EcoMarine Propulsion Systems - An Overview


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EcoMarine Propulsion Systems - An Overview

  1. 1. EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corporation258 Main Street Suite 401Milford, MA 01757 422-9366
  2. 2. The EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corporate Team The Force behind Marine Electric Propulsion EcoMarine Propulsion Systems is a joint venture comprised of three world-class businesses whose complementary expertise is the force behind marine electric propulsion and a pioneer for the application of alternative green power sources for the tug/barge marketplace and beyond worldwide. Offering an affordable electric propulsion drive that offers fuel savings, reduced emissions, lower maintenance costs, simplicity of operation and improved vessel environment with regard to noise and onboard sound level reductions. Ocean Tug/Barge Engineering has either directly designed, or been a fully participating engineering partner, for 38 operational AT/B’s in the US market over the span of a quarter century. They have engaged in six new build projects in the US as of 2006, and one overseas. The firm has also now entered the international marketplace, with units under design for service in the Far East, and Eastern Europe, and is pioneering the application of alternative "green" power sources for the tug/barge marketplace worldwide. The firm has also expanded its product range with the introduction of new, high technology harbor and offshore tug designs. Industrial Power Systems, Inc. designs and builds quality electrical controls, switchboards and switchgear. Formed in 1981, they have designed and built over 10,000 control panels covering a broad electrical spectrum. Their strength is in complex and innovative applications, especially where custom design and engineering is a requirement. The company has vast experience in marine switchboards and controls and has built to ABS and USCG specifications for cruise ships, casino boats, workboats, tankers, tugs, barges, dredges, riverboats, ferries, pleasure craft and military vessels. Comprehensive Power, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance permanent magnet motors, generators, controls and drives. Based in Marlboro, Massachusetts, the company is an enabling supplier and partner of leading firms in the mobile power, distributed power and renewable energy sectors, helping them produce dynamic energy solutions. Comprehensive Power has supplied power conversion equipment for submarines, self propelled acoustic targets, robots, vehicles, wind turbines, drill rigs, transport systems and industrial equipment manufacturers for over eleven years. Page 2 EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp 10/6/2012
  3. 3. EcoMarine Propulsion PowerRing™ Overview Page 3 EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp 10/6/2012
  4. 4. PowerRing™ Components(4) CAT C32 Marine Diesel Engine (4) TeraTorq® 2635 Generator TCM Load (4) Generator Breaker / Demand Rectifier Cabinet 72”H x Control 36”W x 32”D w/4 TIM-270 modules DC Bus Tie Switch To Existing Switchboard Bridge Control In and Distribution (2) Motor Breaker / Inverter Cabinet 72”H x 48”W x 32”D Space or with 8 TIM-270 spare or modules braking resistors (1) Inverter/Rectifier Shaft speed and direction control Supplies ship service 72”H x 18”W x 32”D Aux Generator/Shore Power in (2) TeraTorq® 39120 Motor Page 4 EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp 10/6/2012
  5. 5. PowerRing™ Benefits Reduced Downtime and Maintenance Reduced Fuel Consumption Reduced Emissions Reduced Noise Reduced Weight and Smaller Footprint Redundancy & Backup Increased Safety Remote Monitoring of Key Systems Flexible Arrangement Completely Warrantied Page 5 EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp 10/6/2012
  6. 6. Vessel Design & Operational Benefits A DC Main Bus Means Reduced Electromagnetic Emissions/Harmonics  Great benefit in running wiring for the system and results in fewer issues for onboard electronics. Less Complexity In Operation  There is no need for complex generator control/switchgear or complicated generator AC synchronizing equipment.  Generator phase differences and frequency differences are not an issue.  No separate field excitation generator needed and thus no excitation-related failures.  Power management is simplified vs. conventional D/e drives. Inherent Redundancy and Safety  Drive Electronics units can be redeployed within the Voltage from TeraTorq® Inverter Modules (TIMs) system, by anyone, in an emergency. into a motor. High frequency “noise” is contained  Fault currents are quickly and electronically by phase inductors. eliminated, reducing arc flash hazards. Page 6 EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp 10/6/2012
