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Dear Student,

By the time you have this copy most of you will be almost be done with your examinations, or probably “the elephant is out and the tail is left.” I quiet remember those burning the mid-night lamps, staying awake all night for my history paper, offering prayers, visiting the temple and having a spoonful of yoghurt and sugar from my super mom’s hand. There is something exciting about examinations and something special about them.

But, there’s a sunny picture ahead – the summer vacation, hey that bring to my mind about the contest that we are coming up with in this issue I’d like you to participate in this contest, it is an essay competition for students. The best essay will be published in our MEG July-Aug’2010 along with the photograph.

As studies abroad students gear up for their visa process, we have our very own visa counseling column back in this issue.

Well, FAA is this || close to being a runaway hit. We have aboard the VES College of Pharmacy – India, Lyndon Institute – USA, Thomson River University – Canada. Now this is a phenomenon you need to watch out for. Having foreign universities collaborate with Indian college under MEG’s very own FAA program, that’s cool. If you are watching closely you will notice this change. So, colleges and schools who’d like to add up on to this list of reformers email me at:

Lastly, check out the ad for the event of the year on front page of this issue. Yes readers – the Cool School Fair is an MEG initiative. Schools and Colleges interested in being a part of this mega event email at:

Holidays make up special-memories-page in our diaries, so go loud and sweat it out. Have a blast!

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MyEducationalGuide Mar-Apr 2010 issue

  1. 1. M EDUCATIONALGUIDE Happy Holidays ! Empowering Youth Happy Holidays ! 9th Issue COVER STORY : ADVERTISING 10 pages Mar-Apr 2010 Zoom’n aSpeakers Editor’s Blog ---------------------------------------02 College Speaks -----------------------------------02 What’s in your pha Industry Speaks----------------------------------02 DNA ? adv aCover Story Advertising as a Career------------------04, 06 rma Career Options in Advertising Agencies ----------------------06 erti Snapshot – Advertising -----------------------07 Client Servicing-----------------------------------08 cy aOther Career Options Pointers on Pharmacy--------------------07, 09 sin Pre-Banking Exams -----------------------------08 bank aVisa Counseling ---------------------------------03 aUniversity Pick : ---------------------------03, 06 California State University East Bay g aKnoelEdge------------------------------------------04 ing aTutorials --------------------------------------------05 KnoelEdge A column for imagination & Story 04 07 08 perspective | Cover Advertising as a Career Pointers on Pharmacy Pre-Banking Exams Noel Gomes Ms. Jhahnvi Bhargava Dr. Supriya Shidhaye Mr. Rupesh B. Jadhav Creative Head, MEG. School of Broadcasting & Communication Principal VES College of Pharmacy Manager Dhanalaxmi Bank 04 MyEDUCATIONALGUIDE invites Foreign Schools | IB | IGCSE | GCSE | CBSE | ICSE Schools | Foreign Universities | Indian Schools & Colleges | Indian Universities V to Cool School Fair Date : 15th to 30th November 2010 Mumbai | Pune | Hyderabad | Bangalore | Delhi | Chandigarh For Stall Booking : Tel. : +91 9322251057, +91 22 26707035, +91 22 26204469 Email : Foreign Articulate Agreement (FAA) R C O U EGE O N N Y L E C L T CO VES COLLEGE OF PHARMACY London Academy of Management Sciences Email : to connect YOUR College with Foreign Universities CALL 9322251057 / 9029051057 FOR ADVERTISEMENT IN THIS NEWSPAPER
  2. 2. MyEDUCATIONALGUIDE Mar-Apr 2010 02 EduBee Buzzz Editor’s Blog Meteorological email me at : department plans Dear Readers, competition for students. The best scholarships to essay will be published in our MEG By the time you have this copy Lastly, check out the ad for the attract young talent July-Aug’ 2010 along with the most of you will be almost be done event of the year on the cover page photograph. New Delhi: The India with your examinations, or of this issue. Yes readers – the Cool Meteorological probably “the elephant is out and As studies abroad students gear up School Fair is an MEG initiative. Department (IMD) the tail is left.” I quiet remember for their visa process, we have our Schools and Colleges interested in will offer scholarships those burning the mid-night lamps, very own visa counseling column being a part of this mega event to hundreds of staying awake all night for my back in this issue. email at : science postgraduates to attract them history paper, offering prayers, Well, FAA is this | | close to being towards meteorology and staff a visiting the temple and having a a runaway hit. We have aboard the Holidays make up special- department that is facing nearly 33 spoonful of yoghurt and sugar from VES College of Pharmacy – India, memories-page in our diaries, so percent human resource shortage. my super mom’s hand. There is Lyndon Institute – USA, Thomson go loud and sweat it out. Have a something exciting about River University – Canada. Now this blast! ”We are ready to give stipend for examinations and something is a phenomenon you need to watch the entire last year of the M.Sc HA :P:P Y special about them. out for. Having foreign universities students. The aim is to attract them HOLI :D AYS to this branch of science,” Earth But, there’s a sunny picture ahead collaborate with Indian college under Sciences Minister Prithviraj Chavan – the summer vacation, hey that MEG’s very own FAA program, said at the 135th foundation day of bring to my mind about the contest that’s cool. If you are watching IMD here on January 15, 2010. that we are coming up within this closely you will notice this change. issue. I’d like you to participate in So, colleges and schools who’d like Ms. Jyotsna Kadam The minister also inaugurated the to add up on to this list of reformers installation