Chhattisgarh State Level Quiz - 2013 School Prelims


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  • Hint: Ramayan, Hanuman
  • Chhattisgarh State Level Quiz - 2013 School Prelims

    1. 1. Chhattisgarh State Level Quiz ‘13 IIM RAIPUR October 2nd, 2013 School Prelims
    2. 2. • Teams of Two Members each, both from the same institute. • Filling in complete team details in the answer sheet is mandatory. • No electronic/other material is allowed to be used during the conduct of the quiz. • The quiz shall have in-built tie-breakers within the set of questions (Qns 16-20). • The top six teams shall make it to the final round. • Regarding any disputes, the discretion of the Quizmaster is final. RULES
    3. 3. • Who was the first non-American to be named Time Magazine's Man of the Year? 1
    4. 4. • The name of the Indian state X literally means "land of the hill people”. • It became a state in 1987. • It has the second highest literacy rate in India, second only to Kerala. What is X? 2
    5. 5. • Meaning freedom and made famous as part of a powerful slogan during the Indian independence struggle, which word was also the original first name of Amitabh Bachchan? 3
    6. 6. • When Potti Sriramulu (in the pic) undertook a fast-unto-death for the creation of a separate Andhra state, which city did he demand be made the capital of the Andhra state? 4
    7. 7. • In the Mahabharata, where does the 18-day war between Bhishma and Parashurama occur? 5
    8. 8. • Upon which politician’s life is this movie based upon? 6
    9. 9. • Which Indian footballer is nicknamed as the Sikkimese Sniper? 7
    10. 10. • What is the major language of Pakistan, accounting for being the lingua franca of over 45% of the population? 8
    11. 11. • Of all the Bharat Ratna awardees in history, only two have been non-Indians. One of them is Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan, known as Pride of Afghans. Who is the other one? 9
    12. 12. • X is an Indian Quiz contest that began on April 12, 1972. • In 1992, it became a television show and continued for almost a decade on Zee TV and Sony TV. • The most recent edition started earlier this year in August on Colors TV, hosted by Derek O’Brien. What is X? 10
    13. 13. • Name the creator of the new symbol of the Indian rupee (in the pic) 11
    14. 14. • Which is the first state in India to pass a Food Security Act in December 2012? 12
    15. 15. • What was Satyajit Ray’s first film, which was the first movie in the Apu Trilogy, and which won multiple National and international awards? 13
    16. 16. • What is the current name of the Raipur airport, earlier known as Mana airport? 14
    17. 17. • Identify, and how is he connected to the state of Chhattisgarh? 15
    18. 18. • If mortals wash away their sins in the River Ganga, in Hindu mythology, where does Ganga in the guise of a black cow- wash away those sins? *16
    19. 19. • Selaginella bryopteris is a lithophytic plant with medicinal properties. grows on the hills of tropical areas, particularly the Arawali Mountain terrains from east to west in India. The dry plants have traditionally been used as a remedy for several human health complications for centuries in India, particularly by tribal peoples. • How do we know it better? *17
    20. 20. • What are these? *18
    21. 21. • X was first created in India in the 1940s as Band Gale Ka Coat (Closed Neck Coat). • It was popularized by many including Beatles and was worn by famous people such as Johnny Carson etc. • It was listed on TIME’s ‘Global Political Fashion List’ in 2012. What is X? *19
    22. 22. • Which sporting tournament has the following logo? *20
    23. 23. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!