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201004 lg cns_brochure

  1. 1. | 2010 | lg cns www.lgcns.com/en
  2. 2. a leading IT partner, this is the timeless promise for its customers. opportunities and actively hybridizing IT-based solutions with prospective business models. This is the way LG CNS sees itself becoming partnership imbued with deep bonds. LG CNS is making headway toward success with its customers by proactively discovering growth ‘Beyond Promise’ is the brand slogan of LG CNS. It connotes the uncompromising steps that make LG CNS the last word in far-sighted joyful Leading Global IT Partner convenient advanced
  3. 3. Convenient Lifestyle 02 03 Enjoy a Brimming Cup of Convenience. Our advanced IT services help speed up traffic flow. To Bring Convenience in People’s Lives Beijinians get to work faster than ever and traffic flow has been greatly improved in Seoul. Instead of waiting in line to buy a transit ticket, commuters have the time to read a newspaper, enjoy their morning coffee, or start working out. The automated fare collection system, transit card system, and other innovative solutions developed by LG CNS help its customers to provide fast and accurate transportation services. With LG CNS, traffic flow and travel speed will be dramatically increased.
  4. 4. Advanced Lifestyle 04 05 See How the Future Starts Today. Our u-City solutions help create the futuristic lifestyle that people dream of. To Help People Live Their Dreams Students can stay at home and get overseas college lectures. Anytime anywhere, patients can receive a diagnosis and businessmen continue to work while on the go. Because the IT infrastructure links homes, schools, offices, and roads between cities and countries to allow a ubiquitous information environment. Our unique blend of ubiquitous solutions, encompassing u-City and u-Health systems, allows u-Life environment and improves the competitiveness of municipal administration. With LG CNS, a bright future is just a fingertip away.
  5. 5. 06 07 Make a Splash with a School of Fish. Our visual entertainment solutions represent the amazing virtual world. To Deliver Joy and Sparkling Moments The number of tourists is increasing sharply each year whether in Las Vegas, U.S.A., or in Melbourne, Australia. The cheers of spectators soar up from “Quest Field,” the home stadium of the Seattle Seahawks, and from Cairo Stadium. Because video display systems can spread a sapphire blue ocean across downtown areas or a variety of vivid visual entertainments throughout grandstands. Our video display solutions represent full-palette images and light effects that create amazing spaces beyond imagination. With LG CNS, the world shimmers with joy and sparkling moments.
  6. 6. The Best IT Partner, Making Dreams Come True Together with Our Customers Since our founding in 1987, LG CNS has made continuous efforts to become the best customer value-creating IT partner in the world. We have carried out countless successful projects by developing new technologies a step ahead of the changing trends and by providing optimal solutions that satisfy the needs of our customers. We are now recognized around the world as a leading IT partner, displaying outstanding performance 08 throughout the industry. The unconditional support our customers have shown us, combined with our passion for customer value, has enabled us to sustain our growth and lead the Korean IT service industry for more than 20 years. Recently, as the convergence of IT with various other industries accelerates, changes are being made more frequently and competition has become intense. Nevertheless, even in times of such changes, LG CNS is striving to create new growth opportunities for our customers based on our competitive expertise. Our struggle to become No. 1 in the business convergence market and our endeavors to become a truly global company with the strengthening of our overseas operations, are all efforts that are being made to provide more value to more customers. LG CNS is now making progress towards a new dream, a dream of becoming a lasting company that can achieve sustainable growth together with our customers. In order to make this dream real, we plan to concentrate our efforts on becoming globally competitive by enhancing our service capacities and establishing a foothold for growth that will help us lead the future market. We will also strive to create an organizational culture that respects human dignity, where employees may make full use of their abilities and develop their dreams. Jeong-Do Management, which aims to uphold fundamental principles under all circumstances, will act as a sturdy foundation for achieving that dream. Customers are always the foundation for our values. Therefore, our philosophy of placing customer values above all else is not a challenge that needs to be overcome but it is our fundamental conviction. With customers always at our heart, LG CNS will advance to become a true global No. 1 company by leading the market through innovative value and customercentric restructuring of our systems. Thank you. Dae-hoon Kim President & CEO 09
  7. 7. vision & brand identity vision To Become a Leading Success Partner Based on more than 20 years of experience in system consulting and building, LG CNS aims to become the No. 1 company and a representative figure in the business convergence market. This goal is within our grasp, as LG CNS is already taking positive steps toward the global market with its steady growth as the domestic IT service leader in Korea. We will focus above all, on upgrading our competitive edge. By providing more platform-based services, enhancing manufacturing processes, innovating productivity, and improving profitability, we aim to strengthen our core competencies while developing new competitive edge at the same time. Our next step will be to create a new foundation for growth. We will develop future growth engines by closely cooperating with our affiliates while developing new IT technologies and adopting new business models. In addition, we will expand our overseas market share by implementing differentiated strategies in our operations. When it comes to a corporate image, brand identity is the first thing that comes up in customers’ minds. Therefore, our brand identity was renewed to better manifest our public image. The main concept is that our professionals are dedicated to maximizing value of our customers based on customer-centered mindset and willingness to lead 10 customers. 