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  • 1. Meditation Future of Man “ meditation ” Meditation is an effort to shift your consciousness from lower levels to the higher levels of mind. Consciousness must penetrate into stillhigher levels of the mind until the highest level is achieved.
  • 2. “ net-work of communication ” Through meditation, the net-work ofcommunication is established with the lowermind and the pilgrim can, at will, use bothparts of his mind to achieve balance : usingthe lower mind to contact the world ofconcrete values, problems, and needs of theworld.. And using the higher mind to shedlight, love, and beauty upon the lower worldto meet its problems. When the communication net-work iscompleted, the whole mental plane works asa unit.
  • 3. “ meditation helps to unify the mind ” Meditation helps to unify the mind and to build the communication net- work so that later, when the human should penetrate into the Spiritual Triad, it can use the mental mechanism for its creative work. Those who penetrate into the abstract levels of mind demonstrate pure idealism while manifesting practically in all their relationships and services. The world of values and the world of practical concrete forms become one world. This is why such people are true leaders.
  • 4. “ ray energies ” It is important to know that thecommunication net-work builtbetween the mental levels is not onekind of net-work. This net-workgenerally is built with mentalsubstance, but in that mentalsubstance there can exist strands ofvarying Ray Energies: First Ray,Second Ray, Third Ray, and so on.As the net-work approachescompletion, it becomes a Rainbowwith the energies of all Seven Rays.The perfected Rain bow is atransmitter of Ray Energies andrelated Zodiacal energies. Howpowerful and abundantly creative isthe person whose Rainbow iscomplete !
  • 5. “ foundation for the rainbow ” Meditation lays the foundation forthe building of the Rainbow andcarries on its construction tocompletion. The deeper, the morepersistent is your meditation, themore soundly your Rainbow is built. Communication lines increaseyear after year, life after life, until themental plane, as a unified field ofenergy, turns unto a central station ofcontact.
  • 6. The mental body has manyspecialized centers which performvarious jobs, such as receiving,assimilating, and translating the trafficof impressions coming from higher orlower realms. These specializedcenters are related to specific neuronswhich act like programmed diskettes.The capacity of the ‘ diskette ’determines the creative manifestationof the mental currents. Meditation not only buildsspecialized centers in the mental body,nut it also builds and programsspecialized groups of neurons or ‘diskettes ’ in the brain. The moreevolved is the brain, the greater is itscapacity too manifest accuratelyhigher currents coming from mentalcenters.
  • 7. “ a healthy future for man ” Meditation, which helps the brain organize and fuse closer to the mental body, actually prepares a healthy future for man. Because it is the brain that manages the health of the body, the more organized the mind of man is, the greater is his probability of survival.
  • 8. The brain is an independent organin the sense that it continues to work,even if the mental body is suspended.The reason for this is that certain inneurons are like automatic record /play –back machines. But the task ofmeditation is not only to bring the brainunder the full control of the human soulvia the mental body, but is also toerase certain ‘diskettes ’ which containprograms inherited from millions ofyears of living in the human or animalkingdoms.
  • 9. “ buildings the rainbow bridge ” Meditation, in building theRainbow Bridge between the body,emotions, mental body, and SpiritualTriad, gives man an opportunity toobring forth recordings stored in deeperand higher sources which can changethe contents of genes and DNA. Thischange is caused by energy currents,visualization, and creativeimagination.
  • 10. “ revitalizing the neurons and genes ” It will one day be possible toform a body which will live as long asone wants by revitalizing the cells,neurons, genes, and DNA withadvanced meditation ! Meditation of this caliber evenattacks viruses, microbes, and germswith the laser of the human soul.
  • 11. The future of humanity does not existsin medicine or in physics bust in meditation,using visualization, creative imagination,and, in higher cases, through directcommand, to create, to heal or to destroy. Through meditation a person canintroduce benefit changes in his genes andDNA by contacting their prototypes.. Thepermanent atoms in the etheric, astral, andmental bodies.
  • 12. The future of humanity does not existsin medicine or in physics but inmeditation, using visualization, creativeimagination, and, in higher cases,through direct command, to create, toheal or to destroy. Through meditation a person canintroduce beneficent changes in hisgenes and DNA by contacting theirprototypes.. The permanent atoms in theetheric, astral, and mental bodies.
  • 13. A human soul advances, likeany cell or neuron, throughspecializing himself so that he issuitable for greater and greaterlabor The process of specializationis carried on throughmeditation. Through meditation,specialized cells and neuronsare trained and drawn to theirright locations. Through meditation, thehuman soul is specialized anddrawn to the location where itwill be of greatest service.
  • 14. “ begin to live consciously ” The promotion of a cell orneuron is controlled by theprogramming impressed upon thehuman soul. This programmingcontinues until the person beings tolive consciously as a self-conscioussoul using his mechanism as aseparate unit. From this momentonward, the specialization processof his cells, neurons, and atomscomes under the conscious controlof the human soul throughmeditation.
  • 15. “ graduation ” Through meditation.. The loweratoms, cells, and neurons graduate,take initiations, and serve in greatercapacity in the whole mechanism. This is what we call theprocess of transmutation,transformation, and transfigurationas far as the personality isconcerned. After that, the process ofresurrection begins to penetrate intointuitional, atmic , and monadiclevels and build the subtlemechanism through which thehuman soul contacts a greateruniverse.
  • 16. Medicine, ingeneral, is centeredaround chemistry anddiet. But ideas, dreams,visions, hope, courage ,daring, and heroism arealso foods which createvery special chemicalsin our system !Meditation increases apro- survival chemistryin our system !
  • 17. “ Space medicine ” Space medicine is becoming a reality. Through meditation, the human soul absorbs elements in space which are not composed of matter but are composed of mental or intuitional substances. By absorbing such elements through meditation, the human soul creates chemical compounds in the body which help the body survive in unbelievable conditions.
  • 18. “ learn to meditate ” It is important for people to learn too meditate and enrich their spheres with good thoughts, good emotions, and joy if they want to live a happier life. All of this is possible through the science of meditation.