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General Quiz prelims



General Quiz prelim held on 12th Nov,2011 as a part of the Intra-College Quiz-Fest 2.0 at BMSCE,Bangalore....

General Quiz prelim held on 12th Nov,2011 as a part of the Intra-College Quiz-Fest 2.0 at BMSCE,Bangalore.

By - Sharath Babu, Madan Gopal, Vinay GC, Sachin Nayak
Assisted by - Akshath and Himadri



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General Quiz prelims General Quiz prelims Presentation Transcript

  • Rules• 30 questions• Questions 25-29 from a theme.• Switch off your cellphones• Fill in the necessary details on the sheet given.• No negatives. So take a shot at every question. ALL THE BEST
  • 1. Print ad for what?
  • 2. What phrase?• This phrase appears in Thomas Hobbes 1658 work De Homine, cap. x : “_________________, sed parva; quia scientia egregia rara est, nec proinde apparens nisi paucissimis, et in paucis rebus. Scientiae enim ea natura est, ut esse intelligi non possit, nisi ab illis qui sunt scientia praediti.• This was translated as "The sciences, are small power; because not eminent; and therefore, not acknowledged in any man; nor are at all, but in a few, and in them, but of a few things. For science is of that nature, as none can understand it to be, but such as in a good measure have attained it”
  • 3. What did this commission lead to ?
  • The Reserve Bank of india
  • 4. How do know vermilion in common culture?• Vermilion is the purified and powdered form of cinnabar, which is the chief form in which mercury sulfide naturally occurs. Sometimes red lead (lead tetroxide) is also added. Red lead is also toxic.• It is also made with turmeric and alum or lime, or from other herbal ingredients. Unlike red lead and vermilion, these are not poisonous. The turmeric is dried and powdered with a bit of slaked lime, which turns the rich yellow powder into a red color.
  • 5. FITB• Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara ________ Thiam
  • Akon
  • 6. Book about what?
  • 7. Who?• He takes his name from A Clark Gable Movie.• In Swahili His name Means : Passion.• His Den was based on “Dr. No’s” Hideout.• His Characterization also had hints of Hitler, as his minions “Hail” him …
  • Mogambo
  • 8. Id the guy with the hair.
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • 9. FITBOn a dark office evening, Then it lit up the quickbarSat down in my chair. And it showed me the way.Sharp smell of stale coffee There were pages begging for clean-up;Circling round in the air. I thought I heard them say:Suddenly on the webpage Welcome to the _______________There came a flickering light. Such a lovely placeMy head grew heavy, and my sight grew So much empty space dim; Plenty of work at the ______________I had to stop for the night. Any time of yearThere it was in the link list: You can find us here..."Edit page; youll do well“And I was thinking to myselfThis could be Heaven or this could be Hell!
  • Hotel Wikipedia
  • 10. Id this LOGO
  • BIAL
  • 11. Who?• ___________is current World No. 56 in the Golf rankings. (up-to-date till the week ending Oct. 30, 2011)
  • Tiger woods
  • 12. Id the TV show
  • 13. What am I talking about?!• It is an unfocused drawing made while a persons attention is otherwise occupied. They are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning or may just be abstract shapes. Stereotypical examples of these are found in school notebooks, often in the margins, drawn by students daydreaming or losing interest during class. Other common examples are produced during long telephone conversations if a pen and paper are available.
  • Doodle
  • 14. What?• A literal translation of this can be given as:• "May we attain that excellent glory of Savitar the god: So may he stimulate our prayers."• —The Hymns of the ________ (1896), Ralph T. H. Griffith
  • Gayatri Mantra
  • 15. Trailer of?
  • 16. What or who is being talked about?• Mahendra Mapugunaratne from Toronto coined the term and quickly and wittily framed it as: “Anyone for ______? Tastier than the best of sundaes..’. Although there are those closest to the man in question, who call it the “Starfish”, because ‘a starfish has no brain’.
  • Dilscoop
  • 17. Identify• This optical medium uses a laser of wavelength 405 nm, hence its name.
  • Blue Ray
  • 18. Connect
  • 19. What is being described?• Shot from the point-of-view of a presumed assassin, it features ________ walking, turning and then shooting directly at camera, causing blood to run down the screen.
  • James bond
  • 20. What are we talking about?• Created in 1974 by a designer fascinated with notions of space, it came into its own only in 1980 when the socialist government of that country permitted its export to the West. Since 2007, it has seen a bit of a resurgence, selling more that 15 million units, because, as one analyst says, “in troubled times, adults are looking for things that remind them of happier days”. YouTube features 38000 videos dedicated to this object, and an organisation called WCA brings enthusiasts together for international meets.
  • Rubik’s Cube
  • 21. Id
  • Sonia Gandhi
  • 22. Ad for?
  • 23. Id X• XS SCOTTISH HONOURS• St Mirren: Scottish First Division - 1976-77• Aberdeen:• Scottish Premier Division - 79-80, 83-84, 84-85;• FA Cup - 81-82, 82-83, 83-84, 85-86;• League Cup - 85-86;• Cup Winners Cup - 82-83; (beating Real Madrid)• Uefa Super Cup - 83
  • Sir Alex Ferguson
  • 24. Id the artists
  • Lady Gaga, Salim and Sulaiman Merchant
  • 25. FITB• Most of the _______ ______ that we can see are known as meteoroids. These are objects as small as a piece of sand, and as large as a boulder. Smaller than a piece of sand, and astronomers call them interplanetary dust. If they’re larger than a boulder, astronomers call them asteroids.• A meteoroid becomes a meteor when it strikes the atmosphere and leaves a bright tail behind it. The bright line that we see in the sky is caused by the ram pressure of the meteoroid. It’s not actually caused by friction, as most people think.
  • Shooting Stars
  • 26. Put funda.
  • Cigars
  • 27. They are often referred as?• Petroleum• Oil• Coal• Coffee• Pepper*• African slaves during the slave trade• Opium poppy• Compost• Human hair
  • 28. Connect
  • Moon
  • 29. Id the guy
  • 30. STAGE 2