2009 Etz Chaim Dinner Journal


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2009 Etz Chaim Dinner Journal

  1. 1. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— Presidents’ Message Dear Members and Friends, We wish to welcome all of our members, their families, and guests to the 12th Annual Etz Chaim Dinner. It is always exciting to celebrate together the continued growth of our Congregation. Our shul is unique in its ability to act together and to provide a warm atmosphere for everyone - young or old. Together, we celebrate simchas, but more importantly we support each other in times of adversity and need. Our shul family truly exemplifies the meaning of Achdut and Unity. As Presidents of Congregation Etz Chaim, we have tried in our first year to build on the wonderful work of our predecessors. We hope that some of the new activities that we introduced have met with your approval. As we revel in the past year’s achievements, we are looking forward together, with all of you, to growing our shul community in the coming year. We would like to thank all of our members for their support for our shul and for the many hours that they have dedicated to volunteering in the past year. Without your involvement, we would not have been able to "run" so many meaningful and successful programs. It is also with great appreciation that we acknowledge Rabbi and Rebbetzin Krupka for leading our community. We also thank our assistant rabbi, Rabbi Natan Kapustin, and our youth directors, Rabbi Yaakov and Orly Nadler, for their tireless efforts on behalf of Etz Chaim. This Dinner marks the mid-point of our presidency. We have been privileged to work on your behalf during the last year. We would like to thank our officers, the board and the past presidents for giving of their time, in serving the Congregation and for making our jobs so meaningful. We wish you all a wonderful summer. Wayne Zuckerman Dr. Daniel Pascheles Co-President Co-President 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  2. 2. ———Congregation Etz Chaim———   Rabbi Shlomo Krupka’s Message In this week’s parsha, Naso, Hashem tells the sons of Aaron, appointed as the Kohanim, to bless the Jewish people. It is this Blessing of the Kohanim, a three part blessing, that is incor- porated in our present day siddur and sung on high holidays. It is followed by a very interesting verse in which Hashem says “Let them place My Name upon the children of Israel and I shall bless them.” The commentators argue to whom Hashem refers when He says “… and I shall bless them.” Rashi brings forth two explanations. His first interpretation, “…and I shall bless them” refers to Hashem’s agreement with the Kohanim that it is their blessing of the people that He will reinforce. The second interpretation of Rashi is that Hashem is telling the Kohanim that by their blessing his people, He will in turn bless them and their families. Both messages speak to us as we celebrate another milestone at Etz Chaim. So many people give of their time for the shul on an ongoing basis, whether attending minyan, creating and at- tending programs, or dedicating long hours to raising funds in order to meet our budget. All of these actions enhance our shul. Every action by each individual requires the blessing of Hashem to make it successful. It is truly with the blessing of Hashem that we have grown from ten families to nearly one hundred fifty in twelve years. It is with Hashem’s constant blessing that we meet the challenges of our time. But how does one repay those who bless us with their efforts and hard work? The answer lies in Rashi’s second interpretation that those who bless us are in turn blessed by Hashem. Within our lives it is this chain of blessings from those who share of their time to Hashem who gives us the blessing of time and health. I would like to especially thank Daniel Pascheles and Wayne Zuckerman, who dedicate so much time, and the many others, unseen and unknown to most (except their Rabbi) who devote themselves to the growth of Etz Chaim. May Hashem in turn bless them for all the blessings they give us, and may His abundance overflow to all of theirs. It is the miracle of the generations that so many millennia later, the children of Aaron, the Ko- hanim, are still blessing our people and continue to be blessed by Hashem. May Etz Chaim be so blessed as well. May all of the talent that we harness continue to grow in purpose and in numbers this Bat Mitzvah year. Amen. 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  3. 3. