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  • 1 Visualize success, and seize every opportunity to practice. 2. Prepare well and be confident. 3. Speak on a topic that you have expertise in and are passionate about. 4. Limit the scope of your talk, know 10X what you put on slides, and fill talk with illustrations and examples. 5. Talk to your listeners' interests, give honest and sincere appreciation, empathize with audience, make them a partner in your talk, be modest. 6. For short talks, give an example / incident from your life (70%), state your point and action desired from audience, and the benefit that the audience may expect. 7. For informational talks compare strange with familiar. 8. For impromptu talks, get into an example immediately, speak with animation / enthusiasm. 9. Converse with your audience, specific details help 
  • Speech getting ready

    1. 1. Permission Handout http://wps.ablongman.com/ab_aitken_psunbound_1/0,,1005062-,00.html
    2. 2. Close your eyes…… Think of all the qualities of a great speaker you have heard Picture someone you thought was a terrible speaker
    3. 3. People can’t see you are afraid – so don’t tell them. They are already nervous for you. They don’t want you to bomb – it hurts them.
    4. 4. Learning to neutralize your fear.  The relaxation response. Autogenic training.  Let me replace it with a positive feeling  Imagine the audience as a friendly loving group – try to take the energy from them  Why a joke or antidote can work for you  Your anxiety is not obvious to others
    5. 5. Autogenic Training Exercise http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yngg8DfmzPE&feature=plcp
    6. 6.  Adrenalin is produced and you need it  Fight or flight response  Know you subject – preparation is everything  Change the conversation from internal conversation to begin talking to the audience – imagine the adrenalin and embrace the energy
    7. 7. Dale Carnegie “What really matters is that you're speaking about something you really believe and really want to say to this group, and something that you REALLY know, either from experience or intense study.”
    8. 8. Visualize success.
    9. 9. Prepare well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyWsyDMWTGg
    10. 10. Practice
    11. 11. Speak about something you are passionate about.
    12. 12. Limit the scope of your talk, know 10X what you put on slides or charts.
    13. 13. Visualize Success
    14. 14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6JTyZy6Dxk
    15. 15. Speak with animation and enthusiasm.
    16. 16. Body Language http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUXtGQkJcQ0
    17. 17. Body Language Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtbGtbW5XXs
    18. 18. Be Modest. Be Self-effacing
    19. 19. Converse and connect with your audience.
    20. 20. Make your audience a partner in the speech.