A-Z on India - Republic Day Quiz 26-01-2013


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A-Z on India - Republic Day Quiz 26-01-2013

  2. 2. RULES• Teams of two people each.• As usual, google/bing should not be one of them.• Regarding any disputes, the QM’s discretion is final.
  3. 3. ROUND 1• Consists of 6 Questions• Answer for each question is related to the subsequentquestion.
  4. 4. Naushad Ali (in the pic) was one of the foremost musicdirectors for Bollywood films, and is particularly known forpopularizing the use of classical music in films. He’s veryfamous for rechristening of a very famous person.Which famous personality A owes his name to this person?
  5. 5. • Connect to B.
  6. 6. The name of the island C, comes from a word in thelanguage of Kolis, the indigenous inhabitants of the islands,before the arrival of Portuguese.The island, which further consisted of two smaller islands,was one of the Seven islands of B ruled by the Portuguese.The group of islands was given by Portugal to Charles II ofEngland as dowry when he married Catherine of Braganza.One of the prominent visitor attractions of the C, is the TajMahal Palace.
  7. 7. The Gateway of India located near C, was builtto commemorate the visit of King George Vand Queen Mary to Mumbai prior tothe D, which was held in December 1911 to:– proclaim them Emperor and Empress of India– announce the move of Indias capital from Calcutta.
  8. 8. The first D was held beginning on 1 January 1877to designate the coronation and proclaim QueenVictoria as Empress of India.It was largely an official event and not a popularoccasion with mass appeal like that of 1903 and1911.This was the culmination of transfer of control ofmuch of India from E to The Crown.
  9. 9. The E purchased a piece of coastal land,originally called Channapatnam; where theybegan the construction of F. It was completed on23 April 1644, and was the first British fortressin India.F currently serves as the administrativeheadquarters for the legislativeassembly of Tamil Nadu.
  10. 10. ROUND 2• Each Question is independent of one another.
  11. 11. The animal G is native to the Indian subcontinent,which is listed as Critically Endangered by IUCN.The bulbous growth on the tip of the males snout iscalled a ghara (after the Indian/Nepali word ghaṛā - pot), and is present in mature individuals.The ghara is used to generate a resonant hum duringvocalization. It acts as a visual lure for attractingfemales and it is also used to make bubbles which havebeen associated with the mating rituals of the species.
  12. 12. The origin of the H is in India or Persia, as per differentsources.According to one source, H was invented in India in the courtof the Mughal emperor Akbar by Hakim Abul Fateh Gilani,who became a physician in the Mughal court after he camefrom Iran to India. Gilani introduced H after Asad Beg, thenambassador of Bijapur, encouraged Akbar to take upsmoking.Following popularity among noblemen, this H became astatus symbol for the Indian aristocracy and gentry.
  13. 13. In the last quarter of 1906, Madras was hit by theworst financial crisis the city was ever to suffer. EvenArbuthnot & Co, the citys strongest commercialorganization in the 19th Century failed miserably.A key figure in its bankruptcy case was the lawyer, V.Krishnaswamy Iyer; who went on to organize a groupof Chettiars that founded I.I commenced operations on 15 August 1907 with itshead office in Parrys Building, Parry Corner, Madras.
  14. 14. During an accidental meeting between J and SwamiVivekananda on a ship in 1893 when they had travelled togetherfrom Yokohama, the latter had inspired J to set up a research andeducational institution.Few years later, the Swami received a letter from J, requesting himto head the institution that he had set up in 1909.But, the Swami declined the offer saying that it conflicted with hisspiritual interests.(Extra points for naming the institution)
  15. 15. The city of Kasur is located adjacent to the borderof Ganda Singh Wala between Pakistan andIndia, and is a tourist attraction because of thedaily occurring Flags lowering ceremony.Kasur district is surrounded at northby Lahore, at east and south by India.Which character K in Hindu mythology is relatedto this city?
  16. 16. The Zamindari System was introduced by theMughals in India and continued during Britishrule of India. The Zamindar raised L armies toforcefully collect taxes from people.The British introduced L as a formal weapon usedin case of unruly public protests. This gave birthto the ___, a military-style rush.L is used as a secondary weapon.
