The Young Chronicle Jan 2014 (AchaBacha)


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News Paper for children

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The Young Chronicle Jan 2014 (AchaBacha)

  1. 1. YOUNG CHRONICLE Jan 29th, 2014 THE YOUNG CHRONICLE What Are Elections? Rohan (a.k.a Rambo) and Priyanka (a.k.a Pranks), the Acha Bacha twins, are having a tough time these days, and it’s because of these so-called Elections. Mumma and Papa just do not let go of the remote, with the result Rambo and Pranks haven’t been able to catch up on their favourite Cartoons! So they decided to do an investigation on what ‘Elections’ are! Here’s what they found. Elections are an organised process, through which people of a country vote or choose their representatives, to form the Government. Now that did not make sense at all. But the very next day, something very strange happened. formed, with all the class representatives. These would participate in all student related decision-making, with the teachers. The council had two heads, The Head Boy and The Head Girl. Rambo was clearly upset that he did not win, and Pranks ensured that he was teased, all the way home, from school. He called Pranks a politician, as her speech was so ‘gimmicky’. Just then he realised, that this is what happened during the national elections. He had heard the names of 3 parties, his parents kept talking about: BJP, Congress, and AAP. They quickly gobbled up their lunch, and got together again, to read about the elections. They found that the 3 parties were exactly like the Groups they made in class. Pranks was very impressed with Rambo, for finding the connection. He was clearly smart, but not good with speeches. Rambo also explained, that all the participants, were like candidates. And that the entire process was just like an election. But suddenly, he realised, that meant Pranks was now the Prime Minister of the class. He quickly let the thought pass, lest he mentioned it, and Pranks started teasing him again. They both started wondering when they would turn 18, to be able to vote Their teacher in school, Ritu in the actual election! Ma’am, announced that they would choose a leadership Who Could Be India’s Next Prime Minister? team for their class, 2B. She then asked all the interested students to come to the front of the class. Both, Rambo and Currently, India has three major parties. The Bhartiya Janta Party, or the B.J.P, The Congress, and The Aam Aadmi Party, or AAP. The Pranks, decided to pictures and names of their leaders are below. participate. All the interested students were then divided into groups. Rambo and Pranks were in different groups. Then the teacher would ask each group to choose a leader. The leader, with the help of the group, had to make a speech now. Rambo and Pranks were chosen as the leaders of their groups. Rambo and his team decided, that he would talk about sports and how they would increase sports activities, to help children perform better in Maths. While Pranks and her team spoke of how they would organize more creative activities, science quizzes, the class chart boards, and consolidate homework, while ensuring that students were never over- burdened with work. Her classmates really liked her speech, and her team won. Pranks then became the Chief Monitor- The Student and Teacher Communication In-charge. The other designations for her group members were: Discipline In-charge, Homework In-charge, Cleanliness In-charge, Class Activities In-charge, Chart boards In-charge. They later got to know, that each class in the school had gone through a similar process, and a council had been Sports News Warwinka’s 1st Tennis Grand Slam Victory! Stanislas Warwinka, a Swiss national, won the Australian Open. The final match was between him and Rafael Nadal Parera, or "Rafa" as he is commonly called. Warwinka won over Rafa who is currently the World Number One, in Tennis, and was suffering from a major back injury.
  2. 2. YOUNG CHRONICLE Jan 29th, 2014 Mangalyaan??? It Sounds Like an Old Machine! What is it? India recently organised a space mission to Mars. Yes, Mars! That ‘Red’ neighbouring planet you have heard about. The Spacecraft to Mars is called Mangalyaan? But why Mangalyaan? Well, that’s because, Mars is called Mangal, in Hindi; and vehicle is called Yaan. So the name, Mangalyaan (A vehicle to Mars) came about. Mangalyaan was launched on 5th November, 2013 by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The main objective of this mission, was to understand and create technology required to travel to another planet. The secondary objective was to explore Mars' surface, minerals on the planet, and study the atmosphere. Activity:   It is said, that there are Aliens on Mars, and they are called Martians. Draw what you think a Image: NOTE: The Acha Bacha and Achi Bachi badge is given to children who read the Young Chronicle, from beginning to end, and participate in the activities, given in the paper. Martian would look like, and send in your entries at, to get your AchaBacha and AchiBachi Badge and Certificate. Once they have won the badge, they can wear it wherever they go, they can show it to friends in school and in the playground. But remember, Mom and Dad can take it away if they don’t drink their milk on