Financing Infrastructure for e-Mobility
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Financing Infrastructure for e-Mobility







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  • The first mass produced electric car is the Renault Fluence Z.E.The electric car has no gas tank, no tail pipe, no noise, no odor and no pollutantsThe technical specifications and performance exceed those of fuel cars. The electric car is quieter, offers faster acceleration with far more efficient energy utilization.The sheer simplicity of the electric motor relative to the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) means fewer moving parts subject to wear and tear, fewer trips to the repair shop, and strong resale value.  
  • Unlike the dwindling oil reserves the world's Lithium reserves are plentiful enough to supply some 3 billion cars. The battery is energy rich, easily charged, durable for many years, environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.  The battery weighs about 250 kg and has a volume of 250 liters. It is located underneath the car, behind the back seatsLithium-ion batteries can store significantly more energy providing a range of about 160km (100 miles) on a single charge.   99 %of our routine trips are less than 100 km (60 ml) away, meeting most drivers’ daily needs.
  • Battery Switch Stations provide a quick safe and convenient range extension experience.Within 3-5 minutes members enjoy a fully automated switch replacing a depleted battery with a fully charged one.Depleted batteries are recharged in the stations
  • There are four types of Charge Spot:• Standing Charge Spot• Wall Charge Spot that uses a mobile cable• Wall Charge Spot with two socket that uses a fixed cable(the cable is attached to the Charge Spot)• Wall Charge Spot with one socket that uses a fixed cable(for private residences)
  • Better Place Oscar includes the following main features:• GPS navigation system• Car charging application• Battery switch monitoring• Media player Navigation• Plan routes• Locate Charge Spots and Battery Switch Stations alongthe way• Search for nearby Places Of Interest• Switch between a 2-D or 3-D map view
  • Better Place members pay a monthly fee that covers: Battery Charge Spots at home and work Unlimited use of Battery Switch Stations All electricity costs 24/7 Customer Care and where required roadside assistance + Other benefits
  • Better Place and Renault launch Fluence Z.E., the first “unlimited mileage” electric car together with innovative eMobility packages, in Europe’s first Better Place CenterMarch 3, 2011COPENHAGEN (March 3, 2011)—Better Place opened today, together with its partner Renault, Europe’s first Better Place center. Visitors will now be able to experience sustainable mobility and will have the opportunity to place an order for a Renault Fluence Z.E. with the Renault staff and sign up with the Better Place team for a subscription of mobility services – conveniently packaged for consumers, fleet managers and the public sector.Attractive prices unveiledThe Fluence Z.E. “Prime Time” launched in Denmark from 205.000 DKK (€27.496), including VAT, and Better Place will offer consumers a choice of five, fixed-price, packages based on kilometers driven. For drivers who drive more than 40.000 kilometers per year, Better Place offers a fixed-price package of ‘all you can drive’ kilometers for 2.995 DKK (€399) per month, effectively giving drivers of the switchable-battery Fluence Z.E. unlimited driving range and unlimited kilometers in Denmark in an era when oil prices are at a two-year peak and rising.For drivers who drive fewer than 20.000 kilometers per year, the fixed monthly price offer ranges from 1.495 DKK (€199) to 1.895 DKK (€249). Each subscription includes a one-time fee of 9.995 DKK (€1.341) for the installation of a private charge spot so that drivers can safely plug in at home. Initial delivery of the Renault Fluence Z.E. with Better Place mobility services will occur in the fourth quarter of this year.The Renault Fluence Z.E. “Prime Time” will include, as standard features, climate control, navigation and energy management services via the in-car software system, radio-CD, alloy wheels, electric mirrors, 4 electric windows, central locking, a state-of-the-art lithium-ion switchable battery and many more equipments.The car will offer Danish drivers a range of up to 185 kilometers, measured on the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) with a fully charged battery. Actual range is virtually “unlimited,” thanks to the convenience of switchable battery technology that will enable drivers to “refuel” their Fluence Z.E. in under five minutes in the Better Place network of battery switch stations.Every