of a super-computing this contest, it is an essay device at the IMD headquarters here, and development. Keeping in view schools in Child Education, which will improve the accuracy of short and medium term weather College the needs of society and the Business Education, Medical forecasting. challenges faced by different Education College Admissions & Civil Services Prelims exam Speaks... professions, educational programmes are constantly being SAT and much more. Above all, the information you’ll find here is replaced by Aptitude Test from Education broadens one’s upgraded in all fields of designed both for students as well 2011 perspective and inculcates the habit specialization. as working professionals. New Delhi: The Union Public of original, creative, and MYEDUCATIONALGUIDE is Its our pleasure to be associated Service Commission (UPSC) has independent thinking. While some your guide to making wise career to MyEducationalGuide at RIMS decided to overhaul the civil services jobs call for a graduate, choices. They provide suf ficient International school and junior examination from next year, as the postgraduate, or doctoral degree, information to accommodate those College and look forward a aspirants are likely to face a different all education is aimed at attaining who wish to get a basic education, continual relationship pattern of examination. an understanding of the basic students preparing for professional Replacing the existing preliminary Suggestions : MEG should principles underlying various practice, as well as those who wish examination which shortlisted highlight various international disciplines in specific fields. The to orient their studies toward a candidates for the main exam, it will undergraduate and post graduate postgraduate component of the research or academic career. Toward now be replaced with Civil Services programmes available in India for education programmes is only that end, MyEducationalGuide I n d i a n Aptitude Test (CSAT), in which they meant to further develop one’s newspaper provides information on students to will have to appear in two objective- capabilities to prepare you to school education, graduate and attain foreign type papers having special emphasis confidently undertake independent postgraduate degree information. qualification on testing their ‘aptitude for civil responsibilities in complex field The newspaper further matches the on Indian services’ as well as on ‘ethical and situations. educational goals with your personal Soil. moral dimension of decision- making.’ Everyday successful graduates are as well as professional goals. It going on to become leaders in their features detailed information of Both these papers will be given equal DR. KISHOR PILLAI professions and are making educational programs across Principal weightage and will substitute the one significant contributions to research numerous online and traditional RIMS International Education School & Jr. College common paper (general awareness) and one optional paper (any $ $ particular subject of choice) which emphasized on subject knowledge. INDUSTRY FOREIGN ARTICLE AGREEMENT (FAA) FORM Sibal finally nods for common SPEAKS School / College Name : ______________________________ science, maths syllabus from 2011 Affiliation / Governing body (if any) : _____________________ This is a very good idea of New Delhi: The Union Human Principal Name : _____________________________________ providing information related to Resource Development (HRD) various career opportunities Principal Contact Tel. No. : ____________________________ Minister Kapil Sibal announced on available in India and Abroad. February 16, 2010 from the 201 1 Principal Email ID : ___________________________________ This type of career oriented news- academic year, all school boards paper will help students and Contact Person Name : _______________________________ across India will have a common industry as well, in the sense that curriculum in science and maths for Contact Person Tel No : _______________________________ students will classes XI and XII, to give students get guidance Contact Person email id : ______________________________ a level playing field and help them on proper in taking competitive examinations. Alternate Tel No. (if any) : _____________________________ career to There will be a core curriculum in approach School / College Website : _____________________________ the science stream (both science and and industry mathematics) for all school boards will get right To connect YOUR College across India. This will be candidates. with Foreign Universities implemented in 2011,” Sibal told MR. MANOJ DAVE Email the filled FAA form at Asst. Manager Finance reporters. HIRCO CALL 9323556426 / 9819964223 FOR SUBSCRIPTION OF THIS NEWSPAPER
  3. 3. MyEDUCATIONALGUIDE STUDY ABROAD Mar-Apr 2010 03 BLOGBOARD of 6 months or less under tier 4. The digital photograph should be C.O.N.T.E.S.T ñ Student registered for a below saved as a high quality (low degree level course can now work compression) JPEG file. You are required to write an essay only for 10 hours per week from ñ The applicant will get a in 1000 words on the topic : CHANGES earlier 20 hours per week. Moreover, confirmation page upon “What is it to have a productive dependent under this category can completion of the DS-160 having vacation ?” no longer be able to work. There has CEAC barcode In the 1st para : definition / been no change for student registered ñ Schedule an appointment general idea of a productive for degree level programs. through VFS using CEAC bar code vacation. In the 2nd, 3rd, 4th para : ñ Biometric data collection and HDFC bar code (received by elaborate with an example the includes a digital finger scan of all paying visa fees) different ideas of having a ten fingers and a digital photograph. Canada Visa changes : productive vacation. Australian visa changes: In contrast to other countries, In the last para : give a conclusion ñ Upgrading the interview Canada is making it easier for