11 Becoming a most-trusted IT company maximizing customer value calls for various positives attributes. These include the offering of optimized IT solutions packed with convenience and stable features, the creation of new technologies backed by extensive experience and insight. It also calls for refined management practices with unwavering passion, no matter what lies ahead. As we build trust and respect, we will keep turning our promises into reality. As we constantly pour energy into becoming the best IT professional, IT service provider, and IT brand in the world, we believe that our customers will enjoy increased value and success sooner than expected. Along with these goals, we will continue to invigorate our culture of respecting human dignity by establishing a self initiating-learning culture that can help employees develop their abilities and competitiveness, and by focusing on creating a pleasant working environment, ideally balancing life with work. brand identity To Maximize Value of Customers
  8. 8. A healthy partnership does not grow in As user friendliness and stability are a day. For a partnership to grow, efforts the most vital features in IT systems, we must be poured into mutual success on make sure to provide our customers the a long-term basis that will develop close most convenient and stabilized systems bonds with trust. possible. - - Jae-Pil Park | Business Development Specialist | Ji Yeon You | Research & Development Analyst | Public/SOC Business Division, U-Engineering Business Solution Business Division, R&D Unit, Unit, G-Engineering Business Group, New & Renewable Mobile Technology Team Energy Business Team I am proud to abide by ethical practices as A passion for customer-driven excellence much as I am proud to be an IT professional. is imprinted in our corporate DNA. I will do the best I can do to build customer We are always ready to jump start trust by strictly following our management whenever and wherever there are principles. customer needs. - - Kim, Eun Jeong | Convergence PM Senior | Jin, Choong Youl | Business Planning Advisory Leader | Public/SOC Business Division, Public/SOC Business SOC Public/SOC Business Division, Service Group, U-Engineering Support Team External Cooperation Team
  9. 9. core competence Global Management Strategic Global Expansion and Growth The top most priority for LG CNS in conducting global operations is not short-term performance improvements but long-term strategic value. In China and Southeast Asia, we are known for delivering outstanding IT-based public service systems, including the e-government system. In To Rise to the Top as a Global IT Player LG CNS, which has been leading the Korean IT service industry, is now ready to spread our wings worldwide. In line with aggressive global management strategies, we have launched overseas subsidiaries and R&D centers in key locations, scaling up our services in the Middle East, Asia, America, Europe, Africa and Oceania. the United States and European countries, our exploration goes into full swing, especially into marketing specialized business areas including the LED display area. As a way to sufficiently compete with global peers, we renovated inside and outside management structures, including the implementation of a matrix organizational structure, thus improving quality, productivity, and work efficiency. Extensive Regionalization and Outsourcing We carry out aggressive global management centering on seven subsidiaries launched in China, India, the US, Europe, Indonesia, Brazil and Japan. The US and China IT centers serve as our outposts in dealing with IT demands of Korean enterprises overseas and foreign enterprises in Korea, while at the same time enhancing the regionalization of job tasks, personnel, and marketing. The China and India R&D centers are making headway in regionalization in developing new systems and scaling up sourcing networks that will further strengthen our competitiveness in quality, delivery time, and prices. Tailored Services Jointly with Premiers Our strength also comes from strategic partnerships with specialized premiers widely known in their fields. Currently, we formed partnerships with IT-based companies including IBM, HP, Cisco, and SAP, with consulting companies including Archstone Consulting, Delphi Group, Edgar Dunn & Company, ABeam Consulting, TRASYS, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, and Javelin Strategy & Research, and with telecommunications companies including Verizon. These partnerships put us in a highly advantageous position, allowing us to scale up solutions in consulting, infrastructure, network and software platforms, and security. Infrastructure Network Platform Software Platform Featured Solution 14 15
  10. 10. core competence R&D, Service Infrastructure, and Solutions Cutting-edge Strategies and Infotech Built on strategic and ongoing R&D activities, our technology portfolio has been deployed at home and abroad. Our IT R&D Center, established in 1989 as the first of its kind in Korea’s IT industry, invigorates research activities in deepening IT strategies, core technologies, and Customer Success through Excellence Excellence is doubly underlined across LG CNS. With continuous improvement of IT capability, we steer market-redefining solutions for various customers ranging from world-class enterprises to data centers and readily respond to exactly what they solutions to spearhead real-time enterprise and ubiquitous environments, web 2.0 business models, and convergence business models with service applications. Our subsidiaries, including the Architecture Design Center, Enterprise Solution Lab (ESL), and Entrue Research Institute of Information Technology, step up efforts in their specialized fields. To expand our global R&D network, we continue to promote joint research activities. needs. This is why great enterprise customers choose us to achieve their business goals. Facilitating World-Class Service Infra We have poured investment in redefining our service infrastructures in tune with our Incheon IT Center and