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Amorsolo Restaurant
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Amorsolo Restaurant


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  • 1. My Online Restaurant
  • 2. OWNER/FOUNDER:RalphMatthewDizonAmorsolo
  • 3. My Restaurant
  • 4. VIANDS
  • 5. Beef Steak
  • 6. BEEF STEAKIngredients: -8 slices of tender steaks -2 t soy sauce -2 t calamansi juice -1/2 t pepper -3 t cooking oil -1 pc sliced onion (cut crosswise)
  • 7. BEEF STEAKProcedure: Marinate staeks in calamansi juice, soy sauce and pepper. Pan fry in 3 t of oil. When steaks are cokked, remove from pan and transfer to a serving dish. With the remaining oil in the sauce pan, fry the onion until tender. Arrange on top of the steaks. Serve.
  • 8. Beef Stew
  • 9. -1 can tomato sauceINGREDIENTS: -2 pcs carrots-2 t cooking oil -2 pcs potatoes (also -1 kg stewing (beef cubed) cut into cubes) -2 cloves garlic (mined) -1/4 c bread crumbs -1 large onion (diced) -1 stalk celery (chopped) -1 c green peas -1 pc bay leaf -1 can chicken sausage -2 pcs tomatoes -few salt and black pepper -1 box raisins -2 t soy sauce -2 pcs red and green sweet pepper
  • 10. PROCEDURE Heat oil in a saucepan. Place beef cubes in hot oil, a handfull at a time. Remove whatever oil is left. Return beef to pan. Add garlic, diced onions, celery, bay leaf, tomatoes and salt, pepper and soy sauce. Add 2 cups water and tomato sauce. Bring to a boil and simmer again until the vegetables are tender. Thicken broth with bread crumbs. Stir well until blended. Add sweet peas, raisins and sweet pepper. Simmer for five minutes more and correct seasoning. Serve hot.
  • 11. Pork Sinigang
  • 12. INGREDIENTS-1/2 kg cubed pork -1/2 kg pork ribs -10 c rice washing or water -3 tomates -1 medium sixed onions and sliced sampaloc -6 pcs gabi cut in half -2 pcs raddish -1 bunch sitaw and kangkong -3 pc long green chili -3 pieces of calamansi
  • 13. PROCEDURE In a large pot, put together the cubed pork, 3 cups of water, onion and tomatoes. Cover and simmer for 30 mintues till meat is tender. In another pot, put in the sampaloc with 2 cups of water. Boil for 10 mintues until the sampaloc is soft and mushy. Strain sampaloc water. When the meat is just tender but not over cooked, pour the sampaloc water an the rest of the water into the large pot. Add the vegetables according to firmness, beginning with the gabi. Then the raddish, sitaw, and kangkong in the last few minutes of cooking. Season with patis. The chili may be added if desired. Serve with hot patis and calamansi.
  • 14. Lumpia Shanghai
  • 15. LUMPIA SHANGHAI: ingredients-1/4 kg lean ground beef -1 t salt -1/4 kg shrimp -1/4 t pepper (finley chopped) -1 pc egg -1/3 c singkamas (chopped) -1 t soy sauce -1 l oil -30-35 pcs lumpia wrapper -4 pcs dried mushrooms or egg roll (soaked then chopped) -1/2 c spring onion (cut very finely)
  • 16. PROCEDURE In a bowl combine first 5 ingredients. Season with salt and pepper Blend in egg and soy saunce. Beat mixture thoroughly. At one end of a lumpia wrapper, spoom about 2 tablespoon of the pork mixture and thightly. Brush end of wrapper to seal Cut rolls into pieces. Deep fat fry. Drain then cut into 2 pieces. Serve hot with sweet and sour sauce.
  • 17. Humba
  • 18. Ingredients-1 kg pork pigue (whole) -1/2 c vinegar -2 cloves garlic (minced) -1 sprig oregano -1 c water -2 pcs bay leaf -2 t soy sauce -2 t brown sugar -1 t salt -1 heaping t tausi -2 t fat
  • 19. Procedure Mix all the ingredients and cook until pork is tender. Slice pork into serving pieces. Arrange on a platter and set aside. Strain sauce and pour over pork. Serve hot.
  • 20. Picadillo
  • 21. Ingredients-1 t oil -grnd pepper-1 clove garlic (minced) -½ c water-1 pc onion (thinly sliced) -1 t patis-½ kg ground beef-1 t salt-4 pcs tomatoes (pared and diced)
  • 22. Procedure Heat oil in saucepan and saute garlic, onions, tomatoes and beef until brown. Seasoned with patis, salt amd pepper. Add water and bring to a boil. Simmer until meat is half way done. Add diced potatoes. And add cover. Let simmer some more until potatoes and meat are done. Serve hot.
  • 23. Paksiw na Bangus
  • 24. Ingredients -1 kg fresh, fat bangus -salt to taste -1 small quartered ampalaya -¼ c water -1 small quartered eggplant -1 pc (1-inch long) pounded ginger -4 pc hot green pepper -1 c vinegar
  • 25. Procedure Clean bangus without removing the scales. Cut into 3 or 4 pcs. Salt pcs and set aside. Prepare vegetables. Arrange ampalaya, eggplant and ginger pcs in clay pot. Arrange fish and whole peppers over the vegetables. Bring to a boil without stirring. Add water and continue simmering until fish is cooked.
  • 26. Tinolang Manok
  • 27. Ingredients -2 t cooking oil -1 kg chicken -2 t fresh ginger -2 t patis -6 c water -1 clove garlic -2 c sliced-1 big onion (sliced) green papaya-1 c dahon sili
  • 28. Chicken ala kiev
  • 29. Ingredients-2 pc chicken breasts -½ c flour -2 pc drumsticks -1/8 pepper -115 g. Butter -¼ t salt -1 clove garlic, crushed -1c bread -2 eggs slightly beaten with 2 t water -Cooking oil -salt for seasoning chicken meat -Parsley and radish for gamishing
  • 30. Procedure Separate chicken from bones. Make cutlet of the breast meat and drumstick. Flatten out. Season with salt. Set aside. Combine garlic, salt, and pepper. For the center of the cutlet, place a finger of butter mixture. Roll meat tightly. Chill thoroughly. Dredge in flour, then in a slightly beaten eggs, then in bread crumbs.
  • 31. Come and visitus at Resorts World. And for your online orders please call 09178885692 We hope to hearfrom you very soon. 