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Eval presentation 1

  1. 1. Rothna Aayman
  2. 2. I have carried out research on products such as magazines,posters and teaser trailers. After analysing the magazine covers (Empire, Sight and Sound and Total Film) I have established that they have certain elements which are conventional, i.e. the use of Masthead and the way that it is big and bold which immediately catches the audience’s attention, making them aware of the product. For that reason I found this very effective and decided to implement these forms into my own magazine. I used sight & sound to promote my teaser trailer.
  3. 3. The background colourof the magazines tend tobe a dark colour with themain cover line a muchbrighter colour, thereforeI decided to have mybackground as theimage from my teasertrailer which has a darkatmosphere, this alsocreates a link betweenmy teaser trailer &magazine.My main cover line(PSYCHOPATH) isin the colour red,which alsocorresponds withthe colour of theclothes that thevillain wears.
  4. 4. I also analysed 3 differentposters consisting of thesame genre as my finalproduct. I was able toidentify that the genresinvolved suspense by theuse of the main imagee.g. both ‘SALT’ and‘TAKEN’ have their maincharacters holding a gun.
  5. 5. Further, in the obsessed posterit includes images of 3 peopleon the front, this allows theaudience to establish that theyare the main characters. Thisgave me the idea to include thetwo main characters from myteaser trailer on my poster.
  6. 6. Most of these posters tend tofocus on the face of the maincharacter, usually theeyes/facial expression, forexample in all 3 of my postersthat I analysed; the facialexpressions of the maincharacters are very intense. However I went against this convention and had my main characters’ backs turned against the audience as I believe that this creates a more mysterious feel, further depicting the genre of the film and making the audience want to know more. I also asked my audience what they thought of using this mage & they felt that it was a good idea as the image itself portrays a clear message of someone being followed further illustrating my genre.
  7. 7. On the whole I believe that my ancillary products My magazine cover is conventional as Iare conventional. felt that in order for my audience to understand and recognize that my product is a magazine, it had to make use of its forms and conventions. For example initially I wanted to place the main cover line at the bottom however I felt that this would be confusing as the title of my poster is placed under the centre of the page. Another feature which I found was conventional in magazines is the cover lines which are placed on the right hand side & are in a much smaller font.I decided to stick with theoriginal forms andconventions of a poster,i.e. placing the title of thefilm in the centre of theposter, having theproduction credits in anarrow font, I found thesevery common whencarrying out my research.
  8. 8. For my main product (teaser trailer) I have challenged some of the forms of a thriller film as I have combined it with a suspense genre, creating a less of a gory, gruesome effect and more of an interesting, tense, nerve- racking feel. For my final product I focused on the character in the film Costello,From my research I established that a typical who portrays an ominous, troubledthriller convention is the focus of the main young man who stalks Rosaline,character that has a troubled or ominous (who is the innocent victim), andpersonal history. This is typically the female wants to torture her. This is acharacter. For example in the thriller common focus of a psychologicalObsessed, Ali Larter plays a thriller. Therefore Imenacing character who chose to develop and remain withwants to have the life of the character played this convention because it allowsby Beyonce. the audience to evidently see the focus of the film. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ccORH_fUz0I (0:15) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fr7dU (0:42)
  9. 9. A common convention I found in all films is that the fade transition represents time pass. The longer the fade the longer the time pass. Therefore instead of using words i.e. “1 hour later”, to portray the message that the time has passed I used the fade transition which lasts for approximately 4 seconds to allow the audience to establish that little time has passed and Rosaline is now at home.I was also inspired by final destination 5 teasertrailer. I thought the fact that each shot whichwas a short glimpse placed a very mysteriousintense effect. Therefore I also decided to usethis form in my own teaser trailer to create amystifying feel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=play (copy and paste URL to view)