to your essay. program to confirm the genuineness international students to study and The Winner of the contest will The recent changes in the visa find employment. Canada has of the applicant and to check the have his / her essay published rules of several countries (UK, introduced in India a pilot based financial capacity with a photo & school/college Australia, USA) are part of their Student Partners Program (SPP) in government’s crack down on ñ In student visa, living cost and details in July-Aug. 2010 issue. May 2009 with twenty government potential abuse of the system. evidence of funds have been funded Canadian colleges with an MEG Diary 2010 While all countries want foreign increased to AUSD 18,000 per year aim to improve its visa approval 19TH FEBRUARY students to come and study, no one from AUSD 12000 per year from 1st rate for colleges. A Presentation on US VISA by Mr. Richard wants to encourage the illegal entry January, 2010. Lasrado and a GRE Workshop by Mr. Noel The SPP test is modeled for of immigrants. Gomes at Nagpur. expecting the student visa process Courtesy : Universal Placements, Nagpur. UK visa changes: and delivering higher approval 22ND FEBRUARY ñ From 1st Feb, 2010 students rates while maintaining program Bhavans College, Andheri with Association will have to schedule an integrity. Students interested in of Non-Government Colleges (A.N.G.C.) appointment through an email applying through SPP need to organised a Workshop on Controlling and before attending visa application achieve an overall 6 band in IELTS, Counseling Students to Guard Against Suicidal Behaviour at SPJIMR Auditorium in centres in India to submit a Tier and not below 5.5 bands in each the Bhavan’s Campus. The key speaker for 4 student visa application. module; student academic ñ e-Visa access has been either the event was Dr. Shubhangi R. Parkar, Prof. ñ UK has implemented the percentage in 10 th, 12 th or in & Head of Dept. of Psychiatry, Seth G. S. removed or restricted for agents Point Based System (PBS) Bachelors should be minimum Medical College & KEM Hospital, Parel. where there has been evidence of whereby; only tier 4 list of institutes 50%. For regular updates fraud or inactivity. Students are can accept international students advised to apply for visa minimum Student who has received an offer thereby, reducing the overall 12 weeks prior to start of the from Canadian community To inform & cover college events contact us at : number of institutes in UK. program. colleges under SPP and with study ( 022-26707035 ñ UK institutes henceforth will loan from approved nationalized ñ IELTS score of minimum two be the sponsor, and student will or multinational banks of India has years will be valid for student visa. STUDY ABROAD need to obtain 40 points from their witnessed a high visa success rate. Q visa, 30 points of which will be USA Visa change: The program has received excellent CAFE obtained on Confirmation of ñ Starting Feb 1, 2010, USA has response and it has been able to Acceptance for studies (CAS) from replaced DS-156,157 and 158 meet its objective of improving the Indian Govt. clears bill to allow their prospective sponsor. The applicable to one electronic form DS- overall student visa success rate foreign universities remaining 10 points will depend 160. for Canadian colleges. The on funds availability. ñ It is important that you save Canadian New Delhi : On 15th March, the union cabinet cleared the much- ñ Prospective student need to the online DS-160 form in regular Consulate awaited Foreign Educational get an IELTS score of minimum interval to avoid loss of data. based on the Institutions (Regulation of Entry & 4.0 in each band for all below feedback and ñ The new online visa form Operations, Maintenance of foundation degree level, including good results requires you to upload the visa Quality & Prevention of those coming to study English has now photograph. The photograph must Commercialisation) Bill 2010. language. extended be minimum 2 inches by 2 inches, Fulbright-Nehru fellowships for the SPP till ñ Students will not be able to plain background and having 300 MR. RICHARD LASRADO 2011 offered Dec. 2010. Education Abroad Expert bring their dependants for a course dots per inch or 300 pixels per inch. New Delhi: The United States-India Educational Foundation (USIEF) on February 16, 2010 announced the 1. Give me the Top5 reasons for place in US, with a choice of opening of its Fulbright-Nehru & international students to more than 100 career-focused other fellowship opportunities for choose California St ate fields of study, two scenic study, research & teaching in the University East Bay ? campuses—one in the Hayward US. 5 reasons as to why CSU east Hills overlooking San Francisco A total of 110 fellowships will be bay are:Price, Product, Place, Bay and the other in the Concord offered to Indian candidates for 2011. Leaning Process, and Job foothills of Mt. Diablo—plus a opportunities. professional center in dynamic The last day for application is 1st May, 2010. downtown Oakland, Cal State Reason 1: Price East Bay is where all your Australia launches website to CSU East Bay rates high in possibilities come into view. connect Indian students. value with among the lowest Reason 4: Individualized Reason 3: Product Learning Melbourne : A new networking fees in the U.S. for comparable website has been launched for Indian institutions and among the CSUEB is known for award Our Undergraduate class size alumni and students in Australia - lowest housing fees in the CSU winning programs, expert average 26 students, and have system. instruction, small classes, a a student-to-faculty ratio of This initiative is supported by highly personalized learning 23:1. We have a faculty with Reason 2: Place Australian Govt. to enhance the environment—and a choice of PhD from the reputed institutes experience of international students Located in San Francisco, more than 100 career-focused Wales the most sought after >> page 06 in Australia. fields of study.
