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Published in: Technology


  • 1. UPPEC Pre-Need Funeral Insurance A Program Overview Protecting and Serving California Communities For Over a Century
  • 2. Where is the UPPEC Plan Sold?
    • The UPPEC partners with Funeral Homes throughout the State of California.
    • Pre-Need Funeral Insurance Agents within the funeral homes are the ones that sell the UPPEC Pre-Need Funeral Insurance Plan .
    • The UPPEC provides a list of these funeral homes on its web site or you may call for one in your area at 800-538-7732 .
  • 3. Types of Funeral Homes
    • There are corporate owned and private or family owned funeral homes.
    • Corporate funeral homes tend to charge more for good and services.
    • Private or family owned funeral homes are as much as 30% less expensive than corporate.
    • The UPPEC partners with only reputable private or family owned funeral homes.
  • 4. Is Funeral Insurance a New Idea?
    • The quick answer is NO , Pre-Need Funeral Insurance or commonly called “ Pre-Need ” has been around for decades .
    • Much like other insurance products, Pre-Need offers the policy owner, the insured, and loved ones peace of mind, cost savings, and much more .
    • Covering yourself or a loved one under a Pre-Need plan relieves the worry and frustrations of planning a funeral at a very emotional time .
    • In fact, the UPPEC may be one of several Pre-Need Policy’s used to pre-plan within one Funeral Home.
    • Support the Society by stipulating the UPPEC Pre-Need Policy to the Funeral Home.
  • 5. Are There Money Savings?
    • Yes! Most Definitely!
    • Consider the cost of inflation .
    • The Pre-Need PRICE IS LOCKED IN FOR LIFE the day a plan is purchased.
    • Costs of just funerals rise as high as 5% each year .
    • Locking in pricing is just one of the purposes for Pre-Need.
  • 6. Other Pre-Need Purposes
    • Pre-Planning your or a loved ones funeral relieves the enormous emotional and financial burden that otherwise would be placed on loved ones.
    • Pre-Planning frees family and friends of added responsibility and avoids confusion during a time of grief.
    • Pre-Planning provides the security of knowing wishes will be fulfilled to the last detail.
    • Pre-planning with a UPPEC Pre-Need Policy supports the Society .
    • Pre-planning with a UPPEC Pre-Need Policy protects your assets from Medi-Cal.
  • 7. Cost
    • Cost is relative to the goods and services you purchase.
    • Cremation can go for under $1000 and a traditional burial average about $6,500 nationwide.
    • Of course you can spend as much or as little as you like, the sky’s the limit .
    • Remembers that the cost of doing nothing still costs ; in fact, costs more each year .
  • 8. Pre-Need Agents Role
    • Pre-Need Agents will meet you at your home or at the funeral home.
    • Pre-Need agents work within any budget through a wide variety of available goods and services.
    • There is never an obligation to buy. You may go just for informational purposes .
    • Most Funeral Agents will keep your selection information until you are ready to buy .
  • 9. UPPEC Role
    • Collect contract and money to fund Pre-Need at time of need.
    • Invest money collected to earn interest to cover inflation costs for funeral home.
    • Provide the Pre-Need Policy to the insured.
    • Send statements to insured who choose convenient payment plans .
    • Provide security and integrity of over a century of service to its members and the public.
  • 10. Funding Pre-Need
    • Several Options .
    • One lump-sum is the least expensive because it avoids interest charges on monthly payments.
    • Monthly payment plans are available with your choice of 36 months, 60 months, or 120 months.
    • Early payoff is possible within the first 12, 24, or 36 months respectively, without penalties .
  • 11. Full Coverage
    • Covered on day-one the policy is signed.
    • Covered 100% on day-one when paid in one-lump-sum despite any answer to two health questions asked in the application.
    • Covered 100% on day-one if applicant is in “ good health ”.
  • 12. Graded Coverage
    • Graded Coverage means that you are not in “good health”.
    • “ Good Health” equates to answering “NO” to two health questions on the application.
    • Instead of being covered 100% on day-one the insured is gradually brought to 100% coverage over a period-of-time .
    • Graded Coverage only applies to the insured when a “YES” is answered to a health question AND the insured is not making a payment in one-lump-sum .
  • 13. Graded Coverage
    • Graded Coverage only applies to the insured on a monthly payment plan AND has answered “YES” to one or both health questions.
    • On 36 Month Plans , Graded 1 st year coverage is 50% and 2 nd year is 100%.
    • On 60 Month Plans , Graded 1 st year is 35%, 2 nd year 70%, and 3 rd year 100%.
    • On 120 Month Plans , Graded 1 st year is 25%, 2 nd year is 50%, 3 rd year is 75%, and 4 th year is 100%.
  • 14. Health Question One
    • With the past year, have you been diagnosed by a physician or been treated for :
    • A . A heart attack, congestive heart failure. Angina pectoris, stroke, emphysema, or internal cancer?
    • B . Kidney failure, Alzheimer’s disease, alcoholism, or liver cirrhosis?
    • C . Had an amputation caused by disease, had or been advised to have treatment for a heart condition, or blood vessel disease?
    • D . High blood pressure and diabetes together?
  • 15. Health Question Two
    • Within the past year, are you now in a nursing home or other institution, or been told by a physician that you should be?
  • 16. FAQ
    • How do I fund my UPPEC Pre-Need Policy in one-lump-sum?
    • Answer : Some people borrow from other accounts like a 401k [insured pay their self back], take a loan, or pay cash.
    • Who sells the UPPEC Pre-Need Policy?
    • Answer : The Funeral Home is where you go, a Pre-Need Life Agent listed on the UPPEC List of Funeral Homes signs your application after the goods and services are agreed, but you specifically need to ask for the UPPEC Pre-Need Policy.
  • 17. FAQ
    • Can an existing Pre-Need plan with another Funeral Home, corporately owned or not, be transferred to a UPPEC Pre-Need Policy and/or Funeral Home ?
    • Answer : Yes! Simply put your request in writing to the UPPEC and the UPPEC will assist you in getting this done. Make sure, however, that the new home is able and willing to provide the type of funeral you want before handing over assignment.
  • 18. FAQ
    • I already have a Life Insurance Plan that covers me in the event of death. Why do I need a UPPEC Pre-Need Policy ?
    • Answer : Life Insurance Policies may be considered an asset should you need to apply for Med-Cal. In order to qualify for Medi-Cal you will need to “spend down” your assets. Funeral Insurance is a special type of insurance that cannot be touched by Medi-Cal. If already a UPPEC member, it supports the society.
  • 19. Best Practices
    • Funding your UPPEC Pre-Need Policy in one-lump-sum avoids interest costs built into monthly-pay-plans.
    • Funding your UPPEC Pre-Need Policy in one-lump-sum avoids a Graded Policy.
    • Use the list of preferred funeral homes from the UPPEC.
    • Use the UPPEC Pre-Need Plan by buying it as a gift for someone you love or care for.
    • Encourage friends and family to purchase; they do not need to be a member. The public is always welcome!
  • 20. Contact Information
    • Contact the UPPEC at 800-53-UPPEC (87732).
    • Visit us on the web at .
    • Contact via E-mail at [email_address] .
    • Write us at 1229 B Street, Hayward, CA 94541.
    • We’ll be happy to speak and meet with you to offer our help to make the right decisions.
    • Click on this link for the list of current funeral homes the UPPEC partners with .