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film magazine Analysis

  1. 1. Film Magazine Cover In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. Basic conventions on media magazines• Normally equipped with a big bold title/masthead to make it stand out.• Main image in the focus point of the magazine , covering the whole page.• Main storyline normally big writing by the main image on the front, text a little smaller then the masthead title.• Sub texts and other smaller storylines running throughout the rest of the page.• Price and code bar normally situated in the corners.• Colour scheme normally bright and eye-catching depending on the magazine• Date situated by the code bar.• Specific font will determine the kind of genre.• Sometimes prize giveaways presented to attract the customer.
  3. 3. Using words like Empire conventions Big Bold Bright title “amazing world which will catch the exclusive” will attract eye of the customer the reader as it instantly. makes it feel like it’s the only one writing Main image focused about this in and enhanced to cover the whole ofGood use of colour the front coverscheme on a blackbackground, makesthe texts stand out Something that mightmore. want the reader to buy the issue.Another big boldtitle for the main A convention that willstoryline title, eye lure the reader intocatching as it will Barcode and date to buying the magazine if abe the unique prove an official free gift will come withselling point magazine the magazine
  4. 4. Empire magazine Analysis• Has a big cover picture that covers the whole of the page.• The Main storyline covers the bottom bit of the page, nice and big as it’s the main story and advertises the magazine well.• Sub titles an other stories not reported or shown on the magazine, as most of the magazine consists of stories about the Avatar film.• Code bar and date shown well, presented like a normal film magazine.• Advertisement and giveaways presented really well with free special collectors covers for anyone who buys the magazine.• Colour scheme well thought out due to the fact of a dark background.• Font displays shows that the genre is more situated towards a thriller/fantasy film.
  5. 5. Colour scheme of My Film Magazine Conventionsthe Red title works Big bold title thatwell with the plain will be the firstwhite thing that will catchbackground, makes the readers stand out more. A variety of subMain image stories to informcovering the the reader of whatwhole magazine else is inside thelike a real film magazine.magazine. Prize giveaways and advertisement Something that about a holiday might attract the which will attract reader as it’s an in the customer. depth interview with the main star Code bar situated of the upcoming in the corner like movie. a real magazine.
  6. 6. My Magazine Analysis• In my magazine I have displayed a large cover photo that has covered the whole page, used to attract the audience• Decided to do my own title instead of copying others such as (total film or empire)• Title is big but not bold, but still has the assets to attract customers attention.• Except for the title the colour scheme of the writing is not good, although theres a variety of colour on the magazine itself.• No date although the code bar establishes a proper film magazine• Sub stories are good as they show a large variety of what to expect within the magazine.• Good sense of advertisements with prize giveaways such as the virgin holidays prize which will catch the eye of the audience