  4. 4. MyEDUCATIONALGUIDE ARTICLES Mar-Apr 2010 04 On my face one can reach the top. It is an ideal book account I posted the profession for a creative individual. Careers in Advertising Advertising status, “The A in Advertising Advertising field offers a range of lucrative, interesting careers. The job as stands for Attention!” In in this field is categorized into two, Executive and Creative. a career MS. JHAHNVI BHARGAVA response to Executive side includes Client School of Broadcasting Jyotsna’s (The & Communication Servicing, Market Research and points so that, through advertising and conceptualizes the Editor, MEG) Media Research. Creative side and communications, the gap can be advertisement. Copy writing question: Why advertising? – As consists of copywriters, script- minimized. department works on text for the a career option. writers, visualizers, photographers ad and themes for campaign while l Market Research Executive Advertising – An Introduction and typographers. the Art department visualizes the Every good ad plans, start with Advertising is a service industry The executive department campaign. research. This department surveys geared towards the communication understands client needs, finds new the market and analyzes consumer l Copywriters of information and ideas to and on business and retains existing behavior on a product or service. The Copywriter decides a theme behalf of others. Advertising is the business. It also selects the The research studies provide basic for the campaign and provides the means of informing as well as appropriate media, analyzes timing information to the manufacturer, for text for advertisements. They are influencing the general public to and placement of advertisements and planning a new product. responsible for making the ad look buy products or services through negotiates the financial aspects of attractive and delivering the l Media Planning / Research visual or oral messages. A product the deal. message to the point. They work or service is advertised to create Executive MPE / MRE Creative department creates the out the campaign slogan, jingles, awareness in the minds of potential Responsibility of media planning advertisement copy. They verbalize scripts and promotional literature buyers. Some of the commonly department starts at the point when and visualize the specific needs of of the product or service as well used media for advertising are T.V., the ad is complete and is set to take the client. as proposals, concept notes and film radio, websites, newspapers, off. The Media Department is As ad films are also a part of film treatments. Copywriters need to magazines, bill-boards, hoardings responsible for the planning, making ; career options in film are have a flair for writing backed up etc. As a result of economic scheduling, booking and purchasing related to this field. by the knowledge of advertising liberalization and the changing of space and time (in newspapers, and oral communication skills, to social trends advertising industry Executive Department magazines, radio and TV, and become successful. has shown rapid growth in the last l Client Servicing Executive outdoor hoardings, internet). The l Typographers decade. MPE/MRE must therefore devise the The Client Servicing department is most effective use for an advertising Today Typographers are A career in advertisement is quite the link between the client and the budget and economically transmit a responsible for making the format glamorous and at the same time agency. It involves a study of the campaign message to the target of textual matter who give advice challenging with more and more client, the product and the market; audience. on fonts, lettering etc. agencies opening up every day. an analysis of consumer behaviour Whether its brands, companies, and marketing; knowledge of all Media Planners who decide the l Visualisers personalities or even voluntary or available media and their cost different media where the ads would The Visualisers work on the visual religious organizations, all of them effectiveness, and a strategic plan to be featured in order to get maximum concepts and decide how the ad use some form of advertising in be presented to the client. viewership. shall eventually look. Their job order to be able to communicate To be an effective client-servicing Creative Department profile includes overall layout of with the target audience. The salary person, the candidate has to have a The Creative department consists of message including graphics, structure in advertising is quite high thorough knowledge of the client’s copy writing department and art sketching etc. A degree/diploma and if you have the knack for it business and also know his weak department. This department designs >> page 06 job was in coffee color, oh oh oh you may be wondering happened to who and what you are. I like my on a second thought had I not being Cassandra well like all good things coffee hot, strong, fresh and pure. asked what the word coffee bring to come to an end she ordered a latte Somehow, I find coffee avec du KnoelEdge mind I wouldn’t have known that my life in a flicker would be a sepia with an art of broken heart on it. Today when I look around, I am lait like doing something just the opposite of having coffee, the metal Connotation of a Cup of Coffee colored film. amazed to know that lot and what black coffee with snow white milk, Someone asked me what comes to Seriously, Coffee: the aroma, the happens over a cup of coffee. Many to me it is like sipping a coffee mind when you hear the word dates over a cup of coffee, the nights relationships build over coffee the flavoured milk. Coffee is one of Coffee? In the bubble above my I’ve stayed up working on my first most popular one is that of the lovers. the openly and widely used head, I flickered the book of my book, “hold my hand”, the times The amazing thing is the statistics stimulants. I understand with things life and ran through it, scanning when I was tummy sick, mom made of cups of coffee in a relationship. taking its toll, coffee needs to come for the word Coffee, and here it those strong black non The rate of frequency into play. We all need a push, when is: grandmother’s stories on the the force lies within then push it grounds left in the cup, grandfather’s WWII souvenir from sugar filter coffee. My first break up was over coffee, Cassandra I reflects the life of relationship. The ones with frequent over-the- up with a cup of coffee. I have rephrased one of my own his friend in the army, a something 17 oz. can of Mehmet Efendi always loved her latte with the so feminine was coffee meet ups were like easy to understand quotes; Coffee will take you this far, Interest that far and Passion Turkish Coffee placed on his table in his study. My high school days latte art, I remember the first date she asked for asked... that it wasn’t them who needed the stimulant but very far. Originally, the word Motivation during exams my mom made me a heart shape art, I know it is so their relationship, and an easy was used in cups of coffee to keep me up, cliché but then you need to cream prediction - a broken heart latte art place of hmmm.... during college days a your heart (then, Cassandra). To me coffee. While there were couples Coffee. If you coffee shop, my new college it is like having a tattoo on your who made their coffee and had it were watching friends took me to; Beverly’s coffee coffee, I was glad she couldn’t see too, were the ones who put every carefully you colored eyes, Joanne’s coffee the bubble above my head. Ok bit of love within to the coffee may still colored hair, Andy’s coffee colored people you may have noticed the (intended allegory) of their life. notice - It all lipstick, my school ice hockey team MR. NOEL GOMES soap of my thought has so much How I wish I could tell people the begins over a Creative Head, jersey, the logo of my first vacation froth to bubble about. So now what coffee you choose to have reflects cup of Coffee. MyEducationalGuide Ticker News Students of Arts and Science stream after HSC can now join the Commerce Stream