subscription includes unlimited access to the Better Place network of public charge spots and battery switch stations, electricity usage, personalized energy management and navigation services via in-car and network software, an inventory of batteries with a guaranteed service level agreement, 24-hour access to customer service and support, and a private charge spot.Overall, taking into account the vehicle selling price and the subscription packages, drivers will enjoy a more affordable driving alternative compared to the cost of petrol-based cars and fuel, depending on make and model of the car and driving usage. Importantly, drivers gain the added benefit of locking in a fixed price for mobility services without the volatility risk associated with the price of oil and without sacrificing range.A key milestone for Renault and Better Place“Today marks an important step forward for Better Place in our preparations to commercially launch our full solution in Denmark later this year,” said Shai Agassi, Founder and CEO, Better Place. “With our partners Renault and DONG Energy, we are delivering on our promise to offer a more sustainable, convenient and affordable mobility solution that will help drivers avoid the pump at a time when petrol prices are at an all-time high. It’s an exciting time for Better Place in Denmark with our new center, our new CEO, Johnny Hansen, our first ever price and package, the first batch of Renault Fluence Z.E. cars, and our new development agreement with Renault.”“Today is a great day for Renault,” said Philippe Klein, EVP, Planning and Programmes at Renault. “Renault, within the Alliance, aims to lead the car industry in Europe for zero emission mobility, thanks to a whole line up of four electric vehicles that will be marketed from fall 2011. Denmark is a very important market for Renault, thanks to strong environmental consciousness and positive public policy in favor of clean vehicles. Fluence Z.E. will be the first electric car with virtually no range limit, thanks to the ability to switch the battery in the Better Place stations. The partnership with Better Place is a great opportunity to offer a breakthrough mobility solution and experience innovative marketing methods. The Renault network will be fully involved in the adventure, as Renault dealers will sell and display the Renault Fluence Z.E., whilst all of them will carry out routine maintenance.”Better Place and partner DONG Energy will work together to leverage Denmark’s 20% energy production from wind turbines to power the Better Place network to charge the Renault Fluence Z.E. At scale, batteries in electric cars and in battery switch stations serve as a distributed energy storage network, allowing utilities to harness additional sources of renewable energy including wind. By bringing more sources of renewable energy on line, utilities use less fossil fuel-based power generation, enabling the de-carbonization of the grid – a key policy objective for European Union Member States.Innovative marketing approach and reassurance through country coverageThe official opening of the Better Place Center in Copenhagen marks a major milestone for Better Place and Renault, which share a vision for a new retail experience exclusively for electric car drivers.The Better Place Center reflects an entirely new approach to selling electric cars and mobility services. Visitors will be able to learn more about the Better Place solution and the benefits of electric cars and experience the thrill of driving Renault’s Fluence Z.E.The center will feature models of the Renault Fluence Z.E. so that visitors can enjoy a personal electric car driving experience through the streets of Copenhagen.The tour of the Center is available to groups and individuals from both Denmark and abroad, beginning March 5, 2011.Renault will not only sell and maintain the Fluence Z.E in its network in Denmark but will also be present inside the Better Place center with a dedicated Renault team that will present the Fluence Z.E. and be able to take orders. All dealers will be entitled to take orders and carry out the scheduled maintenance on the Renault Fluence Z.E. Additionally, 16 electric vehicle (EV) test drive centers and 12 EV expert centers will be set up within the Renault network in Denmark. In addition, customers will benefit from all the Renault services, as road side assistance, maintenance contract and replacement car.
  • The electric motor is 3 times more efficient in converting energy into mobility compared with an average gasoline engine. Each kWh produces up to 7km of driving range while a liter of petrol produces 12km on average The economic advantage grows over time, as battery costs decline and oil prices trend upwards.

