General Quiz Prelims with answers


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General Quiz Prelims with answers

  1. 1. BMSCE QUIZ CLUB General Quiz presents
  2. 2. 1.Who is depicted in this Google Doodle?
  3. 3. Michael Jackson
  4. 4. 2. According to the BBC’s Pat Murphy: “My understanding is that it came from the mid- sixties and a guy called Graham Corling, who used to open the bowling for New South Wales and Australia. Apparently the suggestion was that this guy’s wife was having an affair with another team- mate, and when he came into bat [the fielding team] started singing When a Man Loves A Woman, the old Percy ______ number.” What are we talking about?
  5. 5. Sledging
  6. 6. X is a city car. It is a rebadged version of an old model of the Suzuki Alto. Over 2.5 million of these have been sold since its launch in 1984. The same car is sold in Pakistan as the Suzuki Mehran with a much older 1980s era Suzuki SS80 carburetor based engine. Which car are we talking about? 3.
  7. 7. Maruti 800
  8. 8. Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president said in a speech at a youth festival in Tehran, “Those who believe in this type of thing cannot be the leaders of the global nations that aspire, like Iran, to human perfection, basing themselves in the love of all sacred values”. He accused the West of using ‘him’ to spread "western propaganda and superstition” . “WHO”? 4.
  9. 9. Paul, the Octopus
  10. 10. 5. Which website?
  11. 11. Wikileaks
  12. 12. The origin of the "__" sign has been variously accounted for. Perhaps the most widely accepted explanation is that it is the result of the evolution of the Spanish and Mexican scribal abbreviation "ps" for pesos. This theory, derived from a study of late eighteenth and early nineteenth-century manuscripts, explains that the s gradually came to be written over the p developing a close equivalent to this sign. Which symbol? 6.
  13. 13. The dollar sign
  14. 14. 7. Which product’s tagline is “Thinnovation”?
  15. 15. Macbook Air
  16. 16. The use of X has been generally adopted in Christian worship as a concluding word for prayers and hymns and express strong agreements. Muslims use the word not only after reciting the first surah (Al Fatiha) of the Quran , but also when concluding a prayer or dua, with the same meaning as in Christianity. The Islamic use of the word is the same as the Jewish use of the word. Which word is being described here? 8.
  17. 17. Amen
  18. 18. In March 2006, he was rated the 11th richest man in the world. Everyone above him on the list was at least ten years older. He started his career by opening five companies from 1992-95. But most of his wealth came from buying companies cheap when Russia was privatizing its state run firms. He bought himself a majority stake in Sibneft, an oil company, and later merged smaller companies to form Rusal, the world’s second largest aluminium producer. In 1999, he was elected to his country’s parliament. He also bought the UK’s second most expensive car registration number – “VIP1” for a whopping £285,000. But to us, he’s known for something else altogether. Who’s he? 9.
  19. 19. Roman Abrahamovic
  20. 20. 10. This is the blurb (back cover) of a book. Id the author.
  21. 21. X's annual shareholders' meetings take place in the Qwest Center in Omaha, Nebraska & are routinely visited by 20,000 people. The 2007 meeting had an attendance of approximately 27,000. The meetings, nicknamed "Woodstock for Capitalists", are considered Omaha's largest annual event along with the baseball College World Series. Known for their humor and lightheartedness, the meetings typically start with a movie made for its shareholders. The 2004 movie featured Arnold Schwarzenegger in the role of "The Warrenator" who travels through time to stop X's President and Vice President from saving the world from a "mega" corporation formed by Microsoft-Starbucks-Wal-Mart. Schwarzenegger is later shown arguing in a gym with It's President regarding Proposition 13. Id X and its founder. 11.
  22. 22. X-Berkshire Hathaway Founder-Warren Buffet
  23. 23. The Akatsuka Award for most humorous  The Dengeki Grand Prix for best one-shot  The Kodansha Award (multiple genre awards)  The Seiun Award for best science fiction of the year  The Shogakukan Award (multiple genres)  The Tezuka Award for best new serial  The Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize (multiple genres) Awards presented for what? *12.
  24. 24. Manga awards
  25. 25. The ad featured the controversial tagline: "I'm good. I'm tempting. I'm too good to share. What am I? ________ or Kashmir?“ Name the company or the product. *14.
