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the basics of vitamins and minerals and an overview of healthy foods

the basics of vitamins and minerals and an overview of healthy foods



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    Vitamins Vitamins Presentation Transcript

    • Vitamins & minerals the basics
    • Beta Caroteen A B1 B2 CB12 B8 B11 D E B6B5 K B3 Minerals resistance vitamins energy vitamins fat-soluble vitamins water-soluble vitamins Highly recommended
    • Pro- VitamineA bèta-caroteen Carrots cooked Carrots raw Spinach Mango’s Dark green leafy vegetables overview Overdose : NOOverdose: No overview
    • Anti-infection vitamin. A Liver * Spinach Rucola Fish & milk productsRetinol * The percentage of vitamin A in liver (3450%) is above the maximum daily limit of 3000 mg`s. Care has to be taken. overview Overdose: YES overview
    • Burning carbohydrates. Nervous system and heart. generally not very present in food B1 Pork meat Grain products overview Thiamine Overdose : NOOverdose: No overview
    • Digestive system. Skin and hair. B2 Eggs Milk products Broccoli Nuts Meat, vegetables, fruits and grains overview Riboflavin Overdose : NOOverdose: No overview
    • Nervous system. Skin care. Body can make B3 partly from the amino acid tryptofaan(a building stone for proteins). B3 Nuts Cod Brown rice Meat, fish, grains, fruit and eggs overview Niacin Overdose: possible overview
    • Stimulates production anti-stress hormones and antibodies. Present in almost all foods: quite difficult not to get this vitamin on a daily basis B5 Egg Milk Herring Meat, fish, grains, fruit and potatoes overview Pantothenic acid Overdose: only in extreme doses overview
    • Immune system protection. Important for nervous system. Balancing sex hormones. B6 Bananas Pork Whole wheat bread Meat, fish, grains, eggs and beans overview Pyridoxine Overdose: possible overview
    • Production fatty acids. Skin- and hair care. Deficiency of vitamin B quite infrequent B8 Nuts Eggs Milk Soja products, peanuts overview Biotine Overdose: No overview
    • Production blood- and dna material. Protection to cardiovascular diseases. B11 Spinach Broccoli Egg Fruits Grain products, green vegetables, fruits overview Foliumzuur Overdose: natural B 11 NO Overdose: synthetic B11 YES overview
    • Production red blood cells. Maintenance nervous system. B12 Cod Quark Egg Only in animal products overview Cobalamin Overdose: NO overview
    • Aid to process ferro and chromium well. Main vitamin to strengthen resistance. Long cooking times and long storage can strongly reduce the percentage of vitamin C C Sprouts Kiwi Broccoli Paprika’s Oranges Vegetables,fruits, potatoes overview Ascorbic acid Overdose: only in extreme doses overview
    • Essential for the bones. Protection to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Body can create vitamine itself Theoretically 15-30 minutes sun,unprotected,in the safe period, on hands and head will cover at least ⅔ of the vitamin D need for persons younger than 50. Latter group needs to take extra D by eating fatty fish or pills. D Sunlight Salmon Mackerel Herring Egg Animal source only overview Cholecalciferol Overdose: possible overview
    • Immune system protection. Maintenance of: nervous system,heart, skin, muscles and red blood cells. Protection cardio-vascular system. * There are some studies suggesting to be carefull with a too high omega-6 intake. Deficiency of vitamin C generally not common. E Sunflower oil* Nuts Eggs Mainly in plant products overview Tocoferol Overdose: NO. Only in exceptional cases overview
    • Needed for good coagulation of the blood. Body can create the vitamin itself K Spinach Rucula Broccoli Vegetables and oils overview Fylochinon Overdose: NO overview
    • * Grão-de-bico overview Chickpeas* Milk Bananas Chocolate Tryptophan is one of the 20 natural and essential amino acids. It can help the body to produce B3 overview
    • Calcium Milk,cheese 48+,broccoli,green vegs, soja, salmon,nuts Ferro Dandelion salad*,apple-syrup,organ meat (red) meat Magnesium Soja Beans,figs, nuts, chocolate, green leafy vegetables Koper Beef liver,shrimps,prunes,legumes,cashew nuts,chocolate Fosfor Yoghurt, milk, whole wheat bread, meat Jodium Sea fish, table salt enriched with jodium Chrome Whole wheat bread,brewers yeast,liver,grains, oysters Chloride* Salt Kalium Potatoes,bread, milk products, meat, vegetables Mangaan Grains, legumes,fish, nuts, leafy vegs, fruits, meat Molybdeen Legumes,lentils,grains, nuts, milk, egg, organ meat Natrium* Salt, sauerkraut, whole wheat bread, cheese 48+ Selenium Fish, beef liver, tuna, whole wheat bread, garlic Silicium Full grain products, root vegetables Zink Meat,cereal germs,spinach, fish, legume, rice * Dandelion salad - Salada de dente de leão * Careful :overdose overview Essential minerals
    • sources and more information overview avocado, pumpkin, celeriac(rábano), celery, potatoes(cooked), asparagus(fresh), aubergine, endive(raw), beetroot, red cabbage, white cabbage, chinese cabbage (cooked/raw), green cabbage(raw), savoy cabbage, sauerkraut raw), chard (acelga), bean sprouts, belgian endive(endívia), chicory (especially raw), dandelion salad, radish, (water)cress, snow peas, cauliflower(cooked), rucola, spinach(cooked/raw), brussel sprouts(cooked), carrots (especially raw), courgette (zucchini), mixed salad, iceberg salad, purslane, green beans, fava beans, brown beans(cooked), onion (raw), tomato, paprika, leek, basil(fresh), parsley, chive, fennel, garlic, ginger root rice(basmati), rice(brown), rye bread(dark), bread(multi-grains), honey, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, olive oil, green tea trout(cooked), mackerel, whiting, herring raw, halibut, turbot, common sole, flat fish, salmon, cod fillet bolded foods are the most healthy ones egg(cooked), cheese 20+, milk(half full), buttermilk(soro de leite coalhado), yoghurt(fat free/half full), apple, apricot(fresh), strawberries, pineapple, banana, red berries, blackberries, black currants, dates(fresh), figs(mainly fresh), cranberries fresh), peach, lemon juice, grapes(mainly the white ones, raspberries,pomegranate, lime, lychee, mandarins, oranges, mango, raisins, cherries, nectarines, plums(fresh), passion fruit, kiwi, pear, watermelon, grapefruit And the winners are: overview
    • Sources and more information: Voedingswaarde tabel.nl Source of the ‘winners’, the healthy food page. To check a food,not on the list of the winners, go to this site. Site’s in Dutch and in English. Foodnutrition table.com Nutrition Value.org To find detailed nutritional information about a vast array of foods, go to one of these pages overview CalorieKing.com