overseas IT centers. Our infrastructure capability has been further enhanced to reach and stay at the global top level, especially since the establishment of Sangam IT Center in 2007. The Sangam IT Center boasts the greatest power capacity among Korean enterprises, earthquake endurance of up to magnitude eight on the Richter scale, end-to-end dual power feed system, blackbox-type building structure with separated external and internal walls, and three-step security systems. Along with its world-class system management and business process management, the center ensures an air-tight safety and security environment. We offer comprehensive, seamless customer services based on continuous expansion and stable operation of our service infrastructure. The First to Deliver Value-Creating Solutions At LG CNS, we bring our ample experience in diversified industries and deep understanding of advanced technology to the development of cutting-edge solutions to meet the preferences of our customers. Our in-depth solutions help solve their various business issues and maximize their productivity and work efficiency. We will be the first provider offering our customers the most innovative solutions that can multiply their value for years to come. LG CNS Solutions fr lu t i on en te r p ri s e s o lu ti o n fez e ri n g S ol u in e /F ng R & D In f r a • A• ES M ics • Fina Logist nci al gen BP xtk • or R Ne etw nn ge - ti o em “S a E • d / BI • Core B Risk ank ial ing nc na • ntertainment • Fi Ne al E xt su Vi g in PM • & •B • r C RM • S C M • E P • BC P/D R • IT SM rated security syst • UC/ Integ DW io n n• BI/ lu t wo-way Service • &T So atio P• try ng sti ca c el o / PACS • Dig ital EMR Br oa In dus d ER • n S/ OC • on e” • in o as 16 17 •D a ta c en t er bu il
  11. 11. core competence Sustainability Management Management by Ethical Principles Management ethics are integral to earning the trust of customers and achieving sustainable growth. At LG CNS, we implemented a unique application of management principles, namely “Jeong-Do Management.” Strictly abiding by these principles, we continue to win the trust of One Who Has Hope Has the Future everyone with a stake in our company. Additionally, we formulated the Code of Ethics, which At LG CNS, pursuit of the betterment for all is an uncompromising commitment. Transparent management practices, mutual violating ethical principles via the Internet. To step up the level of ethical awareness, all of our growth with partners on a win-win basis, respect and trust from customers, and various social contribution activities are our employees periodically take ethics and compliance classes. 18 is in the pulse of our everyday practices. To further ensure transparent business practices, we operate Ethics Hotline where anyone can report illegalities and misconduct of employees everyday goals. There comes our hope of tomorrow where there shapes our future. Outreaches to Share Love and Hope We carry out various outreach programs to share love and hope with the community. All of our employees are encouraged to participate in volunteer community activities and to support needy neighbors. From 1995 to 2008, a total of 628 sight impaired people received eyesight recovery operations through our employees’ periodic voluntary donations, while North Korean children have been benefiting from outreach programs. In early 2008, jointly with the Community Chest of Korea, we held the IT-themed contest and the IT dream project for orphanage students. Through these events, high achievers received scholarship awards, support for acquiring ITrelated licenses, and a visit to IT-related enterprises. The community outreach programs also go to welfare facilities such as Enpyeong Rehabilitation Center and Emanuel Orphanage, pickled cabbage donations for the needy, goodwill blood donations, and volunteer forestation activities through our ‘one company, one mountain’ preservation campaign. Since 2008, we have also been conducting a corporate-wide community outreach program named, ‘LG CNS IT Dream Project,’ and have sponsored scholarships and overseas IT experience camps for participating students. In Pursuit of Mutual Progress and Success Our partnership philosophy is all about invigorating teamwork based on mutual progress and success. We have supported our partners under the ‘Together Run (TR)’ system mainly comprised of technical training and financial support programs. In appreciation of our highquality partner training programs, the Ministry of Labor designated us as an official company for operating the Vocational Training Consortium of Small Companies. We support our partners with network loans, 100% cash and weekly bill payments, and exemption from surety bonds (for major partner companies), ensuring their financial stability and business operation. Educational System for Mutual Progress tr Management Management Training tr Technique Technical Training tr Young Power (u-camp) Rookie Training tr System Engineer PM Training tr Special Specialist Training tr Career Development Career Development Training 19
  12. 12. core competence Corporate Culture and Personnel Management Creative, Knowledge-Driven Workplace Knowledge is power that empowers our competitiveness. Since 1998 we have practiced knowledge management by invigorating knowledge pooling activities with collective efforts. The collective knowledge deployed inside and outside the company has been turned into Ideal Corporate Culture and Talents At LG CNS, a knowledge-driven workforce is one of our best assets. Our passionate IT professionals, receptive to new knowledge and ideas, forge their capability within the culture of creativity and integrity. They always make sure to find out exactly what business intelligence to multiply corporate values. Our systematic knowledge management has been benchmarked by various entities and highly reviewed at home and abroad. In 2006, “Case Studies on Asia’s e-Business” featured us as a model case of knowledge management in Korea, and in 2008, we received the Knowledge Management Grand Prize at the 6th Forbes Korea Quality Management Awards. customers look for. “Homepany” for Love Work, Live Life “Hompany” management addresses a harmonious balance between work and personal lives of our employees. To this end, we support