Mobility car sharing combining public and private mobility
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Mobility car sharing combining public and private mobility







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  • Let’s have a look into the future: imagine we can get rid of our numerous chip cards that overfill our wallets. We would have just one card – one card with which we can use trains, busses, ferries, public bikes and car sharing. We would purchase a mobility package encompassing all relevant modes of transport and we would receive one invoice at the end of the month listing the trips we have made, independent from the mode of transport. This would allow flexible and spontaneous trips, making intermodal mobility even more convenient. To reach this goal, transport needs to be approached in a holistic, multimodal manner linking all modes of transport.
  • Let’s go one step further and integrate IT solutions: imagine we would use our Smartphone to plan our trip in real time. The multimodal App would carry out the route planning for me, highlighting how I could reach my destination as fast (or as cheap, or as environmentally friendly…) as possible. It would, for instance, inform me about the nearest bus station and about the departure time of the bus. The App would provide me with the necessary information on the train, and give me the possibility to reserve a seat. And it would, for instance, propose a suitable car sharing car, which I could book straight away. Such a vision requires very close cooperation of all participating transport providers and, above all, a software solution that facilitates such a model of seamless mobility.
  • To promote combined mobility, car sharing has also been integrated into the signage at SBB’s railway stations, facilitating a seamless change of the mode of transport. You will find a car sharing signpost right in the railway stations, providing an overview of all modes of transport available to the passenger. Red Mobility signposts further highlight the car sharing station, so that people do not have to search for it. The proximity of railway stations and car sharing stations are crucial to the success of such a partnership. As positive side-effect, the car sharing stations function as eye-catcher to attract new customers.

Mobility car sharing combining public and private mobility Mobility car sharing combining public and private mobility Presentation Transcript

  • Mobility car sharingcombining public and private mobilityDaniela Bomatter, CEO Mobility International Inc. Daniela Bomatter CEO Mobility International Inc1
  • Car sharing Car sharing is a membership based service which allows people to rent a car for 1 hour up to several days in self – service 24/7.2
  • Car sharing is not about carsIt is about people who want to easily use multiple mobility solutions
  • Car sharing is about a modern, urban lifestyle routeing
  • Car sharing is complementaryto public transport and facilitates seamless mobility
  • Car sharing is spontaneousBook a car wherever, whenever you need it
  • Car sharing is easyAccess the car with an RFID-Card
  • Car sharing is about flexibility and choice8
  • Car sharing is convenient 1250 Mobility-stations all over Switzerland9
  • Car sharing is sustainable Significant change in modal split towards public transport. 34.8% 9.1% 6.2% 0.0% 1.5% 0.7% Train/Coach Car sharing Hire car 20.2% 8.0% 5.4% 54.0% 0.6% 0.0% Bicycle Car in household Rental car 17.4% 9.7% 2.9% 1.6% 0.5% 1.0% Bus/Tramway Motorbike Motorcycle 8.1% 11.5% 1.8% 4.4% 0.2% 0.0% On Foot Corporate car Taxi Mobility customers People with car to their exclusive availability Source: Muheim study10
  • Car Sharing EffectIntermodality: Car sharing is complementary to public transport.Modal Shift: Car sharing helps to give up the private car and use public transport.Less cars: 18‘000 cars less on Swiss roads due to Mobility Carsharing.Less fuel consumption: 6.5 Mio litres less fuel per Year due to modal shift and Mobility‘s fleet policy. 11
  • Mobility car sharing Europe‘s leading car sharing company And number 2 worldwide in terms of number of cars and clients Customers Worldwide highest density of car sharing customers: e.g. in Zurich 5.6 % (21‘000) of 370’000 inhabitants are Mobility-customers. Business Customers12
  • Mobility International Inc. Your partner of choice to implement car sharing Mobility International Inc. = cutting edge technology “MobiSys 2.0“ and consulting13
  • Thank you Mobility Genossenschaft Gütschstrasse 2, Postfach, 6000 Luzern 7 Mobility International Inc. P.O. Box, 6000 Lucerne 7 Gütschstrasse 2, www.mobility-international.com14
  • Car sharing is about flexibility and choice