  7. 7. Vessel Design & Operational Benefits Small and Lightweight Drive Package  PowerRing components are more compact and lighter than conventional AC or other DC drive systems.  Reduced sizes for new vessel machinery and ease of refit into existing vessel designs. Simplicity of Troubleshooting & Repair  Interchangeable drive line components.  Drive components can safely be handled by individuals and small work crews.  Unit exchange with the factory allows for a quick and cost-effective turnaround for replacement of many drive line items.  Worldwide service for the propulsion system is planned. The TD800 rack shown is 800mm wide and holds up to 12 TIMs Page 7 EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp 10/6/2012
  8. 8. Vessel Design & Operational Benefits Fuel Monitoring and Management  The system accommodates a fuel management system (FMS) to monitor fuel use in both real-time and trend line formats.  FMS can be configured to interface with GPS to provide matching speed, location, power and fuel use information. Wheelhouse Configuration  The wheelhouse displays and controls can be customized for the particular vessel and service.  Integrated bridge controls are available. Direct drive means no reverse reduction gear nor associated maintenance. ABS  The system will be delivered with full ABS certification.  ABS Certificate of Product Design (TIM-270,TFM-521) Example FMS screen. awarded 7/12/12. Total Ship System Approach  Single-source, warrantied, full vessel electrical solution, including ship service switchboards and distribution panels. Page 8 EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp 10/6/2012
  9. 9. Vessel Propulsion & Operational Benefits Engines can be taken off-line, reducing wear and maintenance. Engines can operate at varying speeds; there is no need to synchronize system components. Propellers can turn slowly (at full rated torque, forward or reverse) with no clutches. Interfaces with Z-drives and controls, reduction gears, VSP units, CP propeller systems, and bow thrusters. Power module failure in a drive electronics component yields proportional loss of capacity, not a complete propulsion line power failure. Engine failure still permits balanced thrust from CAT® C32 both propellers. 6 millisecond response to prop jamming reduces impact damage and enables jam clearing.  Faster shaft reversing time provides faster stops as well as better maneuverability. Page 9 EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp 10/6/2012
  10. 10. Remote Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance System status is continuously logged locally and can be viewed over the internet  Mode, power, status information  Voltages, speeds , currents, temperatures  Battery health (in hybrid systems)  Fault reporting and identification Remote support personnel can spot many problems before they interfere with operation Example web monitoring system.  Can help work through any unusual situation Page 10 EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp 10/6/2012
  11. 11. PowerRing™ BenefitsSystem is “future-proof” due to the ability to easilyadopt to new technologies and control them from theDC bus. Page 11 EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp 10/6/2012
  12. 12. PowerRing™ Systems are built upon TeraTorq® ComponentsModular, configurable systems, with industryleading performance, built upon a provenPermanent Magnet (PM) architecture Page 12 EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp 10/6/2012
  13. 13. TeraTorq® Motors and Generators  Designed for use on oil rigs and other harsh environments – rugged, sealed, and highly shock tolerant  Optional hollow shaft facilitates compact coaxial deployment  Propriety design provides as much as 5X reductions in size and weight compared to other motors and generators  Direct liquid cooling eliminates the need for a dedicated heat exchanger and blower  Scalable platform design with dozens of different motor and power sizes, up to 20,000 Hp, up to 214,400 ft-lbTeraTorq® motors have been deployed in subsea applications for military use since 2003, and on drill rigssince 2004. A TeraTorq® generator is being used subsea as part of the first US grid connected ocean tidalgeneration system announced in September 2012, and TeraTorq® generators were used on related subseaprototype projects since 2010.TeraTorq® motors and generators have logged more than 4,000,000 hours of rugged field use. Page 13 EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp 10/6/2012
  14. 14. Variable Speed Generator (VSG) Operation Reduce fuel consumption Reduce emissions Reduce noise Reduce engine wear and engine maintenance requirements Increased engine life CAT® C32 engine with a TeraTorq® generatorVSG can be utilized in Diesel Electric, Hybrid Diesel Electric, and Dual Fuel configurations Page 14 EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp 10/6/2012
  15. 15. Example - CAT® 3512 engine with a Conventional Generator (top) and a 3512 with a TeraTorq® generator Space savings of 4’ 37/8” (or a reduction in length of 26.3%) Weight reduction approximately 6,150lb (4,100lb vs. approximately 10,250lb) EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp Page 15 10/6/2012
  16. 16. Example CAT® C32 engine with a Conventional Generator (top) and a C32 with a TeraTorq® generator Space savings of 4’ 111/2” (or a reduction in length of 35.2%) Weight reduction approximately 7,800lb (1,200lb vs. approximately 9,000lb) EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp Page 16 10/6/2012
