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  • 1. Home work famous
    New Zealander's
    By Eden
    Annah stretton!
  • 2. Famous new Zealanders
    Charles Upham 5. John Lamu
    Peter Jackson 6. Kiri Tekanawa
    sir Edmund Hillary 7. Ernest Rutherford
    Sir Robert Muldoon 8. Sam Neil
  • 3. Carried on from last page
    9. Birt Munro 11. Kate Sheppard
    10. John Britten 12. Richard Hadley
  • 4. Questions
    Question1.What makes Annah Stretton’s Designs stand out from others? they are unique and very different from others.
    Question2.When you uncover her real ability what do you find in her and her designs? I find that her designs are very bold, audacious and colourful.
    Question3.What are the characteristics in Annah stretton? she is very compassionate about her designs and she encourages others to follow their dreams .
    Question4.Why do people like and want her designs? because they are very attractive, very beautiful and very artistic.
  • 5. Annah Stretton's beginning
    Annah Stretton is a born and bred Waikato girl. She attended local high schools (Karamu and Tararua) and, other than a few years in her late teens studying art in Otago, she has lived here all her life.
    She started a Stretton Clothing Company in Morrinsville, and that's where it remains'. Other manufacturers may have been made and possibly had been taken advantage of other foreign sweatshops, Annah Stretton chose not to.
    “As I drove forward and set up a retail base, I really believed a big part of our point of difference was that we were New Zealand made. That's very important to people. We're still price sensible, especially in the provincial environment, there's no need to go offshore.
    “I can still make a profit and pay the team at market rates. It's good for our industry. People believe that we make our clothes in our Morrinsville head office when really we contract with CMT factories throughout New Zealand.”
  • 6. Annah Stretton's beginning
    Of business
    Annah Stretton started Stretton Clothing Company in 1992, selling clothes under the label Annah S. Her office was the spare bedroom in the house on the rural dairy farm she and her husband owned and she combined her business operations with being a full-time mum to her two pre-school aged children.
    Within a year, she made $1 million with 50 percent profitability. Originally Annah S clothing was sold into other stores, but a few years later Stretton began opening her own boutiques in the Waikato. Today it is a multi-million dollar business that sells internationally and has stores throughout the country.
    In 2005 Stretton bought Her Business magazine and worked as editor, commissioning stories on successful women entrepreneurs and giving business tips. Within a few months it was one of New Zealand's fastest growing business titles.
  • 7. What is being famous
    Being famous is to be well known all over the world and to have to do something
    no one else has done or to make something incredibly amazing
  • 8. That’s the end of my
    Homework thanx 4 watching

  • 9. An interesting selection Eden. You have done a good job of putting this together.
    The next step that I would like to see is some personal voice in your responses. What you think or reasons why things happen.
    It would also be nice to see some referencing of information, where you have got information from.