Shri Ram Setu Darshanam

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Shri Ram Setu Darshan Se aap ke saari Manokaamnayen puri ho

Shri Ram Setu Darshan Se aap ke saari Manokaamnayen puri ho

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  • 1. Have Ram Setu Darshan here, Associate Yourself With Bhagwaan Shri Ram, Experience the Bliss & All Round Success SHRI RAM SETU DARSHANAM
  • 3. Punya of Setu-Darshanam As per Skanda Purana (1) One who does Setu Darshana, attains the liberation (2) Even the cattle on the earth and stars in the sky, might be possible to count, but the Punya born of the Setu-darshan are uncountable
  • 4. Punya of Setu-Darshanam Punya of Setu-Darshanam as per Skanda Purana (continued) (3) One, who has had the darshan of the famous Setubandha which is like the appearance of all the Gods - who can count for his puNyas! (4) Why! Just by having the darshan of Setu, they achieve the fruits of performing all the Yagyas of tradition, of bathing in all the teerthas, and of practicing all the penances.
  • 5. The Power Of Shri Ram Setu
    • As part of Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project (SSCP), Indian Government initiated the process for cutting open the ancient Shri Ram Setu. Destruction of Shri Ram Setu will have impact on environment, impact on flora & fauna, possibility of Tsunami, washing away of Thorium, Threat to security. Inspite of the public sentiments (Ram Setu being evidence & proof of Ramayana), heritage value of the bridge (as defined by UNESCO), Indian Government wants to go ahead with the dredging of this ancient bridge.
    • But look at the glimpse of Power of Shri Ram Setu -
    • Damage of Dredger Aquarius while at work
    • Sinking of giant crane in the sea
  • 6. A Rhyme On Shri Ram Setu Look, love, the unconquered sea behold, King Varun's home ordained of old, Whose boundless waters roar and swell Rich with their store of pearl and shell. O see, the morning sun is bright On fair Hiranyanabha's height, Who rose from Ocean's sheltering breast That Hanuman might stay and rest. There stretches, famed for evermore, The wondrous bridge from shore to shore. The worlds, to life's remotest day. Due reverence to the work shall pay, Which holier for the laps of time Shall give release from sin and crime. -- Ralph Thomas Hotchkin Griffith (1826-1906)
  • 7. These are the pictures of powerful Shri Ram Setu- “Setu Darshanam”
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