well-being facilities and family-oriented events. These include the operation of a “Mind Shelter” offering a psychiatric counseling for our employees and their family members, an in-house kindergarten, a women’s lounge, a nursing room, the first total childcare support program among Korean companies, and school entrance gifts for employees’ children. Under Homepany management, our employees are encouraged to “love work and live life.” Global Level of IT Leadership Building Employees are one of our greatest asset-generating growth engines. Over 90% of 7,000 employees work as IT professionals involving in system engineering and other fields. About 1,900 employees have certified licenses while 1,000 received doctorial and master’s degrees. To nurture specialists in IT business and technology, we operate the Principal Committee fostering IT masters up to 14. For talented employees recruited from home and abroad, we strategically operate intensive programs involved not only with IT but with cross-sector knowledge necessary to enrich their business intelligence. Our all-inclusive educational programs, totaling 320, are diversified by tasks and positions, including those related to tech graduate schools, global MBA, and global business communication. Employee Breakdown by License Type (as of Feb., 2010) License Type No. of Employees License Type No. of Employees IT professional engineers 66 CISSP 241 Non-IT professional engineers 3 CPIM 179 CCIE 7 CISM 6 PMP 676 CFPS 80 CISA 782 ITIL (master) Certified public auditor 21 CSQE 41 7 20 21
  13. 13. The power of creative, progressive We are highly capable of tailoring thinking is vital for solving customers’ optimal IT solutions for our customers. business issues. Simply put, we have the Our excellence in the IT world makes us power, especially well demonstrated in stand out among our peers. the IT integration. - - Young Tech Lee | Business Engineering Principal | Oh, Jeongheon | Project Management Principal | Public/SOC Business Division, Public/SOC Business Public/SOC Business Division, Public/SOC Business Unit Integrated Support Group By adopting the most up-to-date information Our deep understanding and extensive technologies, we offer our customers the experience in various industries latest solutions ahead of others, giving enable us to offer new business them a head start to steer changes in their opportunities our customers have industries. never thought of before. - - Yoon, Jong-Ho | Project Management Principal | Jo suha young | Business Engineering Principal | Solution Business Division, Enterprise Solution Business Finance/Telecommunication & Media Business Division, Unit, ES Business Group Finance Strategy Business Unit, NFFC Nextro Project Group
  14. 14. Services Global Level of All-inclusive IT Solutions To specifically meet with customers’ business issues, we offer a host of IT services ranging from consulting and system engineering to operation covered by Consulting, System Integration 24 (SI), System management (SM), Network Integration (NI), IT Outsourcing, and Business Process Integrated IT Systems and New IT Integration Services Turning Customer Businesses into Success Outsourcing (BPO) Sectors. To further enhance overall capabilities, in 2007, the Consulting Sector (Entrue Consulting, a joint venture) signed an exclusive partnership agreement with five global consulting firms specialized in their fields. The sector continues to expand its range from IT-related solutions and consulting services differentiated by industry types to strategy and business process innovation consulting services. The SI and the SM Sectors optimize solutions to meet the specific needs of public and private entities, ensuring non-stop operation 24/7 year round. The NI Sector offers optimal network infrastructure solutions ranging from analysis, consulting, design, distribution and engineering to operation. On the strength of the Sangam IT Center and other top-notch IT infrastructure facilities, the IT Outsourcing Sector carries out total IT outsourcing services, including IT infrastructure construction as well as application maintenance and repairing. The BPO Sector enhances the competitiveness of various enterprises by offering outstanding in-depth services for customers’ contact centers, e-document integration, and e-commerce operation. Ubiquitous Engineering Making Headway in the Convergence Area We are making rapid progress toward the IT convergence age where construction, environment, energy, and transportation industries will all converge with ubiquitous IT services. By launching an exclusive convergence business division, we intensify convergence solutions and pour R&D investments into u-engineering, large-scale LED display systems, and renewable energy businesses. Our IT convergence businesses have already begun to show excellent results, as evidenced by u-City and u-Health projects. In the large-scale LED display business, we make aggressive inroads into the global market. In the renewable energy business, we lead the industry in Korea and Asia with innovative design and solutions garnered from years of experience building large-scale solar power plants. Currently, we are increasing nextgeneration businesses especially with wind energy and energy monitoring systems. Subsidiaries Synergizing Value with Subsidiaries In close collaboration with our subsidiaries, we synergize the best overall value by organically integrating IT systems and solution businesses through the companywide vertical integration we completed recently. Our major subsidiaries are as follows: LG N-Sys specializing in financial solutions and system-based solutions, including ATMs; BnE offering professional consulting services and solutions for small companies’ enterprise recourse planning and business intelligence systems; Ucess Partners specializing in consulting, engineering, and operation of a contact center, the forefront of customer resource management; V-ENS conducting automotive design and engineering services. 25