  26. 26. Temptations from Cadbury
  27. 27. She was born in Bamberg, South Carolina on January 20, 1972. She was born and raised as a Sikh. She converted to her husband’s faith, Methodism, right before they were married. On September 6, 1996 she married Michael _____ in both a Methodist church ceremony and a Sikh gurudwara. She identifies herself today as a Christian, but also attends both Sikh and Methodist services out of respect for her parents' culture. She sits on the board for Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church. Who and why is she in the news recently? 15.
  28. 28. Nikki Haley/Namrata Randhawa 1st Lady Governor in the US of Indian origin
  29. 29. Which present day mascot did this guy become? *16.
  30. 30. Ronald McDonald
  31. 31. The name ____ ______ comes from the cheap paper on which the magazines were printed. Magazines printed on better paper were called ‘glossies’ or ‘slicks’. In their first decades, they were most often priced at ten cents per magazine, while competing slicks were 25 cents apiece. They were the successor to the penny dreadfuls, dime novels, and short fiction magazines of the nineteenth century. Although many respected writers wrote for ____, the magazines are best remembered for their lurid and exploitative stories and sensational cover art. Fill up! 17.
  32. 32. Pulp Fiction
  33. 33. 18. Put Funda.
  34. 34. R.K.Laxman’s cartoon depicting Malgudi
  35. 35. He is said to represent the modern Indian; he is an achiever with a positive attitude, a global citizen but justifiably proud of his nation’s ancient heritage, and a fierce competitor but with integrity and honesty. He is also a ‘large-hearted gentleman’ who loves making friends and enthusing people to ‘come out and play’. Who is ‘he’? 19.
  36. 36. Shera, the CWG 2010 mascot
  37. 37. “American President coming to India. If I had known, I wouldn’t have gone looking for him all over America & met him in Andheri or Ghatkopar”. Put Funda. 20.
  38. 38. Shah Rukh Khan’s tweet on President Obama’s visit to India referring to his character in My Name is Khan
  39. 39. 21. Logo of?
  40. 40. When the Kaurava princes failed to defeat the Panchala army, Drona sent Arjuna and his brothers for the task. The five Pandavas attacked Panchala without an army. Arjuna captured Drupada as ordered. Drona took half of Drupada's kingdom, thus becoming his equal. He forgave Drupada for his misdeeds, but Drupada desired revenge. He performed a yagna to have a son who would slay Drona and a daughter who would marry Arjuna. His wish was fulfilled and thus was born X, the slayer of Drona, and Y, the consort of the Pandavas. 22.
  41. 41. X-Dhristhadhyumna Y- Draupadi
  42. 42. In X, twenty-sixth century setting, the player assumes the role of the Master Chief, a cybernetically enhanced super- soldier. Many game magazines have praised X as one of the best and most important games of all time. The game's popularity has led to labels such as "X clone" and "X killer", applied respectively to games either similar to or anticipated to be better than it. In addition, the game inspired and was used in the fan-created Red vs. Blue video series, which is credited as the "first big success" of machinima - the technique of using real-time 3D engines, often from video games, to create animated films. A prequel to the game, was released on September 14, 2010. What is X? *23.
  43. 43. Halo
  44. 44. CONNECT THEM! 24.
  45. 45. Slumdog Millionaire
  46. 46. The Sanskrit term has been in use in English since 1871, replacing gammadion (from Greek γαμμάδιον). Other names for the shape are : • crooked cross, hook cross or angled cross (German: Hakenkreuz). • cross cramponned, in heraldry, as each arm resembles a crampon or angle-iron •(German: Winkelmaßkreuz). • fylfo t, chiefly in heraldry and architecture. The term is coined in the 19th century •based on a misunderstanding of a Renaissance manuscript. • gammadion , tetragammadion (Greek: τέτραγαμμάδιον), or cross gammadion •(Latin: crux gammata; French: croix gammée), as each arm resembles the Greek •letter Γ (gamma). • sun whee l, a name also used as a synonym for the sun cross. • tetraskelion (Greek: τετρασκέλιον), literally meaning "four legged", especially •when composed of four conjoined legs (compare triskelion (Greek: τρισκέλιον)). • The Tibetan form is known as g-yung drung •Geometrically, it can be regarded as an irregular icosagon or 20-sided polygon. *25.
  47. 47. Swastika