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Introduction to jython
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Introduction to jython



Published in Technology , Education
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  • 1. INTRODUCTION TO JYTHON John Saturday, December 21, 2013
  • 2. The reason for Jython • Access Java class library • Embed in Java app servers • Mix and match Python and Java code
  • 3. Install and configure Jython • Download the jar file from www.jython.org/downloads.html • download the jar file (latest version is jython.2.7 alpha,which means you will have all same feature as Python 2.7) • Add “C:jython2.7a2” into the path, the file jython.bat is the executable file
  • 4. Attention: if you met problems in the interactive console if you met this problem • Code never end if input a string Use chcp solve it Input command on line $ chcp 437
  • 5. import Java built-in classes Use HashMap java class covert HashMap to dict >>> from java.util import HashMap >>> a = HashMap() >>> a. get(“key”,1) >>> a {key=1} >>> type(a) <type ‘java.util.HashMap’> >>> d = dict() >>> d.update(a) >>> print d {u’key’:1}
  • 6. More examples Call java swing libaray from javax.swing import * frame = JFrame(“Hello,Jython”) label = JLabel(“Hello Jython!”,JLabel.CENTER) frame.add(label) frame.setDefaultCloseOperation(JFra me.EXIT_ON_CLOSE) frame.setSize(200,100) frame.close()
  • 7. Mix Java and Python Step 1: write java class in java file Step 2: compile it and add it to CLASSPATH #file Foo.java public class Foo { public String stuff(int x) { String buf = new String(“Test from Java:”); buf = buf + Integer.toString(x); return buf } } #Compile the java code #A Foo.class will be generated if java code have no error $ javac Foo.java #Build the jar file Foo.jar $ jar cvf Foo.jar Foo.class #update the CLASSPATH on windows $ set CLASSPATH = %CLASSPATH% C:/Foo.jar; #use echo view the change $ echo %CLASSPATH%
  • 8. Use Java class in Python import the Foo class Inherit the Foo class >>> import Foo >>> f = Foo() >>> type(f) <type ‘Foo’> >>> f.stuff(123) u’This is a test from Java:123’ >>> class Bar(Foo): def blah(self,x): print “python, about to do Java” print self.stuff(x) print “And back to Python” >>> b = Bar() >>> b.blah(123) Python, about to do Java This is a test from Java: 123 And back to Python