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истори за софия En

  1. 1. Sofia is the capital city and biggestcity in Bulgaria. After 1878, by decision ofthe city council, the city restored itsBulgarian name –Sredets, but shortlythereafter, at the insistence of the interimRussian government, the Greek name Sofiawas returned. It is the 13th largest city inEU.
  2. 2. It is the main administrative, industrial, transport,cultural and university centre of the country, where1/6 of the industrial production of Bulgaria is centralized.
  3. 3. The liberation of Bulgaria and proclaimingSofia a capital found the city with apopulation of about 12 000, muddy andmisshapen streets and a number of private andpublic buildings with a distinctive oriental look.
  4. 4. Bulgarian National Bank(BNB) is the central bank ofRepublic of Bulgaria. It isone of the oldest centralbanks in the world, foundedon 25th January, 1879
  5. 5. Greetings from SofiaOnce upon a time three sisters-Hope, Belief and Love.Hope went into the sea, Belief – to heaven,and Love – into the HEART!
  6. 6. The Mausoleum of Georgy Dimitrovwas nearby from 1949 to 1999,when it was destroyed.
  7. 7. It’s good to laugh, to play, to live, towalk just like that – with a head heldPROUDLY!
  8. 8. At first the park wascalled ‘Nursery-garden’,later it was renamed‘Pipiniera’. Until 1885the park is known asTsarigrad Garden.After the birth of theheir to the crown BorisTurnovsky it was calledBoris’s garden.Nowadays it has thesame name.
  9. 9. The ArcheologicalMuseum – the oldestone in Bulgaria.
  10. 10. The Monument of Tsar-Liberator, called also Monument of Liberators, is oneof the most impressive monuments in Sofia, erected in honour of theliberation of Bulgaria in 1878.
  11. 11. Vitosha is a mountain in WestBulgaria. Its highest peak isBlack peak (2290 m). Thus themountain ranks fourth highestin Bulgaria after Rila, Pirin andStara planina. The name‘Vitosha’ appeared during theMiddle Ages. It is consideredthat Slavs chose this name,changing the old names of themountain.
  12. 12. LOVE meansLove means to help. to give outLove means to give: your soulTo the hungry one - withouthope, feelingto the satisfied sadness andone - longing, to forgetto the modest one what and to– a direction, whom youto the greedy one – have given.
  13. 13. Remember us, the sky says,remember us, the sea says,we don’t make you remember us,but love us if we deserve it.
  14. 14. Live nowLive,to make at least a child happy..to help a needy...Live,to give a bit of your soul,to light at least a spark...Live wisely and with dignity…Live,to leave a memory...And a bright trace ...LIVE NOW!
  15. 15. Years will pass, life will wipe them outand only memories will remind usTHESE DAYS – full of romance, ofchild impulse and numberless day-dreams, the best in our life !And-and –and it’s time to put an end!
  16. 16. This presentation is prepared by Danielina Antonova, NellyGeorgieva and Natalia- a student from 9th grade