  15. 15. Public Sector 26 27 For Quality Living and National Strength At LG CNS, over 20 years of experience have culminated in the successful completion and operation of e-government systems and other large-scale public projects in Korea. Our government and public IT-based solutions involve in public administration, justice, national defense, transportation, education, and culture, as well as SOC projects related to transportation. We believe that we contribute to heightening the national competitiveness by helping to increase the levels of operational efficiency and informatization of the central government, autonomous local governments, and public organizations alike, while improving the quality of people’s everyday lives through IT-based transportation, tax, registration, petition, and other civil services. Public Administration Justice Education and Culture • overnment for Citizen (G4C), the electronic G • nformation system for the Supreme Court of I • onstruction and the integrated operating C Korea civil service system for the Ministry of Public Administration and Security • egistration computing system for the R Supreme Court of Korea • ash receipt computing system for the National C Tax Service • ational financial information system for the N Ministry of Strategy and Finance • atent-Net system for the Korean Intellectual P information system for Korea Meteorological Administration • ational Computing Information N Administration Agency • lectronic document management systems for E the National Archives of Korea University • igital library system for the National Library D National Defense • 4I simulation system for ground warfare C strategies for the Ministry of National Defense Property Office • OMIS-3, the integrated meteorological C system of Hanyang Cyber University • ntegrated information system for Kookmin I of Korea • ntegrated culture and arts information I system for the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism SOC and Transportation • ntegrated railway information system for I Korail (Korea Railroad) • ew transit card system for Seoul N Metropolitan Government • ntegrated information system for Incheon I International Airport Government and Public Organizations • ntegrated information system for the National I Health Insurance Corporation • RP system for Korea Electric Power E Corporation • ntegrated plant information and enterprise I • Logistics information system for Korea Post resource planning systems for Korea Plant • nline lottery business system for Nanum Lotto O Service and Engineering Inc. (official national lottery service provider in Korea)
  16. 16. Success Story Financial Sector Manufacturing Sector 28 29 Stirring Changes in the Financial World To Improve Manufacturing Productivity Our financial solutions, tailored by service types (deposits, loans, etc.) of banking, securities, credit card, or insurance, Our up-to-date IT solutions and applications help improve productivity of numerous manufacturers involved in electric, help financial entities to not only increase their credibility and safety in transactions, but also support their service electronic, semiconductor, machinery, heavy industry, automotive, chemical, and processing industries. Our offerings, development, marketing, and improvement in business processes and competitiveness. Additionally, we continue to customized on a scratch to end basis, address diversified requirements needed for different products, production lines, innovate in next-generation financial systems and solutions, including the financial hub engineering system, because we and integration and operation of manufacturing processes. This helps our customers in various ways to improve their want our customers to be prepared before the Capital Market Consolidation Act of Korea comes into effect and to properly productivity, efficiency, and market leadership. face today’s hyper competition and rapid changes in the global financial market. Banking Securities Credit Card and Loan Electric, Electronic, and Semiconductor Machinery and Heavy Industry Chemical • ext-gen, investment and finance, N • nternational Financial Reporting Standards I • ext-gen IFRS system and operation N • RP and product lifecycle management (PLM) E • ERP system for SeAH Steel • lant Information System (PIS) and P business process reengineering (BPR), and (IFRS) system for GoodMorning Shinhan bancasurrance systems for Shinhan Bank Securities • ext-gen, Basel II, and overseas computing N systems for Korea Exchange Bank • ext-gen, Basel II, bancasurrance, and call N • ext-gen system for Woori Investment N Securities • Derivatives system for Daewoo Securities for Kookmin Bank • PR and computing center systems for the B Industrial Bank of Korea • nti-money laundering system for Woori Bank A • ext-gen system for the Korean Federation of N Community Credit Cooperatives • Next-gen system for HyundaiCard • Credit card system for Citibank Korea • ext-gen system for the National Agricultural N Cooperative Federation systems for LG Electronics Insurance • ext-gen system and operation outsourcing N service for LIG Insurance • Next-gen system for Shinhan Life Insurance • ext-gen system for Korea Housing N Guarantee • ERP system for Kyobo Life Insurance • ERP system for Korea Life Insurance • etirement pension system for Korea R Insurance Development Institute • PLM System for LS Industrial Systems • xclusive IT outsourcing service for LG E Electronics • Production information system for LG Display • ERP system for Core Logic • Next-gen system for Hyundai Capital center systems for Hana Bank • PR and enterprise data warehousing systems B outsourcing service for Shinhan Card • Integrated PLM system for Pantech Group • Next-gen system for Lotte Capital • ERP system for ADP Engineering advanced process control system for Honam Petrochemical Corp. Automotive • ERP and PLM systems for LG Chem • anufacturing execution system (MES) and M • ERP system for LG Household Health Care automated line control (ALC) system for Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama • ustomer information control (CIC) and C Equipment • RP system and ITO for Murim Paper E • ERP system for Sindoricoh customer relationship management (CRM) • ERP system for Pulmuone • PLM system for LG Innotek systems for Proton Edar Malaysia • Integrated information system for Eugene Group • TO for Hynix Semiconductor Inc. I • ERP system and MES for Mando Corp. • MES for Halla Climate Control Corp. • ES for the Alabama facilities of Hyundai M Mobis • RP system for Lotte Daesan Petrochemical E Corp.