  5. 5. MyEDUCATIONALGUIDE TUTORIAL Mar-Apr 2010 05 DIAMETER = 2 x radius of circle AREA OF CIRCLE SECTOR : THIS IS A TWELVE PART (With central angle θ) SERIES COVERING MAJOR CIRCUMFERENCE OF CIRCLE TOPICS OF CET (MBA), CAT & = Pi x diameter = 2Pi x radius If the angle θ is in degrees, then GMAT MATHEMATICS. THIS GMAT AREA OF THE SECTOR OR PIE where Pi = π = 3.141592... IS THE NINTH PART. = (θ / 360) x Pi r2 θ = 22/7 (use the fraction 22/7 as the value of π if required.) The area of the sector or the wedge Definitions Related to Circles or the pie is the fraction of the For example, 14 π is 14 times Arc : a curved line that is part TOTAL AREA of the circle covered 22/7 = 44. Most answers will be in of the circumference of a circle. by the pie. The fraction of the total terms of π. A SQUARE INSCRIBED Chord : a line segment within a area of the circle covered by the AREA OF CIRCLE : sector is the ratio of the central angle WITHIN A CIRCLE and a circle that touches 2 points on the area of the circle = Pi r2 of the sector to the total angle of a CIRCLE INSCRIBED WITHIN circle. The DIAMETER is the circle, 360 degrees. A SQUARE longest chord of a circle. Circumference : the distance r EXAMPLE : Find the area of around the circle. sector with central angle 45 Diameter : the longest distance degrees of a circle of radius 8 from one end of a circle to the inches. Diameter of the Circle is Equal to other Longest chord of a circle. the value for the side of square. Length of a Circular Arc : 45 degrees is 45 / 360 of the total AREA OF THE CIRCLE = Origin : the center of the circle. (with central angle θ) angle at the center of the circle. π/4 (Area of Square) π Pi (π) : A number, 3.141592..., The area held by the sector with or 22/7 and equal to (the if the angle θ is in degrees, than central angle 45 degrees with be circumference) / (the diameter of LENGTH OF THE ARC = 45 / 360 of the TOTAL AREA any circle. θ / 360 x (2Pi) x r of the circle. Radius : distance from center of EXAMPLE : Find the length of Diameter of the circle is equal to the AREA OF THE SECTOR circle to any point on it. Radius the arc having a central angle of diagonal of the square. WITH CENTRAL ANGLE 45 is the ½ diameter. 55 degrees, if the radius of the AREA OF CIRCLE = DEGREES = (45 / 360) (Pi 82) Sector : is like a slice of pie circle is 6 inches. = 8(Pi) π/2 (Area of Square) (a circle wedge). Tangent of circle : a line Length of the arc = (55/360) x perpendicular to the radius that 2Pi x 6 = 1/6 (11(Pi). The length Guidance on UNIVERSITY ESSAYS and TUTORIALS touches ONLY one point on the of the arc is the fraction of circumference covered by the arc. email : circle. 4. Sentence Simplification E.g. Why does the author mention THIS IS A TEN PART SERIES questions (0 to 1 questions per set) ….this? ON THE TOEFL iBT. THIS IS THE FOURTH PART. This type of question needs The author discusses this….in order The TOEFL Reading Section No. of Passages: 3 to 5 passages you : To choose from the four choices a to? This type of question typically TOEFL sentence that is similar in meaning No. of Questions: 12 to 14 focuses on the logical links between to the highlighted text in the passage. questions per passage. sentences and paragraphs. One of the four choices is the Multiple choice questions paraphrased sentence similar in 7. Insert Text question (0 to 1 8. Prose Summary (0 to 1 questions Duration: 20mins each meaning to the highlighted text. questions per set) per set) Each approximately 700 words E.g. Which of the following best This type of question needs you: to expresses the necessary information This type of question needs you: to Score scale: 0 - 30 take the sentence given in the understand and recognize the major in the highlighted sentence? ideas and relative importance of This tutorial is the continuation of question and try to fit it in the right The TOEFL Reading Section series, 5. Inference Questions (0 to 2 place in the passage. You will be information in a passage. from the earlier issue Jan-Feb’ 2010. questions per set) given a sentence and asked where You will be given 6 answer choices In the last issue I covered the first This type of question needs you: To in the passage it would best fit. You from which you need to choose 3 three types of questions. comprehend the passage, and to draw need to understand the logical and answer choices that express most TOEFL Reading question types: a conclusion to the implied text. grammatical connection of this important ideas in the passage. This 1. Factual Information questions sentence with the place you would question is worth 2 points. E.g. Which of the following can be insert the text. (3 to 6 questions per set) 9. Fill in a table (Classification inferred from paragraph 1 about X? 2. Negative factual Information and Categorization). Look at the four square [ ] that questions (0 to 2 questions) Make sure you understand the logical This type of question needs you: to indicate where the following 3. ocabulary questions (3 to 5 V implications made by the author. understand and recognize major sentence could be added to the questions per set) 6. Rhetorical Purpose questions passage. ideas and other important 4. Sentence Simplification (0 to 2 questions per set) information from the passage. questions (0 to 1 questions per This made it easy for the artists to You will be given a partly completed This type of question needs you: To set) paint and display them for the rest classified table; you need to go to understand why the author has 5. Inference Questions (0 to 2 of the cave dwellers. the answer choices drag and drop presented a particular piece of questions per set) the answer options mentioned below information in a particular place or Where would the sentence best 6. Rhetorical Purpose questions manner. This type of question checks into the corresponding blanks in the fit ? (0 to 2 questions per set) your comprehension skills on the table. 7. Insert ext question (0 to 1 T rhetorical function of a statement or Click on the square [ ] to add The space constraint deprives me to questions per set) paragraph as it relates to the rest of the sentence to the passage, and then get elaborate on the last three 8. Prose Summary (0 to 1 the passage. One of the question of you have a paragraph of 4 to 5 questions. I could therefore only give questions per set) this type can also be on to identify sentence at the end of each sentence a gist or a snippet on these questions. 9. Fill in a table (Classification on how does one paragraph relates you need to insert the sentence in With this I end the TOEFL Reading and Categorization). to another. question in the paragraph given. Section.
