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Những bộ đề thi ielts mới nhất được dịch thuật Perso tổng hợp lại, hy vọng sẽ giúp bạn chuẩn bị được tốt hơn những kiến thức, kỹ năng để thành công trong các kỳ thi lấy chứng chỉ IELTS . Mọi chi tiết các bạn có thể xem thêm tại :

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Tong hop de luyen thi ielts moi nhat ky 1

  1. 1. (DỊCH THUẬT PERSO ) Nhận thấy nhu cầu tự luyện thi ielts rất cao, cùng với đó làđể trợ giúp các bạn trong quá trình tìm tài liệu luyện thi ielts , Công ty dịch thuậtPERSO chúng tôi sưu tập được những bộ câu hỏi đề thi IELTS mới nhất dành chocác bạn đang chuẩn bị ôn thi. Hy vọng các bạn có thêm nhiều nguồn ôn luyện chomình. Mời các bạn tham khảo loạt đề thi IELTS mới trong năm 2012 ,Chúc các bạnluyện thi IELTS thành công và đạt kết quả như mong muốn.1. CÂU HỎI MÔN THI NÓI IELTS THÁNG 2.2012 TẠI MALAYSIASpeaking testInterview- Can you tell me your full name?- Where do you live?- Can you describe a house you live in now?- Do you enjoy living in this house?- What type of house would you like to live in?- What transport do you use to get around?- What type of transportation would you prefer?- Do you have a problem with noise while traveling?- What do you always take with you when traveling?Cue CardDescribe the furniture in your house. Please say- What type of furniture is it, modern or traditional?- What is it made of?- Who bought that furniture?- How do you feel about that furniture?Discussion- Who is selecting the furniture in your house?- Who makes the decision about type of furniture in your house?- What is the importance of a stylish house?- What is the main thing to be considered when buying furniture for an office or a house?- What do you think about style of furniture in the future?- Do you think it is necessary to decorate a house with furniture?2. CÂU HỎI MÔN THI NÓI IELTS THÁNG 2 TẠI BRUNEISpeaking testInterview- What is your full name please?- Where are you from?- Do you live in a city or a village?
  2. 2. - Can you describe the city for me?- How does it accommodate new people?- Is there an etiquette to follow when visiting public places?Cue CardDescribe a public place of your choice. Please say- What is this pace?- Where is it situated?- Why would you recommend others to visit it?Discussion- What do you do on the weekends?- Where do you think young people spend most of their time with family or friends?3. CÂU HỎI MÔN NÓI IELTS THÁNG 2 TẠI ÚCInterview- Can you tell me your full name?- Where are you from?- Can you tell me more about your country?- How is children’s first birthday celebrated in your country?- What are the important birthdays of a person?- How do you like to celebrate your birthday, with your family or friends?- Do you prefer to send letters or emails?Cue CardDescribe a wedding that you have attended. Please say- Whose wedding was it?- Where did it take place?- How was it celebrated?- How did you feel about the wedding?Discussion- What is the difference between big and small weddings?- How do people in your country give gifts to the newlyweds?- Do you have a certain register for wedding gifts?Cám ơn 3 bạn P,T and D đã gửi thông tin cho các bạn tham khảo.
  3. 3. 2. Dạng câu hỏi IELTS tại Việt Nam và ÚcTháng 02.2012Listening testSection 1. A conversation about booking a room.Section 2. Telephone inquiry about volunteer work.Questions: filling in blanks, multiple choice.Section 3. A conversation between two students about their project.Section 4. Facts about bee fly.Reading testPassage1. About a tour to honey bees farm.Passage 2. Photography.Passage 3. Salinity levels in Australia.Writing testTask 1There were two diagrams describing architectural plans for the town of Medwaybetween 2000 and 2015, when it will host an international sports competition.The first diagram was showing shoe and furniture factory and a garage. All of themwere located next the main road and wild grass was surrounding the area. Therewas also a railway nearby.The second diagram, after changes were made: the railway was replaced by thesubway. The main road was replaced by walkways leading directly to the swimmingpool, station and the rest of the facilities. All these were built where shoes andfurniture factory were located previously. The new flower gardens replaced wildgrass.
  4. 4. Task 2Countries should try to produce food for all their population needs locally andimport as little as possible. To what extent do you agree or disagree?Speaking testPart 1- What is your name?- Can I see your ID please?- Where is your hometown?- What is it famous for?- Do you like to travel?- Is it important for you to have holidays during the year?Part 2Talk about your best friend.Part 3– Do you think technology has influenced friendship in some way?Nếu có nhu cầu dịch thuật tiếng Trung Quốc , Hàn Quốc , Nhật Bản … sang tiếngViệt hoặc ngược lại, hãy liên hệ với Dịch thuật Perso, Công ty chúng tôi chuyên cungcấp dịch vụ dịch thuật đa ngôn ngữ , dịch thuật chất lượng trên toàn quốc.