  17. 17. Success Story Service Sector Communications and Media Sector 30 31 For Convenient and Abundant Lifestyles Spearheading the IT Convergence Era By discovering what will be best for our customers, we customize people-ready solutions for their businesses, ranging In the upcoming digital convergence era, communications, broadcasting, and financial services will be converged through from logistics, distribution, medical service, construction, leisure, education, and solar energy to intelligent building wired and wireless broadbands with digital backbone. At LG CNS, we have scaled up core technologies and resources management. In the convergence business area, we showcase people-ready results in u-City projects, which will help before demand for communications and multimedia services surges. improve people’s lifestyles with more convenience and abundance. Logistics Distribution Education Communications Media • ntegrated information system for Dongbu I • ew merchandizing (MD) system for GS Retail, N • Customer database for Hansol Education • ireless broadband (WiBro) service computing W • MC for CM, Tbroad, and GS Gangnam D Express • Global Single Window’ project for Pan Korea ‘ Express solutions for KT Corp. GS Mart, and GS Square • e-Store and ERP systems for GS Home Shopping Integrated Intelligent Building System • Point-of-sales system for Hyundai Oil Bank • rutech Building in Sangam Digital Media City T • Procurement logistics system for Korea Express (DMC) Medical • -Hospital system for Yonsei University u Severance Hospital • edical information system for Yeongdong M Severance Hospital • ntegrated medical information system for the I National Police Hospital • icture Archiving and Communication System P (PACS) and IT infrastructure outsourcing for Hanyang University Medial Center Construction and Leisure • LG Beijing Tower • -City system for Songdo International Business u • Philippine portal for Philippine Airlines • Gwangmyeong Velodrome District, Incheon City • National Museum of Korea • -City system for Eunpyeong New Town u • Chungnam Techno Park • u-City system for Daejeon Future-X • LG Electronics Gasan RD Center • ntegrated information system for Gangchon I • LG Telecom Sangam DMC Building Solar Energy • lpensia u-Resort system for Gangwondo A • olar power plant system in Mungyeong City, S Development Corp. Resort • biquitous Strategy Planning (USP) for Taean U Business City and billing system for KT Corp. • ustomer support system “Xcion” for LG C Powercomm • ext-gen customer service and billing system N (CSBS) for LG Telecom • nternet protocol TV (IPTV) broadcasting system I for LG Dacom • DTV broadcasting system for the Digital H Magic Space of Korean Broadcasting Institute • DTV broadcasting production system for H Digital Magic Space of Korean Broadcasting Institute • TV e-Government System for Gangman-gu Office • ain digital controller operation system and M network production system (NPS) for Korea Broadcasting System • oint broadcasting production center in the J KIPA’s Nuritkum Square • nternet college exam prep class system for I Korea Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) • igital archiving system for the National D Assembly Television • Taebaek National Safety Experience Center • ideo showroom in the Korean Pavilion at Expo V Resort • Integrated information system for Seoul Beltway • ntegrated information system for Konjiam I • ntegrated customer information system (ICIS) I Broadcasting Corp. Gyeongsangbuk-do • olar power plant system in Yeongju City, S Gyeongsangbuk-do • olar power plant system in Taean City, S Chungcheongnam-do • ome-type solar power system for LG Electronics D Gasan Building Zaragoza 2008, Spain
  18. 18. Success Story Global Marketing 32 33 Working Closely Under Solid Partnership At LG CNS, we have accelerated global marketing efforts in step with excellent partnerships with our global customers. This has been visualized into fruition, especially into the public sector in Asia, as evidenced by our successful completion of e-government and public transit card systems. We are now revamping offerings for global manufacturing and service industries. Our display systems, applying light-emitting diodes, are gaining ground not only in Asia but also in the Middle Public Sector Manufacturing and Service LED Display System • ystem building for the Indonesian National S • C business process outsourcing (BPO) for A • ideo show system at the Fremont Street V Police Agency’s National Crime Information Center • aster plan consulting for the Indonesian M Government’s e-Government system • utomated fare collection system for Beijing A Subway East, America, Europe, Africa and Oceania. • utomated station management system for A Tianjin Light Rail • onsulting on patent informatization for C developing countries (8 including Vietnam) • onsulting on post logistics informatization for C U.K. developing countries (3 including Mongol) Mongolia china Egypt saudi arabia U.A.E. vietnam Malaysia U.S.A. japan • ducational informatization project for Saudi E Arabia • mart card system, a public transit card system S in New Zealand philippines • mart card system, a public transit card system S Indonesia in Malaysia australia new zealand Proton Edar Malaysia • Philippine portal for Philippine Airlines Experience in Las Vegas, U.S.A. • isplay system in Quest Field, the home stadium D of the Seattle Seahawks, U.S.A. • ED display system in Times Square in New L York, U.S.A. • ED display system in Piccadilly Square in L London, U.K. • Display system in Cairo Stadium, Egypt • ED display system in the Digital Exhibition L T-Box, a futuristic IT mall in Guangzhou, China • LED display system for Phoenix Television, China • isplay and lighting systems of the Southern D Star Observation Wheel for Waterfront City in Melbourne, Australia • ED display system for Meydan Bab AI Shams in L Dubai, U.A.E.
