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Sports quiz finals
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Sports quiz finals


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quiz finals …

quiz finals
09th Nov 2010

Published in: Sports, Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. Credits: P.K and Nishanth
  • 2.  8 questions. Clockwise!  +10 on direct and pass.
  • 3.  X: I'm cleaning the Champions League trophy with a Tottenham shirt. Y:Thanks for cleaning it up for me. I'm already creating space in my cup cabinet. X:We're gonna give you a football lesson in London. Y: I met your defence in Milan, it didn't look good. It was like cheese with holes in it. X:I found a good goalkeeper on eBay. Shall I send you the link? Y:We don't need him, you won't come into our penalty area Football banter on twitter! Id X and Y.
  • 4.  X: Wesley Sneijder  Y: Rafael van der Vaart
  • 5.  X is a MLB shortstop who has played his entire career for the Yankees. He had a well-publicized relationship with pop diva Mariah Carey from 1997 to 1998. X also dated former Miss Universe Lara Dutta. From November 2006 to January 2007, X was romantically involved with actress Jessica Biel. X is one of only three athletes to have their own Jumpman shoe and has replaced Thierry Henry in the American market for Gillette Fusion commercials along with Tiger Woods and Roger Federer. He has appeared on television in Seinfeld and as a host on Saturday Night Live. There is a wax figure of X at the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in New York.
  • 6.  If Ewa Klobukowska was the first Olympic athlete on this list, who is the latest high profile athlete to have somewhat joined the list?  Hint : Stella Walsh
  • 7.  Ewa Klobukowska was of course the first athlete to fail a gender test!
  • 8.  X has been interested in music all his life. When he found the time in his busy racing career, he often grabbed his guitar and played just for fun. At the end of the 1999 season, X set up a band called The Conrods. It all started when he was at school. He formed with some friends the punkband "Sex, Hitler and the Hormones". Later he played a few times with ex-Beatle George Harrison. Joe Elliot, singer of the rockband Def Leppard, met X when they we're about to record their new album Euphoria and asked him to play along in one of the songs. The opening track of the album, Demolition Man, X plays a guitar solo 10 seconds long.
  • 9.  He was the Junior National champion in Diving for 6 years in a row from the age of 11.He also got a bronze medal at the lone National Games, in which, he participated. He rightfully claims to have been among the top 3 divers in the country until he retired at the ripe age of 19. He played lot of first division club cricket for the Calcutta Cricket and Football Club and when he was in Hyderabad, he played for the Vazir Sultan Tobacco which was in the A-division of Hyderabad Cricket Leagues. He embarked on a new career altogether during the 9th Asian games in 1982. His career took off from the Commonwealth Games in ’82. Today he is one of the most recognized personalities in his field. Who?
  • 10.  X differs from other team sports in that it is a mixed-gender game: a team consists of four men and four women. X is played either indoors or outdoors on a court divided into two halves called zones. In each zone there is a post (3.5 m, shorter for the young) with a basket at the top. It was a demonstration sport during the Olympic Games of 1920 and 1928. Identify X.
  • 11.  Laid out for the race by Paul Nicholls, who also won the BGC Partners Liverpool Hurdle with Big Buck's, What A Friend beat the game Carruthers by three-and-a-quarter lengths. X, who shares What A Friend with Jed Mason, said: "It's great to win any race, but to win a big one is special. We'll aim for the Gold Cup next year when he will be stronger and more mature. "We had the opportunity to go for it this year, but Paul was right. You could see what effect the hard race had on Imperial Commander. It doesn't compensate for last night, but racing's a great release. It gets me away from the grind of my job.“ X?
  • 12. X Boutique was a reality television show on ITV2 in which two teams of X ran two rival fashion boutiques over a three month period. Ten X are split into two teams, both of which will run neighbouring boutiques. The X will have to think of a boutique name, decorate the boutiques themselves and choose every single item of stock. They will run the boutiques themselves, with only the occasional word of advice from their mentors. Each week a manager for each boutique will be chosen and a challenge will be set. The manager will then have to select 2 of their X to leave the shop and complete the challenge. During the 3 months, the contestant X will be competing for their team's chosen charity all profit the boutiques make will go to the charity.
  • 13.  4 sets of 2 pictures each.  A common theme connects the pictures.  Points : +40/-20 on the first set +30/-15 on second set +20/-10 on third set +10 on fourth set
  • 14.  Sportspersons who have taken a for and against stance regarding the impact of sex on sporting performance!
  • 15.  8 questions. Anti-clockwise.  The usual.
  • 16.  What sport? At which tournament? Group A: Jamaica, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe Group B: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Canada, India Group C: Bangladesh, Barbados, Northern Ireland, South Africa Group D: Kenya, New Zealand, Pakistan, Scotland
