550 2001Poweredge 2550 2001Poweredge 2450 2001Poweredge 6400 2001Poweredge 6450 2001Poweredge 2500 2001Poweredge 2550 2001Poweredge 2500SC 2001Poweredge 350 2001Poweredge 500SC 2001Poweredge 4600 2002Poweredge 2650 2002Poweredge 2600 2002Poweredge 1400SC 2002Poweredge 6650 2002Poweredge 6600 2002Poweredge 6650 2002Poweredge 1750 2003Poweredge 1655MC 2003Poweredge 1650 2003Poweredge 1600SC 2003Poweredge 750 2004Poweredge 700 2004Poweredge 800 2005Poweredge 2850 2005Poweredge 830 2005Poweredge 1800 2005
  • 3. Poweredge 1850 2005Poweredge 1855 2005Poweredge 2800 2005Poweredge 6800 2005Poweredge 6850 2005Poweredge 850 2005Poewredge SC430 2005Poweredge SC1420 2005Poweredge SC1425 2005Poweredge 860 2006Poweredge SC440 2006Poweredge SC1430 2006Poweredge SC1435 2006Poweredge 840 2007Poweredge 1900 2007Poweredge 1950 2007Poweredge 2900 2007Poweredge 1955 2007Poweredge 2970 2007Poweredge 6950 2007Poweredge 2950 III 2008Poweredge 1950 III 2008Poweredge 2900III 2008Poweredge T100 2009Poweredge T105 2009Poweredge T110 2009Poweredge T300 2009Poweredge T310 2009Poweredge T410 2009Poweredge T605 2009Poweredge T610 2009Poweredge T710 2009Poweredge R200 2009Poweredge R210 2009Poweredge R300 2009Poweredge R310 2009Poweredge R410 2009Poweredge R510 2009Poweredge R610 2009
  • 4. Poweredge R710 2009Poweredge R805 2009PowerEdge R510