  17. 17. Variable Speed Generator (VSG) Operation VSG operation can typically reduce fuel usage by 5% - 15% for a boat. There are extreme examples where VSG has reduced fuel consumption by 40%. • Preliminary estimated savings can be provided as part of our proposal based on predicted operation of a vessel. • Detailed fuel consumption analysis, based on predicted operational parameters and known equipment selections, is available for a fee, either pre- or post-sale. Page 17 EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp 10/6/2012
  18. 18. Variable Speed Generator (VSG) OperationWhile operating efficiently, thePowerRing™ control system canprovide preset modes of operationto suit your needs and simplifybridge operation, such as - FULL POWER HIGH CRUISE LOW CRUISE LOITERING Page 18 EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp 10/6/2012
  19. 19. TeraTorq® Liquid Cooled InverterModules (TIMs) Power Conversion, Motor Drive and Control TIM-270 modules are:  Small - 9” x 9” x 24” deep  Powerful - 200 KW, 600 VAC, 900 VDC, 250 HP  Flexible - AC/DC, DC/AC, and DC/DC functionality  Smart and aware – any module can be replaced without requiring an electrician – modules are self-configuring.  Resilient – parallel, load-balancing by design  Modular – Up to 64 TIMs can be networked for a specific function  Communicative -  CAN bus communication between TIM modules  RS485 network communication, control, data logging TFM-521 Expandable frame system  Each holds up to 4 TIMs; multiple TFMS are typically housed in the same cabinet  All module connections are blind-mate quick-disconnect for safe and foolproof support Page 19 EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp 10/6/2012
  20. 20. TeraTorq® Frame Module (TFM),TD800 Modular Drive SystemTFM-521  Racks hold up to 4 TIMs  All module connections are blind mate quick disconnect for safe and foolproof support An 800 mm wide TD800 A TFM holds 1, 2, 3, or 4 TIMs rack holds 1, 2 or 3 TFMs Page 20 EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp 10/6/2012
  21. 21. TD800 Modular Drive SystemThe image on the rightfeatures 3 TD800 racks –The left and right racksare each housing 3 TFMs(and a total of 12 TIMseach).The middle rack has only1 TFM (and a total of 4TIMs). EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp Page 21 10/6/2012
  22. 22. TeraTorq® Control Module (TCM)TCMs  control the operation of TIMs and TeraTorq® motors  communicate via Modbus TCP protocol Page 22 EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp 10/6/2012
  23. 23. Battery Cell Voltage Manager  A circuit board is mounted on each 2V battery cell  Monitors cell voltage  Monitors cell temperature  Shifts charge from cell to cell to balance SOC  Circuit boards are connected from cell to cell in daisy chain  Jumpers are short and see only 2 volts  Minimizes danger of high voltage wiring  Data is passed from module to module by “Bucket Brigade”  Central controller coordinates actions  Gather, analyze, record, report data  Identify strong and weak cells  Issue commands for charge balancing  Flag cells needing maintenance Page 23 EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp 10/6/2012
  24. 24. Battery Life Basics Long strings of batteries have historically poor deep cycle life  12 volt battery is good for ~300 cycles  300 volt strings in electric vehicles lasted <50 cycles Problem is in maintaining equal State-of- Charge (SOC) on all cells  Strong get stronger and weak get weaker  Strong cells overcharge  Weak cells short out  Passive equalization can be a very long process for 700 volt strings Active equalization levels the playing field  Robs the rich and gives to the poor  Extends cycle life to > 700 cycles Problem has been complexity of implementation and safety of low voltage control circuitry in high voltage strings Page 24 EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp 10/6/2012
  25. 25. Battery Management Test - Ongoing  Battery Life demonstration system placed in service in Houston in June 2008  Initial tests were for system characterization  Shallow discharge cycles  Equalization  Medium discharge cycles  Equalization  Deep discharge cycles  Next tests implemented continuous equalization and endurance discharge testing  System has been moved to our plant for continued testing  Incredibly fewer cell failures than occur with conventional management methods. Page 25 EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp 10/6/2012
  26. 26. High Power/High Safety Battery Page 26 EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp 10/6/2012
  27. 27. EcoMarine PropulsionBob Hill, Founder and V.P. Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering(508) 422-9366rhill@ecomarinepropulsion.comGlenn Beaupre, President(508)-422-9366904-325-5565 (m)gbeaupre@ecomarinepropulsion.comFrank Jones, CTOfjones@ecomarinepropulsion.comJeff Sable, Director Sales and Marketing(508) 422-9366(508) 259-2989 (m) Page 27 EcoMarine Propulsion Systems Corp 10/6/2012