  19. 19. Major Certifications history Milestones 1987 -S ystem Technology Management Co., Ltd. (currently LG CNS) established 1988 - ontract signed with Michelin Korea Tire (first external C 2002 - Company name changed to LG CNS - Full picture archiving and communication system (PACS) University Medical Center - orea’s first IT-based company to be approved by the Ministry K of Science and Technology for the establishment of the - Health Insurance Review Assessment Service DW system, - Order received for renewing the public transit card of Seoul center commenced 1991 - International VAN business license acquired first in Korea - Application software engines developed first in Korea - LG CNS America established 1992 - Trial service of VSAT-based satellite telecommunications 2004 - National defense projects among the first in Korea to acquire 2005 - Among the first in Korea’s IT industry to simultaneously - he Network Service Center and the Data Center first in T - onstruction of the information technology center (ITC) C 1993 1994 - Among the first in Korea’s information processing sector to - Among the first in Korea’s system engineering sector to 1995 - ompany name changed to LG-EDS Systems C - Order received for building the patent information service 1996 - Order received for building the urban information system (UIS) - G CNS China launched in Beijing L 1997 - ontract signed with Oracle Korea for the development of C - Internet college exam prep class system for Korea - Order received for building the integrated national tax - Inroad to the global market made first with orders of SGS, completed first in Korea full swing Thailand computing network of National Tax Service Enterprise, China, opened system (Patent-Net) of the Korean Intellectual Property Office of Gwacheon City enterprise resource planning system 1998 - Real estate registration process computerization system for 1999 - atent-Net system opened P - -Institute, an e-commerce transaction training center e - esting center for integrated e-Business solutions opened T - Entrue Consulting received the Award of the Minister of building e-Government systems Information Communications at the Korea Digital Business Awards 2005 - Being designated as ‘Company of the Year’ for excellent 2006 - Being selected as ‘Korea BSC Hall of Fame’ for the balanced - residential Award received for providing equal employment P - New Technology Award received at LG RD Awards for 2007 - Being designated as an official company for e-Document - Being designated as an official company by the Ministry of labor-management culture scorecard (BSC) system of LG.Phillips LCD opportunity between men and women developing RFID middleware - OMIS-3 of Korea Meteorological Administration acquired C - Global development center opened within LG CNS China Development, LLC (NSC) to establish Songdo u-Life, LLC 2006 2007 - Radio frequency identification (RFID) middleware solutions - ompany acquired SAP ERP Certification with hi-tech based C - ustomer relationship management (CRM) system for Korea C - ompany’s new slogan, “Beyond Promise,” announced C 2009 - Received TMMi level 3 certificate in the field of S/W Tests, an - henyang Development Center, LG CNS China, received CMMI S - Dos protection service, ‘Safezone XDDoS,’ certified by NIS D and healthcare solutions Asian first L3 certificate Customs Service completed - G N-Sys incorporated as a subsidiary L - Order received for building the registration process - Being designated as a Certified e-Document Authority 2008 - Kyunghee University Medical Center first in Korea to operate - “Touch Dr.” launched to spearhead a u-Healthcare market opened plant to complete in Mungyeong City, Gyeongsangbuk-do personnel system the u-Bed internet protocol television (IPTV) system - Development for the integrated railway information system of Small Companies - Entrue Consulting Received Prime Minister’s Award at the 2008 - nowledge Management Grand Prize received at the 6th K Korea Logistics Awards certified by EPC Information Services (EPCIS) Standards - Next-gen system for Shinhan Bank completed Labor for operating the Vocational Training Consortium of CMMI level 2 - Order received for building the automated fare collection system of Beijing Subway Authority by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry Energy level 5 - emorandum of understanding signed with New Songdo City M Electronics completed 2004 Awards level 4 first in Korea - Integrated ERP system for entire subsidiaries of LG - Global development centers (China, India) acquired CMMI Severance Hospital opened - trategic alliance formed with STG, U.S.A. S - First-phase of the u-Hospital system for Yonsei University - Among the first in Korea’s IT industry to adopt an experienced system, the largest of its kind in Korea - Distinguished Service Medal received for excellence in acquired CMMI level 4 - Electronic tax billing system completed - Registration system of the Supreme Court acquired CMMI - G CNS China acquired ISO 20000 Certification L - onstruction of Asia’s largest photovoltaic (PV) solar power C - Order received for building Korea Express integrated logistics - he Patent-Net of the Korean Intellectual Property Office T completed - G CNS Sangam IT Center, the largest of its kind in Korea, L projects - Integrated logistics system of Korea Post acquired CMMI level 3 - Next-gen system for Korea Exchange Bank developed - G CNS Global (Indonesian subsidiary) established L Korail (Korea Railroad) commenced in full swing 2006 opened first in Korea 2001 acquire CMMI level 5 - G CNS Global, a subsidiary in India, established L 2007 computerization system of the Philippine Government - Grand prize received at the 2nd National Software Business - G Insurance among the first in Korea’s financial industry to L - Next-gen system for HyundaiCard and Hyundai Capital - Y2K Certification of ITAA acquired first in Korea 2000 2005 the Supreme Court opened acquire eSCM level 4 - Data processing center established in Dadong, Seoul Korea to acquire BS 15000 Certification - orea’s first SI-based