Film Poster Analysis


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Film Poster Analysis

  1. 1. Film PosterIn what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of realmedia products?
  2. 2. Film poster definition• A film poster is a poster used to advertise a film. There maybe several versions for one film, with variations in regards tosize.• A poster that was issued for a movie by the National ScreenService (NSS), or by a movie studio, or by another companyauthorized by the studio for display in an actual movie theatreor for promotional use at the time of the films original release• A large, usually printed placard, bill, or announcement, oftenillustrated, that is posted to advertise or publicize a film.
  3. 3. Film Poster Conventions• Usually printed on large pieces of paper/billboards• Cover image takes up the whole page• Title usually big and bold to advertise the film• The font will be in relation to the film• Shows the date when its out• Will sometimes show critics review on it• Most have a tagline in relation to the film• The movie credits are normally at the bottom of the poster.
  4. 4. Film Poster AnalysisIn this poster of thehangover they havepresented themselveswith a tagline likemost film poster have.A bright bold bigtitle that covers thelower region of theposter. The colourmakes it stand out.They have displayedthe film credits at thebottom of the posterlike most film postersdo.The main posterimage from thefilm covers thewhole backgroundwhich makes itstand out more.More aestheticallypleasing.At the bottom belowthe credits it displaysthe date it will bereleased.The backgroundof the film posteris bright whichmakes the modelsstand out more.
  5. 5. Film poster Analysis As some film postershave at the the top ogthe page, this onedisplays the main/topactors starring in thisfilm.A large cover imagethat covers the wholeof the page, livelyatmosphere showsthat it’s a comedy.Big bold title, eyecatching, and the fontalso relates to thegenre of the film.Displays the date ofwhen the film willbe released.A bright backgroundmakes the modelsshow off more andagain adds to thegenre of the film.Tag line situatedabove the titlelike most filmposters have.The colour schemeused in this filmposter is good asthey thought outwhat colours wouldbe good with thebackground.
  6. 6. My film poster AnalysisSituated my filmmagazine with themain actors thatstar in the film.I put my tagline inthe position as Ithought that thiswas the bestsituated place toput it.Big bold title, inorder to catch theattention of thecustomers eyes.No specific date but asymbol that its coming soonPlaced the credit tomy film at the bottomof the poster like mostfilm posters have.I decided to put acolour impact into myfilm poster to showthat it’s a comedy.The cover imagetook up thewhole page,bright picturewhich makesthe modelsstand out more.