Organisation Development


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Organisation Development

  1. 1. CH INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & COMMUNICATION Présentation Topic- Parle ProductGuided To Submitted ByProf.Akshay Joshi Raj kumar Dhubiya Vijay joshi Amit Gupta Free Powerpoint Templates
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Parle Products has been Indias largest manufacturer of biscuits and confectionery, for almost 80 years. Makers of the worlds largest selling biscuit. Parle-G, and a host of other very popular brands, the Parle name symbolizes quality, nutrition and great taste. With a reach spanning even the remotest villages of India. It has 70% market share in India. The brand is estimated to be worth over rs. 2,100 crore (Rs 21 billion ). More than 1600 Wholesalers an 1.5 Million retail outlets
  3. 3. History In the 1950s the Hindu undivided Chauhan family manufactured beverages, water, confectionery, biscuits, etc. Under its registered brand name Parle. Over the years, the group split into three different companies – Parle Products, Parle Bisleri and Parle Agro. Currently, all three are separate companies with separate ownership and management. The Goal was to cheer to children and adults. In that time Prakash Chauhan was the owner of the company.
  4. 4. Mission & Vision Mission"Hindustan Ki Taakat." For over 70 years, Parle G has been a part of the lives of every Indian. From the snow capped mountains in the north to the sultry towns in the south, from frenetic cities to laid back villages, Parle G has nourished, strengthened and delighted millionsVisionConcentrate on the consumers taste and preferences,the Parle brand has grown from strength to strength ever since its inception
  5. 5.  Total Market – 4000 Crores Total Market Growth 10 to 12 % per annum Parle holds 40% Market share Large unorganized sector Indians eat 0.48 KG and Americans 4kg Biscuits Growth phase
  6. 6. Growth Phase - Parle Cont. High Penetration in Market low price ,low margin and high volume game Brand Repositioning Addition of taste Variants (Magix ,Milk shakti) Addition of weight variants (25 gm to 1kg) Parle G market leader in Glucose sector
  7. 7. Growth Phase – Challenges Retailoutlets (Millions)  Increased penetration 1.8 level from comp. Parle  Increased Advert. Britania3.3 1.3  Variants and new ITC Innovative products Advertising  High segment2000 Turnove variants r1000 Advert.  Celebrity Brand 0 ambassadors Parl ITC
  8. 8. Product Life CycleProduct market growth rate Growth Growth Decline DeclinePresently, Parle G is in the maturity stage of its PLC. TimeHaving said this, the brand is going strong. Span
  9. 9. Inputs Environments of Parle-G Wheat flour Sugar Partially hydrogenated edible vegetable oils Invert syrup Leavening agents (503 Baking powder) Milk solids Salt
  10. 10. PRODUCTS & SERVICES Biscuits Confectionary Parle – G  Melody Milk Shakti  Mango bite Parle - Magix  Poppins Krackjack Monaco  Kismi Toffee Digestive Marie  Orange Candy Hide & Sick  Must Bites Mayfair Cookies  Sixer
  11. 11. PRODUCTS & SERVICESSERVICES As apart of corporate social responsibility policy Parle is keenly involved in overall development of younger generation through conduction various programs across the region Saraswati Vandana in the state of west Bengal Golu galata in Tamilnadu
  12. 12. Parle -G and Challenges Increasing prices of basic Raw material like , Sugar, Wheat, Milk, Milk powder. This leading to increase in manufacturing cost of the biscuits. Parle G very price sensitive product. Small increase in price (by 50 paisa) in past had seen high decline in sales. Should Parle increase flagship brand PARLE G?
  13. 13. Cont…….. Even though the Parle is market leader in the segment, others are also trying to capture the chunk of market share. Fake brands like Parle G, Parle Jee tried to extract market share. How ever only serious competition faced by Parle G is from Britannia Tiger biscuit.
  14. 14. Problems Faced By Parle Stock out Shortage of Parle G Freebies Allocation Problems Further Dispatch Problem Duplicate biscuits Poor Sale Promotion Skills
  15. 15. Parle design related to the above problems Parle control the inventory. Stocking. Packaging should be good quality. Hire skilled employees and youth. Quality policy