  6. 6. MyEDUCATIONALGUIDE ARTICLES Mar-Apr 2010 06 Indian advertising and ads and commercials. The media communication entertainment industry has seen department deals with the ad (BA, major growth during the last few budgets, working out the strategies BMS, BMM years and is expected to reach over for releasing ads targeted towards etc). Agencies Rs.1,00,000 crore by 2011. The the right audiences, negotiate and prefer MBA’s need for advertising professionals buy airtime in Radio, TV, Print and in client ser- therefore will increase to fulfill the Outdoor advertising. The market vicing, media growing requirements of the research team analysis data’s and planning and advertising sector. studies on consumer behaviours, their marketing Advertising is considered to be a likes, dislikes and perceptions and r e s e a r c h glamorous business with high draw conclusions on buyer departments. expense accounts, creativity, talent preferences. The business The creative hunting, celebrity endorsements, development team and the account section hires brain storming and a continuous executives make sales pitches, client talent from fine search for innovative concepts and presentations and the day to day art institutions and colleges with move frequently for better ideas. coordination between the client and added qualifications in graphic prospects. Transnational agencies the agency. The financial and the designing packages like Adobe hire the best talents and they get People in the advertising business administration team look after client Photoshop, Illustrator, In-design, the opportunities to work with are talented and they work in teams billings, payrolls and general CorelDraw etc. Many agencies offer international clients and brands. - they generally have out-standing management. internship for students wanting to communications and presentation break into the ad world. Advertising In the advertising business you work skills apart from vivid imagination, Typically advertising agencies your way up. Very few start at the clubs, associations and the internet ingenuity and out of the box consist of people working as: top. A majority of people working portals like adfaqs offer job listings thinking. A career in advertising q Business Development / and a host of other information on in the field started at the bottom can be both intense and satisfying rung of the ladder, possibly even Client Servicing current advertising. apart from the high pressure of working for free or minimum wages meeting deadlines and adaptability Executives Starting salaries tend to be higher just to get started in the industry. to work routinely for long hours. q Market Researchers at larger agencies though smaller agencies provide the best With all the plus and minuses q Creative Art Directors A typical advertising agency is opportunities for hands on advertising is well respected and is divided into planning, creative, q Visualizers considered to be better paying experience in all areas of the production, media, market q Copywriters advertising business. Though pay industry apart research, account services and q Graphic Designers scales are considered to be higher from being a administration. The creative q Photographers in the advertising industry, there is challenging, department works out the ad q Studio Managers little job security and termination satisfying and campaign, develop the concepts, notices are very frequent. Midsize self fulfilling q Administrators visual designs, graphics and and smaller agencies tend to close c a r e e r illustrations, copywriters write out Qualification: Advertising agencies down faster as work seems to dry options. copy, photographers shoot images recruit people with degrees from out with intense competition from FRANKLIN P. BARRETTO in coordination with the creative different streams like arts, business new players pitching for existing Director Crosspoint Communications and production team to produce management, advertising and mass business. Professionals also tend to Mumbai Based Ad Agency about angles and lighting effects. A client servicing and media planning l Personal attributes from Page 04 sound technical abilities and know- departments. In the creative Basic qualities like creativity, flair how of cameras and lenses are the department, on the other hand, a for writing and ability to translate ADVERTISING AS A essence of photography. general BA with a command of ideas into a visual format. One CAREER Eligibility & Course Areas language communication plus should be people’s person, a team knowledge of designing packages player, and good interpersonal skills. in commercial arts or fine arts as l Educational like Photoshop, coral draw or fine well as the knowledge of designing Market and media researchers should Most advertising agencies recruit arts is the requirement. be good in analysis and logics. Those software like Photoshop, Pagemaker, candidates with a formal There are also specialized courses in creative field should possess and Corel Draw etc. is the required management or advertising/mass in advertising/mass communication artistic abilities to make the ad qualifications. communication qualification. at diploma level and post graduate appealing to the masses. l Photographers Preference is given to MBAs for level for which basic qualification Photographers should have an idea positions in the market research, is graduation. Reason 5 : Job opportunities degree programs and which are markets, how to approach job from Page 03 The CSUEB Career Deve- they? markets & to provide lopment Center offers a variety Being a state funded university, networking through UNIVERSITY PICK of resources to assist students and our fees are low. We offer limited companies. Interview with Dr. Raymond Wallace alumni with career planning and financial assistance. The demand The career office plays a key in world. We follow an job placement for education in California is very role in getting them ready for Interactive learning, and a 2. What are the popular programs strong and hence universities their careers. But it is non - memorizing learning amongst international students don’t need to provide discounts networking methodology. At CSUEB, we apply to California State & scholarships. We have 20,000 usually in also have the state-of-the-art University East Bay? international students in CSUEB first 2-3 teaching technologies to aid system. weeks on The popular programs are knowledge sharing and learning International Students work on campus Undergraduate Majors in process. campus and that becomes a that will Business, Liberal Studies, In 2009, the Princeton Review support system for them to meet get those Psychology, Biology, Criminal rated CSU East Bay a “Best the expenses. jobs much DR. RAYMOND WALLACE Justice, and Sociology. All our in the West” college for the sixth quicker. International Director campuses are known for 4. Does the university have California State University- consecutive year. CSU East Bay Business & Computer Science placements programs and how East Bay was also named a “Best programs at graduate & does it benefit international Prospective students interested Business School” for the fourth undergraduate level. students. to apply for CSU-East Bay year in 2009 by The Princeton 3. Do international student s The career office helps the can email their resume at Review. qualify for scholarships for students to learn about job