Financing Infrastructure for e-MobilityFinancing Infrastructure for e-Mobility Presentation Transcript

  • Financing Infrastructure for e-MobilityAmit YudanConnected Transportation WorkshopGlobal Energy Basel 2012
  • “How do you make the world a better place by 2020?” End dependence on oil... Accelerate the transformation to a sustainable electric automotive solution CONFIDENTIAL © 2010 Better Place 2
  • WE ARE THE ELECTRIC CAR NETWORK 7 components: • The Electric Car • The Battery • Battery Switch Stations • Charge Spots • Better Place Oscar • Customer Care • Operations CenterTHE BETTER PLACE STORY © 2012 BETTER PLACE CONFIDENTIAL 3
  • THE CAR • First mass produced switchable battery car • Battery range up to 160 km • Big, safe, comfortable & reliable • No noise, no vibrations, no emissions • Maximum torque available at all timesTHE BETTER PLACE STORY © 2012 BETTER PLACE CONFIDENTIAL 4
  • THE BATTERY • Lithium-ion • Energy rich, easily charged, durable for many years, environmentally friendly & fully recyclable • ≈160 km range on a single chargeTHE BETTER PLACE STORY © 2012 BETTER PLACE CONFIDENTIAL 5
  • BATTERY SWITCH STATIONS • Instant range extension • Nationwide network • Fully automated • Drive, Switch, Go in under five minutes • Stores energy which can be returned to the grid • Thermal management prolongs battery lifeTHE BETTER PLACE STORY © 2012 BETTER PLACE CONFIDENTIAL 6
  • CHARGE SPOTS • Standing and Wall Charge Spots • Wake up with a full battery every morning • Situated at work, home and in prominent public placesTHE BETTER PLACE STORY © 2012 BETTER PLACE CONFIDENTIAL 8
  • BETTER PLACE OSCAR • Energy management • Intelligent navigation & route planning • Multimedia entertainment • Driving analytics • In-car, mobile & webTHE BETTER PLACE STORY © 2012 BETTER PLACE CONFIDENTIAL 9
  • CUSTOMER CARE • 24/7 service • Discuss anything from charging to roadside assistance • Access by phone, e-mail & live chatTHE BETTER PLACE STORY © 2012 BETTER PLACE CONFIDENTIAL 10
  • OPERATIONS CENTER • Online management of entire network • Proactive problem solving • Grid management • Optimizes use of renewable electricityTHE BETTER PLACE STORY © 2012 BETTER PLACE CONFIDENTIAL 11
  • (200€) (227€) (255€) (335€) (400€)13 CONFIDENTIAL © 2011 Better Place 13 CONFIDENTIAL © 2011 Better Place
  • THE ECONOMIC ADVANTAGE There is an inherent advantage to electric km vs. petrol km Cost of a Cost of an petrol km electric km petrol The advantage grows over time, as battery costs decline Cost per km and oil prices trend upwards electric time Note: illustrative, based on current average petrol and electricity prices, vehicle mileages and battery cost.THE BETTER PLACE STORY © 2012 BETTER PLACE CONFIDENTIAL 14
  • FEBRUARY 2010: ISRAEL BETTER PLACECENTER • First Center opened in Tel Aviv • Visitors can test drive cars on dedicated track • Exhibits, movies and demonstrations explain vision & solutionTHE BETTER PLACE STORY © 2012 BETTER PLACE CONFIDENTIAL 15
  • MARCH 2011: DENMARK BETTER PLACECENTER OPENED • Second Center opened in Copenhagen • Subscription prices announced • Philippe Klein calls the launch “a great day for Renault”THE BETTER PLACE STORY © 2012 BETTER PLACE CONFIDENTIAL 16
  • SUMMER 2011: BUILDING MOMENTUM • First BSS unveiled in Denmark • Partnership with Renault announced in Australia • Strategic agreement signed with China Southern Grid • Work begins on Hawaii’s first electric car charging network • Opening of the flagship store in IsraelTHE BETTER PLACE STORY © 2012 BETTER PLACE CONFIDENTIAL 17
  • 2012 LAUNCH • Israel and Denmark begin car deliveries in early 2012 • Thousands of Charge Spots already installed • Battery Switch Stations installed in Israel and in Denmark, with nationwide deployment in Q2THE BETTER PLACE STORY © 2012 BETTER PLACE CONFIDENTIAL 18
  • Ten-T Event, Copenhagen, Sep. 201119 CONFIDENTIAL © 2011 Better Place
  • Ten-T Event, Copenhagen, Sep. 201120 CONFIDENTIAL © 2011 Better Place
  • Green Corridorsfor Electric Cars Vision: Corridors of Battery Swap Stations • Along Ten-T Roads • DK to NL (via Germany) • NL to France (Via Belgium) Supporting DG Move Strategy • CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) • New Ten-T Guidelines • Innovation • PPP21 CONFIDENTIAL © 2011 Better Place
  • WE WON’T STOP UNTIL THE WORLD IS DRIVING ELECTRICAmit YudanConnected Transportation WorkshopGlobal Energy Basel 2012