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Homework, Madison
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Homework, Madison


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Madison's homework, 19

Madison's homework, 19

Published in: Education
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  • 1. By Madison Oosterbroek Revision Activity Sheet Set A 19 Funky Questions 10 Quick Question Dictionary skills Geometry key facts E. Angle size Media Studies
  • 2. FUNKY QUESTIONS Have you spent some time revising your basic facts? No Do you have any spelling words? No Have you read a book this week just for fun? Yes Home
  • 3. 1. 400 2. $239.72 3. 7:20 a.m 4.2.750 kilos 5. Pentagon 6. 93x19=74x1=74 7. $ 109 8. 87 .39 9. 18.5 10. 5.34 Home      
  • 4. I hope I don’t fall Sam the Superhero thought as he climbed up the tall mountain Sam was answering a call for help as Superheroes are meant to do. As he got closer to the top of the tall mountain Sam thought he heard a giggle and then another his super hero ears perked up as he climbed higher and higher finally puffing Sam reached the top of the cliff. As he hauled himself on top he spotted to evil villains wearing purple capes and dirty underpants and a pink leotard and skirt. On the cape were the words FAKE HELP CALL COMPANY Sam clenched his teeth... Home This looks very flash! Really good ideas Madison, but there are some long sentences.
  • 5. “ Homework does cause brain damage because it causes you to stress . Do not ask for any medical information to prove it” My sister Brianna says. Anti-clockwise Clockwise Angle Degrees Protractor ½ turn ½ turn ¾ turn Revolution Home         
  • 6. Dawn, Dusk, Midday, Midnight, Noon , Twilight. Dawn: The time each morning at which daylight first begins . Dusk: the darker stage of twilight .Twilight: The light from the sky during the early evening or early morning when the sun is below the horizon Midday: The middle of the day noon Midnight: The middle of the night Noon: Twelve o'clock in the daytime; Times of day The night time party was at Midnight At Dawn Sally saw the Sun shine on her mirror After Twilight it becomes Dusk because it is darker        
  • 7. 1. An angle smaller than 90* is called an acute angle . An angle that is 90* is called a right angle . An angle greater than 90* but less than 180* is called an obtuse angle . An angle that is 180* is called a straight angle . An angle greater than 180* but less than 360* is a reflex angle KEY: * this means degrees     
  • 8. Miley Cyrus suffered a painful fall during the filming of another Hannah Montanna episode THE MOVIE when she tripped over a wire hidden in the grass. Then to add to her injuries she hurt her leg as she headed back to her dressing room to recover. "I was having the worst day because when I went in my trailer, I fractured my ankle falling up the stairs. My mom was like, 'I don't know how anybody falls up the stairs and breaks their ankle'." ROME - After success on the dance floor, the grandson of the last king of Italy will dance into politics, hoping for a seat in the European Parliament. Emanuele Filiberto said his experience as a banished royal has left him well-qualified . Emanuele Filiberto has a newfound TV popularity from winning the Italian edition of Dancing With the Stars . Emanuele Filiberto returned to Italy with his family in 2002. Very contrasting choices here. Interesting choices all the same.
  • 9. Click here for homework excuses
  • 10.
    • I didn’t want the other kids in class to look bad
    • My parents were sick and unable to do the homework don’t worry they were suitably punished
    • Another pupil fell in the lake I jumped in to rescue him unfortunately my homework drowned.
    • It was destroyed in a freak accident involving a hippo, a toaster, and a cold bag of peas you don’t want to know the details.
    • I wanted to frame the detention letter you’re about to give me.
    For more Excuses contact Madison at Room 2 Gordonton School I am very impressed with this presentation Madison. There is some really good work and the graphics and layout are excellent. I do like the little extras on some slides. I never thought to use these excuses. Keep up the great work. 95.