  7. 7. MyEDUCATIONALGUIDE ARTICLES Mar-Apr 2010 07 About Advertising Advertising involves the process wherein a message is designed so Snapshot as to promote a product, a thought, an idea or even a service. Advertising Nature of Work Contrary to popular belief, Advertising is a difficult career. The working hours are long, jobs POSITIVE ASPECTS NEGATIVE ASPECTS are demanding, personal lives are Effective communication skills is Difficulties in Handling Clients nonexistent and starting salaries are a must INDIAN INSTITUTES low. The sheer work pressure keeps Advertising and PR jobs require Excellent copy writing and Xavier Institute of an individual from getting affected the individual to work closely with presentation skills are a must for Communication, Mumbai by the abundant glamour all a client base who can be difficult the entry level advertising. around. But the rewards when they and demanding. Creativity - a must factor National Institute of Advertising, arrive are worthwhile. Not for the faint of heart Delhi A successful advertiser is the one Job Positions who can create a commercial Continual deadlines in advertising Job positions and earnings in an message that the consumer will can cause high levels of stress and MET- Institute of Mass Media agency vary with its size and remember. pressure. The advertiser may have turnover. Job positions given here Globally Oriented Players Needed to work all night or weekends to Mudra Institute of may be considered as of a fairly ensure a presentation is properly Communications The field of advertising is one of good agency. Remuneration prepared to meet a pressing the most global business career package is proportional to proven deadline. WLC College of India options available. career record. Positions vary from Competition is Bloody Online Oriented People Wanted General Manager, Creative School of Broadcasting & The burgeoning world of web Competition for beginning Communications Director, Copywriter, Copy advertising and e-commerce is advertising jobs is intense. You Training, Finishing Artists, Media injecting new, dynamic growth into must be willing to start at the Manager, Traffic Manager, Art bottom and work your way up. An a traditional field. Look for huge FOREIGN INSTITUTES Director, Print Production Manager opportunities in designing, internship in the advertising field etc. The salary varies from arranging and selling online is a MUST! Many of these International Academy of Design Rs. 4,000 to 1,45,000 per month advertising. internships will not pay so be and Technology depending on the designation. prepared to struggle financially. Be a Team Player Skills Required The Art Institute The ability to work in a team or Don’t Expect to Get Rich Key Skill Area Requirement to perform individual excellence Starting pay is probably going to Academy of Arts University People skills : High is important because you will have be low. Remember, there are a lot Sales skills : High the opportunity to do both. of people that want that Miami Ad School Communication : Very High You Get Satisfaction / Satisfaction advertising job and the advertisers skills involved. know it. Be willing to start for low University for the Creative Arts Analytical skills : Low There aren’t many jobs which pay knowing that as you gain Ability to : High allow your creativity and strategies experience you gain salary. Wigan and Leigh College synthesize to come to life to be observed by Creative ability : High thousands or even millions of RMIT Initiative : Medium people. Work results are very Work hours : 40-70/week apparent ! Profession in Pharmacy Snippets on the profession Scope POINTERS Develop different dosage forms like Job opportunities in R & D tablets, capsules, injections, syrups, production department in ON Pharmaceutics and ointments. Ensure effectiveness, safety, stability pharmaceutical industry PHARMACY and patient acceptance Discover and synthesize bulk drug R & D bulk drug Quality control Medicinal and Analytical Computer aided drug designing and quality assurance department Chemistry Standardize drug & its dosage form in terms of its strength, identity & purity Study drug effect on body and Medical, clinical research, R & D understand mechanism of action of departments of pharmaceutical the drugs industry. Clinical research Pharmacology organizations to conduct clinical DR. SUPRIYA SHIDHAYE Principal trials on human beings to establish VES College of Pharmacy activities of the drug products What is pharmacy? Study medicinal plants and establish Herbal medicines and cosmetic Pharmacy is a health profession that Pharmacognosy the activity of their constituents products industry; like Dabur, deals with discovery, development Levers, Ayush range etc. & use of medication for patient care. Medication is an agent intended for Branch of pharmacy where Practice as a member of healthcare use in diagnosis, treatment, cure or pharmacist provides patient care that team in community, patient care prevention of disease. optimizes the use of medication and institutions and hospitals. In India, promotes health of patients role of pharmacist in clinical Who is a pharmacist? Clinical Pharmacy practices is yet to evolve With the A person who tailors dose regimen introduction of 6 years Pharm. D. for a patient, and assures maximum course after 12th std PCI is taking safety with cost effectiveness, and steps to progress in this direction. patient compliance. >> page 09
