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7 guiyang sustainable development process by mr. wang baojian
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7 guiyang sustainable development process by mr. wang baojian


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. The Exploration & Practices for Sustainable Development in Guiyang, ChinaMr.Baojian Wang,Vice Chairman of Guiyang Committee of CPC Feb. 2012,Basel Switzerland 1
  • 2. Guiyang, located in southwestern China, is the capital city ofGuizhou Province, with a population of 4,320,000 and a totalarea of 8034 square km. It is an ideal place for living, tourismand business activities. 2
  • 3. It is cool in Guiyang with anaverage temperature of 23.2℃ insummer. Guiyang is the bestsummer resort in China and one ofthe ten best summer resorts in theworld. 3 贵阳市市区
  • 4. Fresh air (with good air qualityin 95% of the days in a year),forest acreage (42.3%, with thebest reserved Karst vegetation inthe world), agreeable location(26 degrees of northern latitude),least ultraviolet radiation (withan average altitude of 1100meters). 4
  • 5. Guiyang has abundant natural resources. Its aluminum deposits amount to 301 million tons,accounting for 1/5 of the total in China, phosphorite, 331 million tons (high quality phosphoriteconstituting 70% of the total in China). Besides, Guiyang is known for its medical herbs, withmore than 170 traditional Chinese medical plants here. China China Aluminum Phosphorite One of the biggest phosphorite Aluminum Base in China 。 accounting for 1/5 of the total in China 5
  • 6. Progress of Sustainable Development of Guiyang Municipality 6
  • 7. Progress of Sustainable Development of Guiyang Municipality1.Start building “Environment-oriented City”in 2000 ;2.Made the first regional regulation on recycle economy in China in 2002—“Regulations on the Construction of Recycle Economy and Ecological City of Guiyang Municipality” ;3.Made “The Decision to Accelerate the Construction of Eco- Economy City”in 2005 ;4.Made “The Decision to Construct Eco-civilized City”in 2007. 7
  • 8. Wetlands Park 8
  • 9. Map of Urban Main Road of Guiyang 9
  • 10. Planning Map of Intercity Rail of Guiyang 10
  • 11. Planning Map of Urban Rail Transit of Guiyang 11
  • 12. 12
  • 13. There are best facilities for large-scale conferences and exhibitionsin Guiyang. Guiyang International Convention & Exhibition Center Guiyang International Conference Center 13
  • 14. Deputy Chairman of CPPCC, First Chief Executive of Hongkong S.A.R. of China, Winner of theGrand Bauhinia Medal, Mr. TUNG Chee Hwa addressed a speech at Eco-Forum Global, Guiyang14
  • 15. Deputy Chairman of the 10th CPPCC, Deputy Director ofAcademic Degrees Committeeof the State Council, HonoraryChairman of Governing Board of Chinese Academy ofEngineering(CAE), and CAEAcdemician, Mr. XU Kuangdi addressed a speech at Eco- Forum Global, Guiyang. 15
  • 16. Former Prime Ministerof Britain, Tony Blairattended Eco-ForumGlobal, Guiyang twice. 16
  • 17. Former Prime Minister ofIreland, Bertie Ahernaddressed a speech atEco-Forum Global,Guiyang. 17
  • 18. Product Line of Sapphire Crystal of HTOT Product Line of Battery of Zhenhua New Materials Co., Ltd. Products of Chengzhi Heavy Industry 18 Products of Linquan Electric Machine Co., Ltd.
  • 19. Product Line of Electrolytic Aluminium of CHALCO Guizhou Branch Dashui Phosphorus Chemical Industry Park: Excavators produced by Guiyang 1.2 million tons of Ammonium Phosphate Zhanyang Engineering Machinery WIth years of development, Guiyang has a great number of advanced industries, such as, aluminium and aluminium processing, chemical processing of phosphorus and coal, equipment manufacture, modern medicine, special foods, cigarettes, energy development and construction machines. 19
  • 20. Modern Agricultural Modern Agricultural Development Development Flower industry Pollution - free Fruits 20
  • 21. Environment Monitoring Environment Monitoring Environment inspecting 21
  • 22. Forest Resource Conservation Guiyang established the first environmental protection Court in China for eco-environmentprotection. The per capita public green space in Guiyang was 9.86 sq.m in 2011 and will increase45% in the end of 2015 according to Guiyang Forestry Ecological Construction Plan(2011-2015 ). 22
  • 23. The Shutdown Ceremony of Guiyang Cement Plant(Ganyintang plant )The Shutdown of Pollution Industry The Demolition Blasting of Qingzheng Thermal Power Plant 23
  • 24. Garbage incineration power generation (Rendering)wastewater treatment plant in Xinzhuang, Guiyang (Real picture) 24
  • 25. Recycle use of methaneMethane collecting unit forsynthesis ammonia (NH3) The usage of liquefied CH4 as producing power of bus.To protect environment effectively and to save resources and energy, Guiyang has developed, imported and mastered advanced technology, which helped Guiyang made outstanding achievements in cycle economy and low carbon transformation of industries. 25
  • 26. Phosphogypsum Techonololy Recycle use of phosphorous slag Phosphogypsum Brick Producing Apartment built withPhosphogypsum Brick 26
  • 27. Developing Green Energy Wastesgathering Bio gas generator in the farm Power-generating set with bio27 gas
  • 28. 1000-Village Campaign by the Climate Group Solar LED lampin Baigong village, Guiyang 利用风能发电装置 Municipality 28
  • 29. Guiyang Energy-Saving Regulations on Civil Building (Draft) was issued to encourage the use of renewable energy and energy saving products on civil building projects and to punish irregularities . 29
  • 30. Advocating green consumptionVarious forms ofInitiative activitiesare hold to promotegreen consumption 30
  • 31. Project of Urban LRT of Guiyang Planned Investment: First line: ¥ 18 billion( $ 2.85billion) 31
  • 32.  Circular Technology in Kitchen Trash and Organic Waste in Guiyang. Planned Investment: ¥ 300 million( $ 46 million) Need to finance: ¥ 100 million( $ 16 million) 32
  • 33.  Guiyang Xifeng Nanshan Wind Farm Project Planned Investment: ¥ 1 billion ( $ 156.25 million) Need to finance: ¥ 700 million ( $ 109.38 million) 33
  • 34. THANK YOU 34