  17. 17. M was a very famous Indian cartoonist based inthe Indian state of Goa.His creations, such as Miss Nimbupani and MissFonseca, appeared on a regular basisin Femina, Economic Times, and The Illustrated Weeklyof India.He was awarded the Padma Shri in 1988, the PadmaBhushan in 2002 and a posthumous PadmaVibhushan in 2012.
  18. 18. N was elected chairman of the HinduUniversity of America (HUA) in the year 2007.HUA was started in the year 1989 in Florida,USA and has been offering various programsrelated to Vedic studies. The University is nowknown as International Vedic HinduUniversity since N took over.
  19. 19. On 14 August 2004, Global Trust BankLimited, a leading private sector bank in Indiathat was associated with various financialdiscrepancies was amalgamated into O, oneof the public sector banks in India.
  20. 20. • In the Indian tradition, P is a nītiśāstra. Nīti can be roughly translated as "the wise conduct of life“ and a śāstra is a technical or scientific treatise; thus P is considered a treatise on political science and human conduct. Its literary sources are "the expert tradition of political science and the folk and literary traditions of storytelling".• Parts of P are: Mitra-bheda, Mitra-lābha or Mitra- samprāpti, Kākolūkīyam, Labdhapraṇāśam and Aparīkṣitakārakaṃ.
  21. 21. Bollywood actor and director Dev Anand wanted to shoot thesong Dil Ka Bhanwar Kare Pukar from his movie Tere Ghar KeSamne inside .QHowever, the cameras in that era were too big to fit inside thenarrow passage inside, and the song was shot inside a replica ofthe tower instead.The site served as the pitstop of leg 2 on the second season of TheAmazing Race Australia, the Australian version of the Emmy-winning series The Amazing Race.This is the first Indian monument to have E-ticket facility.
  22. 22. On his first cricket tour abroad to England in1986, R was involved in the unique incident of 12players on the field for one full over bowled byRavi Shastri.In the second test against England at Leeds, whenas a substitute to K. Srikkanth, he remained onthe field for an over though Srikkanth had alreadyarrived on the field quietly, without requesting Rto go back to the pavilion.
  23. 23. D-Company is a popular name for the criminal organizationheaded by mafioso ___. Several members of the gang areon the "wanted list" of Interpol and Indian police.Among the most prominent of ___’s lieutenants were afeared duo - Maya Dolas and Dilip Buwa. They were gunneddown by the Mumbai police in a very well-known incident.Connect this incident to a movie . S(Extra points for filling in the blank.)
  24. 24. T are believed to be the worlds second oldestrock mountains. The meaning of T translatesinto Holy mountains in Tamil language.
  25. 25. The U was founded by a Scotsman, ThomasLeishman, in 1857. It took its initial lessons inmanufacturing from a South India based company.It made its initial impact by manufacturing its productin bulk for the British troops, which was transported inhuge barrels or "Hogsheads“.The Pegasus, which is the symbol of the U, first foundits place as the Group logo in 1940.
  26. 26. V is best known for the Bhoo-dan movement (Bhoo-Land,Dan-Gift).He is considered as a National Teacher of India and thespiritual successor of Mahatma Gandhi.In 1958, V was the first recipient of theinternational Ramon Magsaysay Award, which is oftenconsidered Asias Nobel Prize for Community Leadership.He was awarded the Bharat Ratna posthumously in 1983.
  27. 27. Connect the following to W
  28. 28. In July 2002, during a troubled period for Xafter allegations of accounting irregularities bythe U.S. Securities and ExchangeCommission, X disclosed that its Indiansubsidiary had made "improper payments" togovernment officials and fictitious firms.In May 2005 it was reported that action wouldbe taken against the company X.
  29. 29. The portal Y began as BigShoeBazaar.com, has aregistered user base of about 1.5 million people,of whom about half a million have transacted onthe site.In May 2012, Y declared that they’re introducing"try and buy" where the shoppers can actuallytry the clothes and shoes they buy on the portalwhen it is delivered to them and return it if theyare not satisfied.
  30. 30. Aryabhata stated that "sthānāt sthānaṁdaśaguņaṁ syāt“, which is the origin of themodern decimal-based place value notation.He based this statement on the variousliterary references to Z, what eez it?