time, eat what ever they are given, brush at least twice a day, and obey their elders. The badge needs to be earned back; by becoming an Acha Bacha are Achi Bachi again. Saving Our Stripes Rambo recently visited Jim Corbett National Park with his friend’s family. He had heard that that it was one of the most famous Tiger reserves of India. Image Source: Wikipedia So, when he left, both Rambo and his friend were very excited at the thought of seeing tigers. But they came back from their trip disappointed. Our National Animal, so big and bold. Sometimes White, sometimes Gold. But the beautiful Tiger is in danger Being killed by unfriendly strangers The number of tigers today Is only 1706 Why? Rambo couldn’t spot a single Tiger on his trip to Jim Corbett. He just saw some Deer and Elephants, and some exotic birds. Their guide told Rambo and his friend, Karan that Tigers are fast becoming an endangered species. According to the 2010 population census, there are only about 1706 Tigers left! He told them about Project Tiger which protects Tigers from extinction and maintains their natural habitats. He told them that children can do their bit by spreading knowledge about tigers and how they are in danger. Rambo and Karan thought they would do so through the poem, in Yellow. You can read about Tigers on the internet through the Page 2 29/01/14 This is indeed terrible And needs to be fixed By spreading awareness about tigers and changing attitudes This way we can do our bit and really contribute!
  3. 3. YOUNG CHRONICLE Jan 29th, 2014 HOW IS REPUBLIC DAY DIFFERENT FROM INDEPENDENCE DAY? On 26th January, Pranks was very excited. She had been chosen to march in the Republic Day parade. She had always enjoyed watching the parade. The colours, the march-pasts, the floats, and the Air force fly past and making designs in the air; and most importantly the bravery awards given to children. Image Source: While she found the parade very inspiring, she always wondered why Republic Day was celebrated. She felt very patriotic, when she saw the parade, and promptly stood in an attention, when the National Anthem was played. But Independence Day was on 15th August, then why did the parade happen on the 26th of January too? She wondered! To find the answer, Priyanka did a quick research. She then found out that Republic Day celebrates the day (26th January, 1950), the Constitution of India came into force. Now, what is the Constitution of India? Pranks was very Puzzled! 3 Image Source: She then decided to read about the Constitution of India. Here’s what she found: The constitution of India, is the Supreme Law. It lays down basic laws for the government to function, and lays down the basic rights, and the duties of citizens. She realized that it was actually the Constitution that gave us Indians, real independence. It gave us the independence to function smoothly as a secular and unified nation. This explained the parade and the celebrations! Image Source: As she prepared for the parade, she secretly hoped that some day, she would get a bravery award, on Republic Day. In fact, she had also made a Super Woman uniform for herself.
  4. 4. YOUNG CHRONICLE The AchaBachas Comic Jan 29th, 2014 Thought for the Week Poem of the Week Caughing and Sneezing the men go by, The cause of smoke No trees near by The Future Depends on what Now is the time Men and women take a vow Grow more trees And say Pollution Hatao!! we do in the present. Mahatma Gandhi Republic Day Word Maze Word Meanings Elections: The process for choosing a leader Investigation: To explore, study deeply, to establish a fact Organised: Something that is done in an orderly way Find the Following Words in the Grid AWARDS BEATINGRETREAT CONSTITUTION FLYPAST JANUARY MARCHPAST Representatives: A person chosen to act or speak for another or others, in particular Government: The group of people with the authority to run a country or state, and ensure it functions smoothly Leadership: The action of leading or heading a group of people or an organization NATIONAL PARADE PATRIOTISM RAJPATH REPUBLIC Minerals: A solid, naturally occurring substance Atmosphere: Gases surrounding the earth (commonly called air) or another planet. Endangered: A species or race of Animals or birds, which may soon die Burdened: Carrying a heavy load Disappointed: Being sad because of expectations not being met Consolidate: To combine things together Habitat: The natural home or environment of an animal or plant Ensured: To make sure Extinct: When a kind of Animal or bird has no living members. Gimmicky: Something which is tricky, or done to attract attention Reserve: A facility for animals to live, in their natural surroundings Gobbled: Eat something hurriedly. Fly past: Ceremonial flight of aircraft past a person or a place. Consecutive: One after the other, in a sequence. Bravery awards: Awards given for brave or courageous behavior Recently: Not long a go. Floats or tableaux: A group of models or motionless figures representing a scene from a story or from Launched: To set something in motion. Mostly, rockets are launched Designations Mission: An important assignment Research: An in-depth study Secular: To respect all religions’ Email us your solutions at and win Acha Bacha and Achi Bachi Badges. All the Best!!   Page 4 29/01/14