Stuffed animal sleepover
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Stuffed animal sleepover






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    Stuffed animal sleepover Stuffed animal sleepover Presentation Transcript

    • Stuffed Animal Sleepover Quarryville Library 2010
    • Twenty friends came to spend the night in the library! See if you can find your friend!
    • Stuffed Animal Roll Call!
    • D.W.
    • Teddy Bear
    • Monkey
    • Mouse
    • Alligator Gal
    • Sneetch
    • Bunnicula
    • Paws
    • Kitty
    • Rainbow Dash
    • Anna
    • George
    • Racheal Underwood
    • George
    • Abbey
    • Monkey
    • Diane and Barbie
    • Lovely
    • Coaco
    • Ok, time to get started!
    • Let’s begin with story time…
    • Wait…where did that purple dragon come from? ?
    • Well anyway, how can we have FUN in the library?
    • These friends wanted to play board games!
    • Lovely and Anna decided to play checkers
    • Some friends used the computer to play games!
    • Hey…you guys better put those books back when you are done!
    • But the monkeys just wanted to hang around in the banana tree…
    • Then, everybody wanted to play Hide and Go Seek!
    • Monkey was “It” so he covered his eyes and counted to 100.
    • The bunny rabbits Rainbow Dash and Bunnicula hid together in the audio books.
    • Barbie, Diane and their new friend Mouse hid together in the picture books!
    • Coaco hid in the back of the tractor.
    • Teddy Bear, Paws and Kitty hid under the benches. Good idea guys!
    • Lovely, Alligator Gal and D.W. hid under the computers.
    • Monkey, Abbey and George hid on the spinning book rack. Hey you three, that’s not a merry-go-round!
    • Sneetch and Anna hid in the magazine rack.
    • George and Racheal hid in the box of beach balls. Hey, those are summer reading prizes, leave some for the kids!
    • After Monkey found everybody it was time for a snack!
    • So we made popcorn!
    • And what goes better with popcorn then a movie!
    • Can you guess what movie we watched?
    • By that time it was getting late… Time for bed!
    • Everybody into the tent!
    • One last story, then it was bed time.
    • Thanks for bringing all your friends to the sleep over! See you next year!!! Oh, one more thing…
    • Your friends had a lot of fun last night, but they really missed you!