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General Quiz Finals

  1. 1. BMSCE Quiz Club The General Quiz Finals by Sandeep, Shreyas and Sharath
  2. 2. Round 1 Honour thy clock • 8 Questions • +10 on a direct and a pass. • Infinite Bounce • Clockwise
  3. 3. The name has its origins in a Test match played between the West Indies and England at Old Trafford, Manchester, in the year 1933. Elliss “Puss” Achong , was a leftarm orthodox spinner, playing for the West Indies at the time. According to folklore, Achong is said to have had Walter Robbins stumped off a surprise delivery that spun into the righthander from outside the off stump. As he walked back to the pavilion, Robbins said to his teammates "Fancy being done by a bloody_______!", leading to the popularity of the term in England, and subsequently, in the rest of the world. 1.
  4. 4. China man
  5. 5. The user who visits _______ to learn about some subject, to confirm some matter of fact, is rather in the position of a visitor to a public restroom. It may be obviously dirty, so that he knows to exercise great care, or it may seem fairly clean, so that he may be lulled into a false sense of security. What he certainly does not know is who has used the facilities before him. 2.
  6. 6. He created the martial art Chun Kuk Do, which is based primarily on Tang Soo Do and includes elements from every combat style he knows. Like many other martial arts, Chun Kuk Do includes a code of honor and rules to live by. These rules are from his personal code. They are: 1. I will develop myself to the maximum of my potential in all ways. 2. I will forget the mistakes of the past and press on to greater achievements. 3. I will continually work at developing love, happiness and loyalty in my family. 4. I will look for the good in all people and make them feel worthwhile. 5. If I have nothing good to say about a person, I will say nothing. 6. I will always be as enthusiastic about the success of others as I am about my own. 7. I will maintain an attitude of openmindedness. 8. I will maintain respect for those in authority and demonstrate this respect at all times. 9. I will always remain loyal to God, my country, family and my friends. 10.I will remain highly goaloriented throughout my life because that positive attitude helps my family, my country and myself. Who is he? 3.
  7. 7. Chuck Norris
  8. 8. 4. Name the Album.
  9. 9. Axis : Bold As Love
  10. 10. The company is named in part after X, Captain Ahab's first mate in the novel Moby Dick, as well as a turn of the century mining camp on Mount Rainier. According to Howard Schultz's book , the name of the company was derived from Moby Dick, although not in as direct a fashion as many assume. Gordon Bowker liked the name "Pequod" (the ship in the novel), but his then creative partner Terry Heckler responded, "No one's going to drink a cup of Pee-quod!". Brainstorming with these ideas resulted in the company being named after the Pequod's first mate. 5.
  11. 11. These eight people have been officially named as honorary members by the team: * Henry Kissinger (1976) * Bob Hope (1977) * Kareem Abdul Jabbar (1989) * Whoopi Goldberg (1990) * Nelson Mandela (1996) * Jackie Joyner Kersee (1999) * Pope John Paul II (2000) Press agent Lee Solters arranged a ceremony orchestrated in front of a crowd of 50,000 in Saint Peter's Square in which the Pope was recognized as an honorary member. •Jesse Jackson (2001) In addition, Bill Cosby (in 1972) and Magic Johnson (in 2003) have been signed to $1 a year lifetime contracts with them. Cosby's was increased to $1.05 in 1986. 6.
  12. 12. 7. Put Funda.
  13. 13. The only 2 comic novels to have won the Man Booker Prize.
  14. 14. ______ ______ originates from an Arabic dessert, Luqmat Arl-qadi (Judge’s bite) that became popular during the Mughal era. Rosewater syrup is often used,however saffron and honey syrup are also used. Fill Up. 8.
  15. 15. Gulab Jamun
  16. 16. ROUND 2 STAGE TWO • 6 individual questions connected by a common theme. • Qsn. 1 - +30 2 - +25 3 - +20 4 - +15 5 - +10 6 - +5 • Constant -10 on a wrong connect.
  17. 17. The New Testament account of her humility and obedience to the message of God have made her an exemplar for all ages of Christians. Out of the details supplied in the New Testament by the Gospels about the maid of Galilee, Christian piety and theology have constructed a picture of her that fulfils the prediction ascribed to her in the Magnificat ( Luke 1:48 ):"Henceforth all generations will call me blessed.” Who? 1.
  18. 18. Virgin Mary
  19. 19. Maverick Holdings MD, Uday __________, son of former Karnataka IGP B N __________ got about 4 acres of land off Brigade road free of cost from Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). He had promised the government that he would build and run a public parking complex on the land for the benefit of motorists hence he said that the land had to be given free of cost to him. This giving away of land is termed as one of the biggest land-scams in Bangalore. What did they build? 2.
  20. 20. Garuda Mall
  21. 21. Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Felidae Genus: Panthera Species: _____ 3.
  22. 22. Tiger
  23. 23. Put funda. Part 1 (1998) Part 2 (1999) Land Warrior (2000) Urban Warfare (2002) Task Force Dagger(2002) Black Hawk Down (2003) Xtreme(2005) Xtreme 2(2009) Angel falls(2010) 4.
  24. 24. 5.
  25. 25. CONNECT!6.
  26. 26. Theme- Names of Airlines around the world
  27. 27. Round 3 Dishonour thy clock • 8 Questions • +10 on a direct and a pass. • Infinite Bounce • Anti-Clockwise.