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— Youth Directors’ Message The holiday of Shavuot has just passed, but the message of Shavuot is eternal. The Hebrews had to prove that they could be entrusted with the Torah. As the Midrash re- veals, G-d demanded a guaranty that his precious gift would be cherished for eternity. All of the proposals brought forward by the Hebrews were rejected until their children were offered as guarantors. This reflects what we all know deep in our hearts; our sur- vival and our legacy is solely dependent on our children. How will the Jewish people continue to illuminate the world with the light of the Torah? The Midrash teaches us that our children are the reason that we were entrusted to receive the Torah and that they will be the ones with the awesome responsibility to continue to pass on the torch. By providing our children with warmth and excitement about being Jewish, we are en- suring that this precious gift is passed on to future generations. As the Youth Directors at Etz Chaim, we are proud to serve as your partners in instilling a love for Judaism in your children. As adults, we have to juggle numerous responsibilities but nevertheless the parents at Etz Chaim are enthusiastic about Shabbat and make a strong effort to include their children in the synagogue. Together, we try to instill in our children excitement about coming to shul on Shabbat. In this vain, Shabbat groups are filled with fun filled activi- ties: we play games, sing songs and create a congregation for the children who are preparing to become active adult members of the Shul. What we create here at the Youth Department of Congregation Etz Chaim, is a home, a warm, loving and safe environment for our youth to come together to celebrate their lives. From social programming to Chessed, we run the gamut in order to help our youth develop into creative, socially active, thinking Jewish adults. We have a wonder- ful sense of family in our youth department and we are always looking for ways to wel- come your children. May we continue to see an abundance of nachas from all our children! Orly and Yaakov Nadler 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  4. 4. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— Congregation Etz Chaim 2009 Crown of Torah Jane & Mark Wilf Etz Chaim Batsheva & Murray Halpern Marci & Jeffrey Lefkovits Pillar of Torah Lynn & Erwin Fisch Hon. Rachel Davidson & Mark Fisch Sharon & David Halpern Shelly & Josef Paradis Supporters of Torah Suzanne & Miles Berger Michelle & Bruce Berger Lucy Pantirer Nancy & Larry Pantirer Elisa & Alan Pines Betty & Howard Schwartz Sponsors of Torah Margie & Michael Bachner Avivah & Michael Gottlieb Barbara & Dr. Andrew Hutter Sherry Izak Rebecca & Douglas Kuber Lee & Murray Kushner Michal & Igal Lichtman Maggie & Cliff Newman Mairav & Daniel Pascheles Sarah & Dr. Michael Rieber Frances & Dr. Arie Schwartz Dr. Rimma Sherman Nancy & David Waldenberg Deborah & Wayne Zuckerman 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  5. 5. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— OFFICERS AND BOARD Presidents Daniel Pascheles and Wayne Zuckerman Vice Presidents Michael Gottlieb and Raquel Dardik Secretary Debra Wenig Treasurer Michael Grad Building/Planning Committee Mark Fisch David Halpern Alan Pines Brian Stolar Randee Stolar Mark Wilf Fund Raising Chairman Fran Schwartz Sisterhood Michelle Flaks and Mairav Pascheles Men’s Club Mark Miller House Murray Halpern and Paul Glick Ritual Oliver Shapiro Chesed Alan Rubin Legal David Lentz Past Presidents Michael Bachner, Miles Berger, Dr. Josh Brickman, Paul Celler, Mark Fisch, Michael Grad, David Halpern, Dr. Andrew Hutter, Cliff Newman, Alan Pines, Larry Rothenberg, Brian Stolar 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  6. 6. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— To our dear RABBI AND REBBETZIN a grateful congregation thanks you for everything that you do to make our lives more special and spiritual. We look forward to sharing many more simchas with you and your family. Congregation Etz Chaim 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  7. 7. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— ‫חזק חזק ונתחזק‬ To MEL AND RABBI NATAN KAPUSTIN We thank you for adding to the spirit of our shul in every way. Congregation Etz Chaim 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  8. 8. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— ...‫המלאך הגואל אותי‬ ‫יברך את הנערים‬ To Orly and Rabbi Yaakov Nadler Mazel Tov on the birth of Moshe Chaim. Thank you for your dedication to all our children at Etz Chaim. Rabbi Krupka and the Board of Congregation Etz Chaim 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  9. 9. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— In Memory Of Ronen Segal z”l His warm smile, kind heart, and deep dedication to our Shul will always be remembered. Congregation Etz Chaim 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  10. 10. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— Special Recognition Congregation Etz Chaim gratefully acknowledges Ingrid Zaig – Shul Secretary for facilitating the production of this Journal. Yasher Koach Michael Grad, David Halpern, Daniel Rudy, Fran Schwartz and Debra Wenig, Journal Chairs 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  11. 11. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— PILLAR 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  12. 12. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— PILLAR 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  13. 13. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— PILLAR Mazel Tov to Etz Chaim Congregation and much gratitude to our presidents and Rabbi. BatSheva and Murray Halpern Sean, Nathaniel and Gabriel 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  14. 14. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— BENEFACTOR Best wishes To Congregation Etz Chaim, its distinguished Rabbi, and dedicated balei batim. Marty Knecht Professional Abstract and Title Agency Inc. 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  15. 15. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  16. 16. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— FOUNDER In Honor of our three beautiful children, Emily, Sophia, and Brandon We love you and are so proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad Mindy and Alan Schall 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  17. 17. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— FOUNDER 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  18. 18. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— FOUNDER Yasher Koach And many thanks to Rabbi Krupka and your great family! Thank you Yaakov and Orly! Much Gratitude to Danny and Wayne for all your work on behalf of our Shul (4 more years)! Marci and Jeff Lefkovits Michael, Jonathan and Olivia 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  19. 19. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— DIAMOND Best Wishes! Sharon and David Halpern 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  20. 20. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— DIAMOND In Honor of the Rabbi and the Presidents who work tirelessly for our wonderful Shul. Jeremy and Abbi Halpern Brianna, Jasmine, and Ashton 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  21. 21. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— SAPPHIRE We are proud to support the outstanding work of Rabbi & Rebbetzin Krupka and Congregation Etz Chaim Jane and Mark Wilf Steven, Daniel, Rachel & Andrew 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  22. 22. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  23. 23. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— CHAI In honor of our graduates, LAUREN ELIZABETH EPSTEIN Solomon Schechter Day School Of Essex and Union High School Class of 2009 and CRAIG ELLIOT EPSTEIN Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy 8th Grade Class of 2009 With much love & pride, Sarah & Steven Epstein 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  24. 24. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— CHAI In honor of Jordan’s Bar Mitzvah Mazel Tov! Arthur, Sylvia, Michelle, Adam & Danielle Stark 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  25. 25. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— CHAI In loving memory of Benyamin & Frania Paradis Yitzchak Paradis Arie & Frieda Halpern ‫זכרונם לברכה‬ We miss you all. Shelley and Josef Paradis Gonen and Jaci Dalit, Kalya, & Matan 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  26. 26. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— CHAI “Shoot for THe moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars” - Les Brown David Zuckerman Mazel Tov on your upcoming 8th grade graduation. We are so proud of you. We wish you the very best in high school. We love you, Mom and Dad, Andrew, Michael and Jacob 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  27. 27. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— CHAI “Let parents bequeath to their children not riches, but the spirit of reverence” - Plato To Andrew, David, Michael & Jacob We love you so very much and hope our actions and words continue to teach you what is important in life: Hashem, family, community, education and Tzedakah. Mom and Dad Deborah and Wayne Zuckerman 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  28. 28. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— GOLD The Miller Family wishes the Etz Chaim Softball Team Good Luck! 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  29. 29. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— GOLD In Honor of our two Presidents, Daniel Pascheles & Wayne Zuckerman for all their hard work Bruce, Michelle and Emily Berger 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  30. 30. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— GOLD Our Shtetl, Frystak was located in Galicia, Poland. Our Father, Nathan Berger, left Frystak in 1927 to come to America. During World War II, the entire Jewish population of Frystak was wiped out by the Nazis. With our Love, Suzanne and Miles Berger Brendan & Mara Arielle, Josh, Eliyahu & Tehila Kirk 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  31. 31. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— GOLD Best Wishes! Harley, David & Yaffa Goodfriend 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  32. 32. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— GOLD j|á{|Çz tÄÄ Éy ÉâÜ yÜ|xÇwá tà Xàé V{t|Å t çxtÜ Éy {xtÄà{ tÇw {tÑÑ|ÇxááA Uxáà? VtÜw|ÉÄÉzç TááÉv|tàxá Éy `ÉÜÜ|áàÉãÇ ;LJF< KKL@LCCD `tÜ~ 9 f{Éá{tÇÇt UÄâÅ Wtä|w 9 XÜ|vt YÜx|Ä|v{ ]É{Ç 9 gtÇ|t VÉáÅ| 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  33. 33. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— GOLD In Honor of our Wonderful Community! The Pascheles Family Mairav, Daniel, Céline & Jonathan 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  34. 34. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— GOLD BEST WISHES FROM HARRY STADLER 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  35. 35. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— GOLD Best wishes Chester, Plousass, Lisowaky Partnership, LLC 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  36. 36. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— GOLD Mazal Tov to our children, Racheli, Sofia and Isabella on all of their accomplishments. We love you very much. Mommy & Daddy Rebecca and Doug Kuber 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  37. 37. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— GOLD In Honor of Rabbi and Sherry Krupka and Daniel and Wayne, our esteemed co-presidents, for all their efforts on behalf of our congregation. Fran and Arie Schwartz Ayelet and Ellie Mermelstein Neely and Elon Elisha & Leya Mika & Etan 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  38. 38. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— GOLD Mazal Tov Rabbi and Rebbetzin Krupka on the engagement of your daughter! The Weiss Family Kenneth, Yana, Giselle and Ashton ______________________________ DIVERSIFIED FUNDING GROUP,USA Financing the American Dream, one home at a time! Residential Commercial And more ... Specializing in Developer/Builder relationships We have longstanding relationships with many of the country’s top lend- ers. We can provide financing to all of your prospective buyers with as lit- tle as 3% down. *20% of mortgage profits will be donated to your charity of preference. 7912 5TH AVENUE, BROOKLYN, NY 11209 • PHONE: 718-748-5737 Ext. 17 • FAX: 718-748-5736 WWW.DIVERSIFIEDFUNDING.COM 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  39. 39. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— GOLD In honor of Rabbi and Rebbetzin Krupka May G-d bless you with health, happiness and mazal. Paul and Tita Celler & Family 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  40. 40. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— GOLD In Honor of Daniel and Wayne for their great leadership Maggie, Cliff, Sabrina, Neil & Jonathan Newman 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  41. 41. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— GOLD In Honor of the Halpern families Billy, Meghan, Riley & William Hayes 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  42. 42. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— GOLD 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  43. 43. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— GOLD In Honor of our Wonderful Presidents, Daniel Pascheles and Wayne Zuckerman Special thanks to Michael Grad Margie & Michael Bachner 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  44. 44. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— GOLD In Honor of the co-presidents and our dear friends Daniel Pascheles Wayne Zuckerman for their great leadership of our congregation and board Michael and Aviva Gottlieb 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  45. 45. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— GOLD Congratulations to Congregation Etz Chaim On their 12th Annual Dinner & Especially to our Dear Friends The Halpern, Schall & Paradis families Sincerely, Galaxy Tile &Fabrication, LLC Showroom &Warehouse 40 Brunswick Ave. Office: 732-248-7787 Edison, NJ 08817 Cell: 732- 809-1825 Rhea &Murray Feldman Silvia &Stan Fedorcik 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  46. 46. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— GOLD Mazel Tov to Rabbi & Sherry Krupka on the engagement of Rivky Sherry Izak 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  47. 47. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  48. 48. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— SILVER     Congratulations on     Etz Chaim’s 12th   Anniversary Dinner      Ann and Bernie Sklar    Debbie and Neil Kaplan  12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  49. 49. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— SILVER LIVINGSTON SHOPRITE 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  50. 50. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— SILVER Best wishes to Congregation Etz Chaim for its continued success and growth Special Mazal Tov to our dear Rabbi Krupka Jaci and Henry Mandil and Family 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  51. 51. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— SILVER Dairy, Parve and Vegetarian 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  52. 52. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— SILVER “The Crown of Elders is Grandchildren and the glory of children is their parents” Mishlei 17:6 In Honor of our children and grandchildren Love, Sima and Benjamin Schall 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  53. 53. ‫———‪———Congregation Etz Chaim‬‬ ‫‪SILVER‬‬ ‫לעילוי נשמת‬ ‫‪Sydell‬‬ ‫שרה בשה בת ר' יחזקאל‬ ‫וחוה דוואשה‬ ‫תנצב"ה‬ ‫מהבעל – ד"ר מאיר‬ ‫הילדים – אריאלה ודניאל‬ ‫והנכדים – בן, אביב, נועם, איתן וגיל‬ ‫‪12th Annual Dinner Celebration‬‬
  54. 54. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— SILVER Mazal Tov to our graduates Tzvi Gerstle NYU 2009 Gedalya Gerstle JKHA 2009 Lenny and Adena Gerstle & Family 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  55. 55. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— SILVER Congratulations to Congregation Etz Chaim and its spiritual mentors, Rabbi Shlomo Krupka and Rabbi Natan Kapustin Leah and Justin Bergman 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  56. 56. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— SILVER Mazal Tov to all our dear friends at Congregation Etz Chaim. May we always share simchas. Josh and Sharon Brickman Nicole, Talia and Adi 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  57. 57. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— SILVER 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  58. 58. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— SILVER In honor of our children Jared, Melissa and Jessica Barbara and Andrew Hutter 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  59. 59. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— SILVER Best wishes to Congregation Etz Chaim The Gindi Family 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  60. 60. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— SILVER Mazal Tov to Rivky Krupka and the entire family on her engagement You broke a lot of hearts! Rosalyn and Michael Grad and Family 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  61. 61. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— SILVER Mazel Tov to Marc Pantirer on your graduation from Fordham Law School We are so proud of you and wish you great success in the future Yasher Koach! Love, Baba Lucy and the Pines and Schwartz Families 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  62. 62. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— SILVER In everlasting Memory of   our beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather and Great‐Grandfather     Murray Pantirer z”l      His Gemilus Chesed, unyielding commitment, unselfish dedication  and tireless service to the Jewish community and the rebuilding of  Torah Judaism created a standard for the way in which all parents  should teach their children.        Lucy Pantirer   Nancy and Larry Pantirer   David, Mark and Elizabeth   Betty and Howard Schwartz  Julie and Reuben Kopel, Hallie and Romi  Julie and Jonathan Schwartz, Mia and Mason  Danielle Schwartz   12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  63. 63. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— SILVER Mazel Tov to Nicole Pines on receiving your Master's Degree from New York University, and to Justin Pines on your graduation from Harvard Law School. We are so proud of both of you and wish you great success in the future. Yasher Kochachem. Love, Baba Lucy and the Pantirer and Schwartz Families 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  64. 64. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— SILVER Mazel Tov to the entire Schwartz Family on the birth of Mason Philip May he always bring you great joy and much nachas! Love, Baba Lucy, and the Pantirer and Pines Families 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  65. 65. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— SILVER In honor of our dedicated Rabbi and Co-Presidents To “ Tradition” and to our ancestors who will never be forgotten The Scherl Family 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  66. 66. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— SILVER Congratulations to Daniel and Wayne on a great job. Yasher Koach to Moshe Chaim! Tzipi, Lazer, Sarah, Gitel & Miriam Rothenberg 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  67. 67. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— SILVER In loving memory of Ronen Segal, z”l Greg, Rona, Martha, Sam and Abe Wall 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  68. 68. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— SILVER Mazel Tov to Rabbi and Rebbetzin Krupka on the engagement of Rivky and the Bat Mitzvah of Elke. Sam & Gladys Halpern 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  69. 69. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— SILVER To our dear Rabbi and Rebbetzin Krupka, Mazel Tov on the upcoming wedding of Rivky to Nachum. May they bring much nachas to you and the entire community. Deborah & Wayne Zuckerman 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  70. 70. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— SILVER Best wishes to Congregation Etz Chaim and Rabbi Krupka Yitzhak & Barbara Berger and family 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  71. 71. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— SILVER 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  72. 72. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— SILVER Best wishes to Congregation Etz Chaim and Rabbi Krupka Ron Israeli Joseph & Elana 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  73. 73. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— SILVER In Honor of Etz Chaim Julie, Jonathan, Mia & Mason Schwartz 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  74. 74. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— To Etz Chaim May you continue to grow stronger and higher in Torah, values and spirituality Rabbi and Sherry Krupka 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  75. 75. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  76. 76. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— IN MEMORY OF   OUR PARENTS   & GRANDPARENTS,    NAT, ROCHELLE  & DICK       ELLA, NATE, PEGGY  AND LESTER  12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  77. 77. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— Looking to sell your home, or buy a new house? I can help you Please call me. 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  78. 78. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  79. 79. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— In Honor of Congregation Etz Chaim Noreen, Jeffrey, Adam and Alison Punia 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  80. 80. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— Yasher Koach to Rabbi, Rebbetzin and Congregation Etz Chaim on another great year! Marian & Robert Stern 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  81. 81. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— It is always a pleasure to come home to Etz Chaim! Ayelet ( Schwartz) and Mark Mermelstein 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  82. 82. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  83. 83. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— In honor Of the continued outstanding work of Etz Chaim Nancy, David, Todd, Samantha & Emily Waldenberg 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  84. 84. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— Congratulations Congregation Etz Chaim Debbie and Alan Janoff 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  85. 85. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— In Honor of Rabbi Shlomo Krupka and Rabbi Natan Kapustin Debra, Alan, Alex and Arielle Wenig To Charlie & Joseph Goldman Thanks for making everyday the greatest! Mom and Dad 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  86. 86. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— To Matthew and Ilana Mazal Tov on your graduations! Mom 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  87. 87. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— 28 Millburn Ave, Suite 3 Springfield, NJ 07081 (973) 218-1776 Ext. 875 Fax (973) 994-3892 RobinLCSW@aol.com Yasher Koach May we go from strength to With our best wishes strength. Vera & Philip Chapman Shoshanna & Scott Newman Josh, Danielle and David 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  88. 88. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— Vera Chapman NJAR Circle of Excellence Sales Award 2006 545 Millburn Ave. Short Hills, NJ 07078 Direct Phone: (973) 376-6720 Office Phone: (973) 376-5200 Office Fax: (973) 376-7092 vchapman77@verizon.net www.verachapman.com Yacher Koach to Best Wishes Rabbi Greg Wall to Rabbi Krupka Thanks for your time and on Shabbos mornings Etz Chaim Cara and Arthur Sima & Rabin Altman Rozehzadeh 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  89. 89. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— Yasher Koach to all who worked so hard to make this a successful year The Handler Family The Right Team The Right Time Your Real Estate Connection We wish all the members of the Congregation good health & happiness Levy Family 12th Annual Dinner Celebration
  90. 90. ———Congregation Etz Chaim——— 12th Annual Dinner Celebration