company to open the integrated IT K center in China establish the in-house Technology Graduate School acquire TickIT and the ISO 9001 Certification - Automated fare collection (AFC) system for Great Wall - Grand prize received for excellence in SI- and IT-based - Among the first in the world’s IT outsourcing service sector to Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) opened acquire eSCM level 4 and BS 15000 Certification - Integrated railroad information system (IRIS) opened - Geographic information system (GIS) business commenced in (EAL4) - I Grand Prize received from the Korea Society of S Management Information Systems CMM level 3 - V-ENS, a subsidiary for automotive engineering services, established - G Card among the first in Korea’s financial industry to L City commenced 2003 acquire CMM level 4 the Korea’s largest of its kind, opened - Operation of the 2nd integrated electronic data processing - he Supreme Court of Korea among the first in Korea to T - rime Minister’s Award (grand prize) received at the National P 34 e-Business Awards acquire CMM level 5 - LG CNS Europe established in Netherlands Technology Research Center 1990 2001 - he Network Service Center among the first in the world to T acquire eSCM level 3 completed for Hanyang University Medical Center and Ajou customer) 1989 2003 - First phase of G4C, an innovative civil service, commenced 2003 Major Awards Forbes Korea Quality Management Awards 35
  20. 20. Financial Highlights Overseas Sales (unit: KRW 100 million) 1,948 2,000 36 1,500 Balanced Growth in Quality and Quantity 37 1,000 LG CNC has grown dramatically with sales growth of 163 times since its establishment in 1987. In particular, sales portions in a competitive market in Korea and the world have been overwhelmingly increased as well as a number of IT professionals. Over the 500 last three years, despite the adverse business environment at home and abroad, both sales and profits showed steady growth. 98 The company will continue to pursue sustainability by securing a balanced growth to enrich corporate value. 0 Sales and Operating Income N/A 1987 1997 2007 Market Gains in Korea (unit: %) Recent 3-Year Trend Sales (unit: KRW 100 million) Operating Income 100 80 25,830 66 22,769 60 22,769 1,890 22,333 40 1,784 20 20 0.8 1,610 0 1987 1997 2007 1,784 2006 2007 2008 Goal No. of Employees (including those of overseas subsidiaries) 10,000 8,000 6,807 3,912 20-Year Trend 6,000 (unit: KRW 100 million) Sales Operating Income 139 2,000 0.12 1987 1997 849 2007 0 The above figures are based on the company’s consolidated financial statements that include the business results of LG CNS affiliates and overseas subsidiaries. 3,900 4,000 168 1987 1997 2007 The above figures include the business results of Korean and overseas subsidiaries of LG CNS but exclude those of affiliates.
  21. 21. LG Presence Establishment | January 5, 1947 | Approx. 186,000 (as of 2009) Overseas Affiliates | 147 subsidiaries, 70 branches Domestic Affiliates Key Milestones | KRW 125 trillion (as of 2009) No. of Employees LG on the Global Leading Edge | Electronics, chemicals, telecommunications, service Total Sales about LG Business Areas | 40 manufacturing plants, 70 research facilities 1947 | Lak Hui Industry (currently LG International Corp.) established 1958 | Goldstar Co., Ltd., (currently LG Electronics Co., Ltd.) established 1970 | Lucky changed its name to Lucky Goldstar Co., Ltd. 1987 the global leading edge to deliver new value for customers. | Lak Hui Chemical Industrial Corp. changed its name to Lucky Co., Ltd. 1984 Presently, its dedicated aroud 186,000 employees working with uncompromising passion in 140 countries keep its businesses on | Cha-Kyung Koo (currently an honorary chairman) assumed the post of CEO 1974 and culminated in the advancement of its expertise in electronics, chemicals, telecommunications, and service industries. 39 | Lak Hui Chemical Industrial Corp. (currently LG Chem) established 1953 Over the past six decades since its establishment in 1947, LG Corp. has contributed to the development of the nation’s economy 38 | ystem Technology Management Co., Ltd. (currently LG CNS Co., Ltd.) S established jointly by the US-based Electronic Data Systems (EDS) 1995 | Bon Moo Koo became the chairman and Lucky Goldstar changed its name to LG 1996 | LG Telecom established, entering into a mobile telecommunications sector 1999 | G.Philips LCD (currently LG Display) established jointly by Netherlands-based L 2000 | Dacom (currently LG Dacom Corp.) incorporated as a subsidiary 2003 | Holding company system implemented and LS Group spun off 2005 | usiness areas restructured to four fronts: electronics, chemicals, B Phillips telecommunications, and service; GS Group spun off 2007 | G Solar Energy Inc. established as a subsidiary to spearhead a ‘low carbon, L green growth’ sector Managerial Vision Creating Value for Customers • Customers • Practical value offering • Creation through Innovation Respecting Human Dignity • Human dignity • Ingenuity and self-discipline • Performance • Full capability development Subsidiaries Electronics Sector • LG Electronics • LG Display • System Air-Con Engineering • LG Innotek • Hiplaza • HITELESERVICE • Hi Logistics • Siltron • Lusem Chemicals Sector • LG Chem • LG DOW Polycarbonate • Coca·Cola Beverage Company • THEFACESHOP.COM • LG Life Sciences • SEETEC • LG Household Health Care • DIAMOND PURE WATER • LG Hausys • LG TOSTEM BM • THEFACESHOP • HAUSYS ENG • LG MMA Telecommunications and Service Sectors • LG TeleCom • CS Leader • A·IN • DACOM Crossing • DACOM Multimedia Internet • CS ONE Partner • LG CNS • LG N-Sys • V-ENS • BIZTECH EKTIMO • Ucess Partners • SERVEONE • LG International • TWIN WINE • Geovine • pixdix • Korea Commercial Vehicle • LG Solar Energy • G2R • HS Ad • Wisebell • TAMS Media • Alchemedia • W Brand Connection • G Outdoor • Bugs Com Ad • L. Best • LG Management Development Institute: Economic Research Institute • LG Management Development Institute: Academy • LG Sports • Jiheung
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