  8. 8. MyEDUCATIONALGUIDE ARTICLES Mar-Apr 2010 08 Over the years a Ability to work as a team the advertising as well as independently has moved within deadlines away its CLIENT SERVICING a Managing time and traditional resources definition. a Mediating and negotiating T o d a y , skills Advertising is a Making presentations MS. MAYURA AMARKANT Faculty, MET League a dynamic, a Synthesizing information of Colleges diverse, a Problem solving skills challenging, and rewarding profession encompassing all media C A R E E R S I N Career ladder of a Client from billboards to television, 3 Selling of Advertising creative Servicing Executive: backbone to the advertising agency newspapers to internet search and its various functions. work and plans to clients Client Servicing Director/ engines. And advertising is here to 3 Financial management Account Director stay; no matter how much the According to Rohan Mascarenhas, promotional vehicle changes – former strategic planning director – The main aim of client servicing Account Manager business and government will Grey Worldwide (India) Private Ltd. begins with the agency to pitch the always need to get their advertising ‘Client servicing is the 2nd toughest client, develop & maintain business Advertising Manager messages out. job after god’s. You have to keep all relations with them. A client servicing the people happy at all the time, the executive / team strategize and plan Even though the worth of an boss, the finance head, the brand the advertising process of the product Account Supervisor Advertising agency is determined manager, the creative team, the for the client. The client first gives by the quality of creatives work planner & last but not the least, a brief about his demands and Account Co-ordinator and its effect on the brand’s growth, yourself.’ Client Servicing expectations about advertising his the coordination between the client professionals are like partners in the brand. The client servicing executive Brand Associate and the agency is of utmost client’s success stories. explains the requirements to the importance. Client servicing creative team and ensures that work Account Executive department is the main & executive The role of a good client servicing is done as per client brief and presents interface between the client and person entails: the same to the client. A client Assistant Account Executive the different verticals of an agency. 3 Identifying opportunities to servicing executive has to handle an ‘Client Servicing is identifying, build the client’s brand and account (product) in an ad agency Salary Structures: Being an understanding & meeting client market share and delivering and keeps a continuous update with industry where the employee requirement,’ says Ivan Couto, Vice them the marketing of the product i.e. attrition is extremely high, starting President, Goldmine Advertising. growth, sales, competitors salaries are low. The organizations 3 Assisting in creating a usually pay higher salaries to The client’s brief must be translated superior advertising advertising, their promotional moves correctly and the creative team so they can plan their strategies employees who stay longer with must be briefed clearly. In the 3 Ensuring smooth internal co- the company i.e. once they are sure ordination with allied accordingly. absence of a proper conduct of the loyalty and indispensability functions – creativity, media Skills required to be a successful of the employee. The salary between the Creative team at the films, studio and production Client Servicing Professional structure for Management Trainee Ad agency and the Client, the satisfaction of the client will be at 3 Maintaining client contact and a Good Communication Skills profile in Client Servicing ranges stake. As a result the agency may all the relevant documentation a Networking Skills from RS 1.80 - 4.00 lakhs per lose the account. This is the reason 3 Internal projects coordination a Language Skills annum depending on the why Client Servicing is like a true and management a Grooming candidature and agency size. & Personnel Selection).IBPS sets b) Reasoning Abilities / Test of B : Descriptive Tests : These tests Pre-Banking the question paper for banking reasoning, c) English, d) General form part of the preliminary recruitments for various Awareness / General Knowledge. screening & carry 100 marks. They Exams designations. However, clerical cadre are held for adjudging one’s 2. Banks come out with detailed examinations has a slight variation knowledge about surroundings – advertisements throughout the like: the replacement of General General Awareness or command year as when vacancies arise. Awareness by Clerical Aptitude & over English. They do so through print & inclusion of subjects like Though the examinations derive electronic media. The application Psychometric Tests, Computers, 50 per cent contents from form can be either downloaded Marketing, etc., Banks are at liberty academics, another 50 per cent from the Bank’s website or is to decide over combination of the comes from Logical deductions & Today in this era of competition readily available across various above subjects & also inclusion or General Awareness. Nowadays, we how can pre-banking exams remain railway book stalls. Aspirants are exclusion of subjects. have many institutions train untouched? As the banking advised to purchase such Each subject carries 50 marks for students (names undisclosed industry in India is witnessing applications only from clerical cadre examinations; judiciously) to face the competitive change the competition exams to authorized sources in their own whereas, In case of officer cadre exams make sure you are with the get into the banks have opened the interest. examinations the above subjects right one. doors of possibilities to make one’s 3. Eligibility : In the present remain the same with the exception scenario, many banks often set of Reasoning Ability/Test of Candidates not only have to qualify career in banking. On the other minimum percentile at reasoning carries 75 marks. such examinations but also have hand there are many competitive graduation level to be the eligible to score sufficiently high in merits banking aspirants deviate from the The scoring in subjects except criteria for the examinations. in order to receive a call for the competition due to unavailability English is the marks obtained in the Candidate need to have the next stage of of resources, guidance or assistance entrance test. English is reckoned required degree & should have screening to guide them in this career. only for passing. Point to be noted, attained prescribed age as on the w h i c h Let us acquaint ourselves to the objective tests carry 0.25 negative date of application. happens to be various aspects as elaborated below marking for officer cadre though, a Personal of the examinations: 4. The examinations can be grouped clerical tests do not lay down any i n t e r v i e w, 1. The pre-banking examinations as objective & descriptive tests: such conditions. Group Dis- are conducted for various A : Objective Tests : These tests Through the call letters bank inform cussions, etc. MR. RUPESH B. JADHAV public & private sector banks often have four subjects viz., the candidates about the subjects and Manager by IBPS (Institute for Banking a) Quantitative Aptitude, weight age for the examinations Dhanalaxmi Bank