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    I phone web 2.0 I phone web 2.0 Presentation Transcript

    • iPhoneA Web 2.0 Tool
      Richard Danze
      Mr. Johnson
      Multimedia Productions
      Period 1
    • Menu
      Slide 1- Title
      Slide 2- Menu Slide
      Slide 3- Overview of Web 2.0 Tool – URL etc.
      Slide 4- History and Creator of the Web 2.0 Tool
      Slide 5- Purpose of the Web 2.0 Tool – What does it do?
      Slide 6- What sort of Content Make up the Site? Where does content come from?
      Slide 7- Uses for this Tool (School, Home, Business)
      Slide 8- How is this site a Web 2.0 tool
      Slide 9- Similar Sites
      Slide 10- What Does Research Say about the Tool?
      Slide 11- Positives and Negatives of tool
    • Overview of Web 2.0 Tool – URL etc.
      For this project I chose the iPhone.
      The iPhone is a smartphone capable of doing things such as internet usage, email, and running applications.
      The phone was created by Apple in 2007 and since then there have been four models: the original iPhone, the iPhone 3G, the iPhone 3GS, and the most recent model the iPhone 4.
      The website that has all the iPhone information is http://www.apple.com/iphone/.
    • History and Creator of the Web 2.0 Tool
      The iPhone was first debuted in 2007.
      The creator of the phone is Apple, led by their Chief Executive Producer and co-founder, Steve Jobs.
      The iPhone has had 4 models, each becoming more and more a web 2.0 tool with Apple’s update cycle.
      The iPhone prides itself on being the phone that changes everything, as evident in its ads and website.
      Here is a link to the original iPhone commercial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmiWTKZzBLY
    • Purpose of the Web 2.0 Tool – What does it do?
      The purpose of the iPhone is to link a phone to many features such as mobile email, videos, applications and more.
      By doing this, the iPhone becomes a necessity in business or just for everyday use.
      Linking a phone to such applications allows users to make the phone their own, and Apple tries to make the iPhone the original smartphone.
      With liberties such as the app store, the iPhone can be used for gaming, work, or leisure.
      The main goal for Apple was to make the iPhone a phone for every type of person, and it worked.
    • What sort of Content Make up the Site? Where does content come from?
      The content on apple.com/iPhone is all the features the iPhone has to offer with examples, tutorials, videos and pictures.
      The iPhone has many applications that help the user do the things they need such as Safari, stock watch, and downloadable apps on the app store.
      The apps come from 3rd party developers that want their ideas to be displayed on a commonly used device such as the iPhone.
      Developers use the SDK, or software development kit to create their apps.
      Here is a link to a demonstration of the newest iPhone feature, Air Print. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53Kz98Q7O6g
    • Uses for this Tool (School, Home, Business)
      The iphone has many apps that can help with education in its app store such as Math Bingo. Teachers can use the apps in class to help kids review for subjects or to have a fun way to teach.
      At home, the iphone can be used as a phone, another gateway to the internet, or a gaming device with the abundant amount of games on the app store.
      In business the iphone can be used for many things such as presentations. The push emails allows businesses to send presentations along and the retina display allows the presentation to be seen clearly. More business examples can be found at http://www.apple.com/iphone/business/features/.
    • How is this site a Web 2.0 tool
      Apple.com/iphone is a great source to find out how the iPhone is a web 2.0 tool.
      iPhone’s great features allow it to be a web 2.0 tool because it faciliates communication, secures inforamtion sharing and collaboration on the worldwide web.
      An example of how the iPhone facilitates communication would be its call quality and call features. You can 3 way call or facetime with someone.
      An example of how the iPhone secures information sharing and collaboration on the worldwide web would be apps such as facebook.
    • Similar Sites
      There are other smart phones such as the Droid that compete with the iPhone but in my opinion, the iPhone wins.
      Other smartphones took ideas from the iphone because it was the first game changing phone.
      Ease of use is big for me, and I don’t think there is a phone out there that is easier to use than the iPhone.
      Apple.com/iphone was the easiest site to use to find out about the iPhone. The site had tutorials, pictures, videos, and examples to help me learn more about the phone. Other smartphone sites just can’t compare.
    • What Does Research Say about the Tool?
      Every product has enemies and people who praise it.
      There are reviews on the iphone that love it, hate it, or are unbiased and just want to list things about the iPhone.
      Here are 5 links of reviews for the latest version of the iPhone, the iPhone 4:
    • Positives and Negatives of tool
      Like every product, there are positives and negatives with the iPhone.
      As stated in the article on http://www.digitaltrends.com/cell-phone-reviews/apple-iphone-4-review/ , the iPhone has a good number of highs, but there are also a good number of lows.
      Some highs were the high resolution screen, facetime, and long battery life. These features were very important when Apple unleashed the iPhone 4 at the keynote presentation.
      Some things the article felt that the iPhone could improve on would be the orange hue when taking indoor photos and no 64 GB version. With new iPhone models coming out every year, I can confidently say that Apple will continue to listen to the people and eliminate more of the lows of the phone.