  28. 28. •It was designed by Michael Foley, a graduate of the National Institute of Design. It is a triangular section of aluminium twisted into a helix shape and then coated with coloured soils collected from all the regions of India. A jewel-encrusted box was used to house a message, which was laser-engraved onto a miniature 18 carat gold leaf representative of the ancient Indian 'patras. It is ergonomically contoured for ease of use. It is 664 millimetres (26.1 in) high, 34 millimetres (1.3 in) wide at the base, and 86 millimetres (3.4 in) wide at the top and weighs 1,900 grams (67 oz). It has a number of technological features including: The ability to capture images and sound Global positioning system (GPS) technology so the its location can be tracked Embedded light emitting diodes (LEDs) which will change into the colours of a country’s flag whilst in that country A text messaging capability so that people can send messages of congratulations and encouragement to the bearers throughout the relay.
  29. 29. Queen’s Baton
  30. 30. •Who are they?
  31. 31. Conspirators who plotted the assassination of Gandhi
  32. 32. •Banner for which famous event?
  33. 33. Woodstock festival
  34. 34. •The 2010 winners are: 1.Chandrashekhar Khare of California University Mathematics Department (Mathematical Science) 2. Nandini Sundar of Delhi School of Economics (Social Science) 3. Sandip Trivedi of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (Physical Science) 4. Ashutosh Sharma of the Indian Institute of technology Kanpur (Engineering and Computer Science) 5. Amita Baviskar of the Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi (Sociology) 6. Chetan E Chitnis of the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and biotech (ICGEB), Delhi (Life Sciences) Which prize?
  35. 35. •The daughter of a Bulgarian immigrant and a schoolteacher, ________ was raised in an upper middle class household in Belo Horizonte. She became a socialist during her youth, and following the 1964 coup d'éta joined left-wing urban guerrilla groups that fought against the military dictatorship. ________ was captured and jailed between 1970 and 1972 and reportedly tortured. In 2005, a political crisis triggered by a corruption scandal led to the resignation of Chief of Staff José Dirceu. _______ took over the post, remaining in office until March 31, 2010. •Name or Fame!
  36. 36. Gilma Rousseff – 1st Woman President of Brazil
  37. 37. •From Formula1 Racing, Which ‘team’ does this guy drive for?
  38. 38. Safety Car
  39. 39. •In Internet slang, a --------- is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. The contemporary use of the term is alleged to have first appeared on the internet in the late 1980s,but the earliest known example is from 1991.It is thought to be a truncation of the phrase -------ing for suckers, itself derived from the fishing technique of slowly dragging bait through water, known as ------ ing. The word also evokes the ------ portrayed in Scandinavian folklore and children's tales as they are often creatures bent on mischief and wickedness. The verb originates from a hunting term in Old French . The noun ,however, comes from the Old Norse word for a mythological monster.
  40. 40. Troll
  41. 41. •What is depicted in this picture?
  42. 42. Scientology
  43. 43. Round 4 Long Visual Connect  10 slides/visuals  A common connecting theme  Slide 2 - +50/-25 3 - +45/-22 4 - +40/-20 5 - +35/-17 6 - +30/-15 7 - +25/-12 8 - +20/-10 9 - +15/-7 10 - +10/-5
  44. 44. 1)
  45. 45. +50/-25 2)
  46. 46. +45/-22 4
  47. 47. +40/-20 4)
  48. 48. +35/-17 5)
  49. 49. +30/-15 6)
  50. 50. +25/-12 7)
  51. 51. +20/-10 8)
  52. 52. +15/-7 9)
  53. 53. +10/-5 10)
  54. 54. End of LVC.
  55. 55. Ans : Sherlock Holmes
  56. 56. Sherlock Holmes a cocaine addict and ‘coke’ is the colloquial term for cocaine
  57. 57. Joseph Bell is the inspiration for the character of Sherlock Holmes
  58. 58. 4
  59. 59.  The 4 novels of Holmes  1.A Study in Scarlet (Scarlett Johannson wearing a scarlet dress :P)  2.The Sign of Four(4)  3.The Hound of Baskervilles (dog’s breed is basset-hound)  4.The Valley of Fear (Pic of a valley)
  60. 60. House M.D, a TV Show The character of Dr. House is partly inspired by Sherlock Holmes. The creators of the show have often acknowledged this in public.
  61. 61. Sherlock Hemlock, a character in Sesame Street
  62. 62. Sherlock Holmes’ address - Baker Street (Baker + Street)
  63. 63. A British TV Show named Sherlock. Started in July 2010. The two people in the pic portray Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson respectively.
  64. 64. Apple’s search engine named Sherlock. Didn’t work out, so they took it off the web.
  65. 65. Robert Downey Jr. portrayed Sherlock Holmes in a recent 2009 movie.
  66. 66. A tobacco pipe named Sherlock. Holmes was a habitual tobacco smoker. Also a pipe is like one of the symbols associated with Holmes.
  67. 67. Round 5 Connect • 8 Questions • Score = +5 for a right answer + 5 * no. of teams that don’t get the answer
  68. 68. Indians who have won the Booker Prize
  69. 69. Lord of the Rings
  70. 70. General Motors - They are all subsidiaries
  71. 71. Left Handed Guitarists
  72. 72. Cricket World Cup Sponsors
  73. 73. Tesla
  74. 74. Playboy
  75. 75. Royal Enfield
  76. 76. Fedora Release names
  77. 77. The END. Thank you.