Digital Tools for Effective Marketing and Promotion


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This panel will examine how digital innovations are being integrated throughout traditional marketing methods. supplementing print catalogs with their digital counterparts, this panel will also look at how presses are replacing direct mail campaigns with Constant Contact and other email promotions. Finally, we'll discuss how using blogs, enhanced e-content, and Twitter are used to drive sales and publicity and build branding.

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Digital Tools for Effective Marketing and Promotion

  1. 1. Digital Tools for EffectiveMarketing and Promotion Rachael Levay, Chair, University of Washington Press Colleen Devine Ellis, University of Texas Press Emily Grandstaff, University of Virginia Press Amanda Sharp, University of Georgia Press AAUP, 2012 CHICAGO
  2. 2. • Videos• Social media • Tips • Twitter • Facebook • Pinterest • Blog• Branding• Author relations• CAMPAIGNING: Where Print Publicity Meets Social Media (University of Virginia Press)
  3. 3. Where we’ve been… and where we are now.The Totem Pole (June 2009) Plume (December 2011)
  4. 4. Video trailers
  5. 5. Video trailers: what you need from a trailer• Keep it short (under three minutes, ideally).• Unify it. No matter who creates it (you, the author, or a firm), branding it in the channel reflects your Press.• Work with the author on the script. They need guidance and you’re the best person to give it.• Keep timing in mind – you want to have the video available for pre-pub promotions as well as the launch. Ideally, we’re trying to get videos in place for the catalog, so we can use it as broadly as possible. Amazon needs 30 days pre-pub to get it up, too.
  6. 6. • Audience is key. You want the video to accurately represent the book, so be sure your author isn’t overselling or underselling their book.• Use digital marketing tools in your print campaigns via QR codes • Catalogs are finding more and more uses – online, on tablets for sales reps, for media, for event coordinators, etc. Give them something to go on!
  7. 7. YouTube VideosYouTube Channel Home Sample Playlist
  8. 8. YouTube VideosPrevious efforts Current efforts Book trailers  Author interview Selection readings by videos authors  Videos recorded at Enhanced content for conferences nature books  Author-made videos
  9. 9. YouTubeVideosCollaborative nature ofvideos—use them topromotebooks, authors, presses, series, and overallscholarship.Example: EarlyAmerican Places (EAP)Series
  10. 10. Social Media—Tips Be sure to follow/like  AAUP member presses/other publishers  Authors/their books  Review outlets—both scholarly and trade  Major news sites  University news services/alumni associations/other campus departments  Higher education publication/media  Booksellers—particularly ones that host events
  11. 11. Social Media—Tips Twitter  Time-sensitive information • Ex. day of or next day events  Promotions/giveaways  Least formal  Gossip-y Facebook  Announce new information • Ex. events within a week  Promotions/giveaways  Neither formal nor informal  Informational Blog  Recap information from the last week or two—less frequent postings • Ex. events over the next month or two  Press releases  Formal • ―Traditional journalism‖
  12. 12. Social Media—TwitterSome cross-postings from FacebookAlso used to publicize reviews, awards, events, and conferencesShow personality—participate in discussions, particularly with authors, reviewers, booksellers, publishers, and word gamesPost a few times a day
  13. 13. Social Media—Facebook Profile page provides  Primarily use Fan accessibility for Press Page staff—few postings  Posts focus on reviews, awards, Press news, Series Fan Pages and upcoming events maintained by series  Used in conjunction editors and Press staff with Twitter for promotions/giveaways  Post a couple of times a day
  14. 14. Should I create a Facebook page for a single title?
  15. 15. What is the best way to utilize Pinterest?
  16. 16. Social Media—BlogUGA Press blog EAP Series blog
  17. 17. Social Media—Blog Press blog  Different audience from Facebook and Twitter  ―Short Takes‖ round-up post  Post press releases and Press news  Recent updates since December  Twitter updates feed  Links to Facebook and YouTube, along with website  Tags/labels EAP Series blog Post a couple of times a week
  18. 18. BrandingBlock logo Script logo• 75th anniversary in 2013—new branding to come• Separate from the university but still related• Series have own branding
  19. 19. Author Relations Provide suggestions for authors on how to get involved in digital marketing  Create YouTube videos  Setup Facebook and/or Twitter accounts  Help promote online/indie booksellers Give authors digital marketing tools at time of catalog Setup blog tours in addition to or in lieu of traditional book tours
  20. 20. • Provide authors tools to get started• If you don’t have a marketing guide, consider creating one that will lay out what authors need to do to complement your department’s work• Be sure that you can make good use of what you’re asking them to do – many authors are happy to create marketing tools, if they know they’ll be widely seen• See marketing guide handout for examples
  21. 21. A pdf of a book’s catalog page/spread is a promotional tool that authors can easily utilize.
  22. 22. New Publicity Efforts Working with/utilizing book bloggers to promote specialty books Link to videos when pitching books for review and/or features Publicize events using social media  Link to organizer/venue/bookstore
  23. 23. CAMPAIGNINGWhere Print Publicity Meets Social Media Emily K. Grandstaff Publicity Manager University of Virginia Press 434-982-2932
  24. 24. Steinbeck in VietnamDispatches from the War
  25. 25. Stacking up the Trades
  26. 26. Trades into National Media
  27. 27. Online/Social Media
  28. 28. Advertising (Print)
  29. 29. Advertising (Online)
  30. 30. Driving Traffic - Press Blog
  31. 31. Capitalizing on National Media/Keep on Pitching Hi Eric, Can I check back with you on our lead title for the spring - STEINBECK IN VIETNAM? The book is taking off, in large part due to an interview with the editor (Thomas Barden) that ran on NPR this past weekend: I wonder given the controversial reactions to the material if someone at might be interested in doing a q&a or running an excerpt? Barden served as an artilleryman in Vietnam after the Me Lai massacre and feels strongly that there are connections between the reactions to Steinbecks war correspondence and the recent news from Afghanistan. The book has also received coverage in the following outlets: -- Washington Post Political Bookworm blog (post from Barden): "Novelist John Steinbeck toured combat areas of South Vietnam and traveled to the north of Thailand and into Laos between December 1966 and May 1967. . . . The book’s editor, Thomas E. Barden, an English professor and dean of the Honors College at the University of Toledo, here reflects on parallels between Steinbeck’s Vietnam and today’s Afghanistan." -- Shelf Awareness review: "Reading Steinbeck in Vietnam is a fascinating, occasionally uncomfortable experience. . . . as powerful an evocation of the Vietnam experience as Tim OBriens The Things They Carried:
  32. 32. Don’t Forget Your Regional Friends
  33. 33. Or Your Origins
  34. 34. Thinking Outside the Box
  35. 35. Social – Traditional - Social
  36. 36. Staying Relevant
  37. 37. Politics and News
  38. 38. News
  39. 39. The Wire(s)
  40. 40. Links Blogs    Like us on Facebook (UGAPress, UniversityofWashingtonPress, UVA Press, UTexas Press) Follow us on Twitter (@UGAPress, @UWAPress, @UVAPress, @UTexasPress) Subscribe to us on YouTube (UGAPress, UWashingtonPress, UTexasPress)