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Web 2.0 project

Web 2.0 project






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    Web 2.0 project Web 2.0 project Document Transcript

    • Site Name: Apple iPhone <br />URL: http://www.apple.com/iphone/ <br />When was this Website established? Why was this site created? Find information about the creation of the site and explain the site history. Who is the publisher and creator of the site? Find more information about the creator. Are there any other websites published by this company? Is this company involved in any other multimedia projects/web sites/television etc? Was it easy to find out more information about this company? Post your links to information below and elaborate on your findings. How does the creator of the site make money?<br />This website for the iphone was established when the first iphone was released in 2007. The site was created to help people understand the features of the iphone and how it can help them or their business. The site is a part of apple.com, and the iphone portion became available in early 2007, with advertisements being shown often. The creator of the iphone is Steve Jobs, creator of apple. Steve founded apple in 1976 and after years of ups and downs, apple is now one of the most popular and talked about company in the world. Steve is now the Chief Executive Producer at apple. Apple.com is the only website published by this company, but the individual tabs on the site for ipad, ipod, iphone, etc , make the site flexible and useable for everyone. Besides the iphone, apple is involved in mp3 players such as ipods, tablet pc’s such as ipads, and computers such as macbooks. Apple is also involved in a television service called Apple TV where a customer can link his tv to his itunes account and watch movies through it. Using google.com, it was easy to find information about this website because it is so popular and renowned. There are reviews on products and future ideas for apple all over the internet so it was relatively easy to find out information about the company and iphone. The creator of the company and website, Steve Jobs makes money through investors and sales.<br />http://reviews.cnet.com/smartphones/apple-iphone-8gb-at/4505-6452_7-32309245.html - reviews on the iphone. This allowed me to see the good and bad qualities of the phone and can help perspective buyers make their decision.<br />http://www.apple.com/ipod - allowed me to find out more about apple’s products and gave me a good idea of what their business model is.<br />Does the website require you to sign up to use it? Does it require a username and password? What is the cost of the site?<br />Apple.com does not require a signup or user name/password because it is meant to inform consumers about its products such as the iphone. According to websiteoutlook.com, the estimated worth of apple.com is $58.76 million (http://websiteoutlook.com/www.apple.com). When buying the iphone at At&t, you have to have a two year contract which is kind of like a signup. The cost of a new iphone 4 is $199.<br />What is the main purpose of your site? Explain what the site does and how it works. Were you able to find any online tutorials for the site? Is the site considered a social networking/ participation/ collaboration/or contribution site? Does it fall under another category? <br />The main purpose of apple.com/iphone is to inform customers about the product. Using various links, videos, and examples the website is able to inform consumers about the iphone. The main goal of the site is to eventually get people to buy the phone. By supplying all of this information apple sets itself up perfectly to make money on the product. There are online tutorials on the site for everything on the iphone from applications to internet usage. The site is not considered a social networking/participation/collaboration/contribution site because it is strictly meant for and falls under the category of information and sales. The main purpose of the iphone is to be a universal phone capable of doing a lot of things for different people. Using things such as the app store, the iphone becomes more personal. Apple also tries to make the iphone compete with business phones such as the blackberry, which causes some features such as Air Print to be more business related.<br />Research and post links to at least 5 articles written about your Web 2.0 tool. Give a synopsis of the research you found and explain whether the research gives positive or negative reviews of the Web 2.0 tool. <br />http://www.engadget.com/2010/06/22/iphone-4-review - this website gave an in-depth review of the iphone 4. It has long articles on details that no one usually thinks about such as hardware and design. The website praises and nitpicks the iphone, which shows that it is a serious review. If the review was all good or bad things, then it wouldn’t be a good one to only base your opinion off of. Overall, this review is positive towards the iphone.<br />http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/06/22/iphone-4-review-the-worst_n_620714.html#s103623 – this review is more critical of the iphone, focusing only on the negative aspects of it. It goes in-depth on 8 big problems with the iphone such as no flash player and limited facetime. The review is good because it brings up the concerns of the phone to the attention of the buyer and can ultimately help them in their decision with buying the iphone. Overall, this review is negative towards the iphone.<br />http://reviews.cnet.com/smartphones/apple-iphone-8gb-at/4505-6452_7-32309245.html - as posted in question 1, this review is a video review. It is relatively positive towards the iphone, while also showing concerns. Citing problems such as a crowded keyboard, the review offers realistic standards for the way they think the phone should work. Overall it is a positive review towards the iphone.<br />http://www.ismashphone.com/2010/07/iphone-4-review-why-we-cannot-recommend-one.html - this review is definitely negative towards the iphone. It can be classified as a bash. The review offers no positive aspects of the iphone and focuses heavily on features such as phone quality and apple’s update cycle. Overall, the review is a complete attempt at making the iphone’s issues be the reason why someone wouldn’t buy it and it the most negative review so far.