  • 17.  Cricket at the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lampur when South Africa took gold and Australia won the silver medal.
  • 18.  Of the 53 Europeans countries which are recognised by UEFA, only one is not allowed to enter even a single team in the UEFA Champions League, including the qualification stages. Which country? What is the reason behind this?
  • 19.  Leichtenstein because they have only 7 teams in their league and the minimum requirement is 8!
  • 20.  X participated in 73 Formula One World Championship Grands Prix. He was killed in a light aircraft accident in early 1977, which occurred days after the 1977 South African Grand Prix.
  • 21.  The track which currently hosts the Brazilian Grand Prix annually now, as a tribute to him, bears his name, Autódromo José Carlos Pace.
  • 22.  X is best known for his system of rating chess players. X developed his own formula which had a sound statistical basis and constituted an improvement on the Harkness System. The new rating system was approved and passed at a meeting of the United States Chess Federation in St. Louis in 1960. In 1970, FIDE, the World Chess Federation, agreed to adopt the X Rating System.
  • 23.  Ian Thorpe and David Beckham have been models for Armani underwear.  Armani designed the suits for the Chelsea players and officials for the 2007-08 season.  Armani launched a new range called EA7 for Andiry Shevchenko who was the #7 in Milan.
  • 24.  Shown below is the statue of the five rams. What did it inspire?
  • 25.  Guangzhou, the host of the games is called "City of the Five Rams“.
  • 26.  Shown below is the insignia of an order of chivalry founded by Queen Victoria in 1861. Which organisation gets its coat of arms from this?
  • 27.  12 pictures  A common theme connects the pictures.  +2 for every correct ID. +16 maximizer.  Points for theme : +40 for the first set (1-3) +30 for the second set (4-6) +20 for the third set (7-9) +10 for the last set (10-12) No negatives for the theme but ONLY 2 guesses.
  • 28.  Sportspersons who have been convicted of crimes!
  • 29.  A-Z. 26 answers.  +2 for each answer.  Bonus points : 11-15 answers = +5 16-20 answers = +10 21-25 answers = +15 26 answers = + 26  78 points at stake!!
  • 30.  A is of mixed Chinese descent who has won the National Championships in a particular sport 13 times until 2010. A was linked with B (by the media) who fell from grace due to an infamous incident along with C. In 1997, C played for Ireland as an overseas player in the Benson and Hedges Cup and helped them to a 46-run win over Middlesex by scoring 94 not out and taking three wickets. C and D died in a similar fashion. The “D” award is given to a player who shows respect for the traditions of the game. It was first awarded to Byron Nelson, Arnold Palmer and E who’s nickname is “The Golden Bear”.
  • 31.  F shares his nickname with E. F had a chance to represent either G or H at a recent high profile tournament held in South Africa. H and I are owned by the same person. The parent company of I is J. K said “I feel like no player should wear 23. I'm starting a petition, and I've got to get everyone to sign it. Now, if I'm not going to wear No. 23, then nobody else should be able to wear it” as a show of respect to L (whose surname is J). K recently moved to another team amidst much controversy. M and N recently bought stake in the NFL team from the city of K’s present team. M and N have a total of 20 singles titles and 12 doubles titles together.
  • 32.  During the “Hit for Haiti” fund raiser match, O mocked N’s infamous meltdown saying “Did you really call a foot fault on me in a charity match?”. The “O” foundation is partly funded through the sale of blue wristbands inscribed "No Compromise", inspired by P’s yellow wristbands. P is friends with former US president, George W Bush. Bush apologised to the "Italian people" for the "unfortunate mistake" when a White House press briefing described Q as a "despised" leader. The club owned by Q have temporarily retired R’s jersey number and might restore it if either of R’s sons play professionally for the club.
  • 33.  R labeled the 2005 Champions League final as the worst moment of his career. S was eager to take over as manager of R’s opponents in that final but the job was given to T. S found himself causing controversy after commenting that the Muslim player U was lacking fitness and energy due to fasting during the month of Ramadan. U’s country was knocked out of the World Cup due to V’s controversial “save” which was reminiscent of a similar feat by W. W’s most famous critic played for a club in a famous city which has had players like Franz Beckenbauer and Carlos Alberto play for them.
  • 34.  The city boasts of arguably America’s greatest sporting franchisee X. Pitcher- turned-outfielder Y was the most talented of all the acquisitions from Z, and the outcome of the trade would haunt them for the next 86 years, a span in which the team did not win a single championship.  Phew!! Took exactly 2 hours 9 min to complete this round!!
  • 35.  A : Jwala Gutta O: Andy Roddick  B : Mohd Azharuddin P: Lance Armstrong  C: Hansie Cronje Q: Silvio Berlusconi  D: Payne Stewart R: Paolo Maldini  E: Jack Nicklaus S: Jose Mourinho  F: Cameron White T: Rafael Benitez  G: Victoria Bushrangers U: Sulley Muntari  H: RCB V: Luis Suarez  I: Force India W: Diego Maradona  J: Jordan X: New York Yankees  K: LeBron James Y: Babe Ruth  L: Michael Jordan Z: Boston Red Sox  M: Venus Williams  N: Serena Williams
  • 36. Thank You!