<br />http://www.digitaltrends.com/cell-phone-reviews/apple-iphone-4-review/ - this review is more in between positive and negative. While showing no obvious signs of picking a side, the review offers positive and negative feedbacks. A positive would be the high resolution retina display and a negative would be and orange hue on indoor photos. Overall, this review is neither negative nor positive towards the iphone.<br />Does the website allow for user comments and feedback? Are you able to contact someone at the site for more information about the website? <br />There is a link for discussions on things about the iphone on the website. If you have an issue with your iphone you can go to the support page on the website where it lists troubleshooting problems or you can go to the contact us portion of the website where it lists phone numbers and stores where you can get help with your iphone.<br />Did you encounter any issues or problems with the site? What didn’t you like about the site you selected? <br />I didn’t encounter any issues with the website at all. All the information I was looking for was listed and easy to find. Whatever I didn’t know about the iphone or its features I now know after looking at the website. There wasn’t one thing I didn’t like. Taking opinions I’ve made from playing with the iphone in the store, I don’t have any problems with it and I want it to be my next phone.<br />Are there similar websites to the site you selected for this project? List the sites below. Was the site you selected better or worse than the other sites. Explain.<br />When it comes to the iphone, the only site that shows all the features with pictures, tutorials, and videos is apple.com. Apple really made a professional site when it comes to the iphone section and the information was abundant. There are other phones that try to compete with the iphone such as the Droid, but in my opinion the iphone wins. A lot of things that the other smart phones have were copied off of the iphone because it was the first game changing phone.<br />How can this site be used in an educational setting? In business? At Home? <br />The iphone has many apps that can help with education in its app store such as Math Bingo. Teachers can use the apps in class to help kids review for subjects or to have a fun way to teach. In business the iphone can be used for many things such as presentations. The push emails allows businesses to send presentations along and the retina display allows the presentation to be seen clearly. More business examples can be found at http://www.apple.com/iphone/business/features/. At home, the iphone can be used as a phone, another gateway to the internet, or a gaming device with the abundant amount of games on the app store.<br />How much of an affect do users have in the content creation and quality of the site? Are users able to add/upload content to the site? What sorts of information can users upload/add to the site? (text,video etc?) Explain in detail. <br />Users have no effect in the creation of content and quality on the site. The site is built by apple developers and the information on there is strictly from them. There are discussion boards on the site where users can talk about their problems with the phone or what they like about it. On the iphone, users have much effect on how their phone looks and the applications that are on it. They can download any app they want to make their phone reflect them and they are also allowed to change the background and put music on the phone.<br />10. The definition of Web 2.0 states the “aim of these sites is to facilitate communication, secure information sharing, and collaboration on the World Wide Web.” Explain how your site adheres to this definition of Web 2.0. Give concrete examples using the article above and the research you have found to support your argument. (At Least 1 page)<br />The iphone portion of apple.com is a great way to find out about the product. The site definitely makes it easier to find out information about the phone, and it solidifies the iphone as a web 2.0 tool. The website definitely facilitates communication. As an elite cell phone, the iphone has to be able to not only be flexible with its software, but also has to make communication easier for its users such as businesses. A feature that makes communication easier on the iphone is push emails. Push emails allows people to get emails on the go, allowing them to do business while they are away from their computer or office. With this feature businesses are never really away from work. To me, push emails facilitates communication because at the click of a button you can be connected to a project or meeting your business is working on without being there. <br />The iphone portion of apple.com did a great job of showing how the iphone secures information sharing. The iphone’s many apps such as facebook or safari allow users to share their information. The iphone’s great retina display, many apps, and ease of use make it a no-brainer to share information on social networking sites or discussion boards such as the ones on espn.com. Personal apps such as facebook make social networking happen with a touch of the app. Also being a phone, texting is quicker and easier to use with the phone’s touch screen keyboard. Apple really wanted to make a universal phone that wasn’t complicated to use and the iphone embodies that desire.<br />Users can also collaborate about the iphone on the website. There is a section on the support page of the website that allows customers to talk and collaborate about their time with the iphone and what they like or don’t like about it. These talks also can help someone who is having a problem with their iphone fix it because someone who went through the same issue can help them through it. On the iphone, air print allows businesses to print presentations from their iPhone, making the phone seem more business friendly. With air print businessmen can always carry their projects in their pockets. Rapid speeds and great features allow the iphone to become a phone where ideas can be collaborated on, a big pull for companies who are thinking about buying the phone for their business.<br />