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Limca Book of Records

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Limca book of_records_quiz_2010_(noida)

  1. 1. LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS QUIZ 2010- NOIDA Date: 9 November, 10 Venue: Amity Int. School, Noida QM: Mr. Andrew Scolt (Derek O Brien & Asscoiates) Cut-off: 17 Results: 1) Bal Bharati Public School( Nabeel and myself) 2) Amity Int. School( Vaishnavi and Aniket) 3) Army Public School( Shivender and Shivender) PRELIMS Q1 In which district does NOIDA come? Q2 what is the best way of using saffron? • Before soaking • Dry • After soaking Q3 Which organ is encompassed in a sac called the pleura? Q4 Historically these creatures have existed from Mesopotamia and the Caucasus throughout most of South and East Asia. It can also swim on water. Q5 What is -40 C on the Fahrenheit scale? Q6 When approached by his students, he said: "Instead of celebrating my birthday separately, it would be my proud privilege if my birthday is observed as ………………” Id the person. Q7 Which train runs from 9 3/4 th platform of King Cross railway station?
  2. 2. Q8 Indian ocean is the only ocean to be named after a country. True or False? Q9 Who is the oldest of the three? • SM Krishna • Manmohan Singh • Pranab Mukherjee Q10 Which fictional character’s girlfriend is called Superman? Q11 Apart from Num Lock and Caps Lock, which other ‘Lock’ key comes on the keyboard? Q12 Which country has the maximum no. of mobile connections? Q13 Which was the first capital city of Pakistan? Q14 Who defeated Alan Gogaev to win the World Wrestling Championships 2010? Q15 Which organizations motto is ‘Shubh Yatra’? Q16 What in India is printed with the OVI ink? Q17 Margaret cousins were the first to set the notations of what? Q18 Whose motto is “Unity and Discipline”? Q19 Which Indian text has 700 verses over 18 chapters? Q20 With which country would you associate the internet domain .za? Q21 What is a violent, dangerous, rotating column of air that is in contact with both the surface of the earth and a cumulonimbus cloud or, in rare cases, the base of a cumulus cloud? Q22 What kind of creature is the Bagheera in the Jungle Book series? Q23 Id. Q24 Id the place. (Birds eye view of Statue of Liberty.) Q25 Id.
  3. 3. Q26 Id the movie from song. Aisha Answers 1) Gautam budhh Nagar 2) After soaking 3) Lungs 4) Asiatic tiger 5) -40 F 6) Dr. S radhkrishnan 7) Hogwarts Express 8) True 9) SM Krishna 10) Superman 11) Scroll Locko 12) China 13) Karachi 14) Sushil Kumar 15) Indian Railways 16) Currency Notes 17) National Anthem 18) NCC 19) Bhagawad Gita 20) South Africa 21) Tornado 22) Panther 23) Michael Schumacher 24) Peahen
  4. 4. FINALS Round 1- Gaming Which game was the most sold game, when released? • Space Invaders • Pacman • Tetris A. Tetris What does the Japanese dish Sushi mean? • Sweet • Sour • Salt A. Sour What is the uniqueness about Bagheera Kipling, a species of mosquito named after Rudyard Kipling? • It can fly • It is vegetarian • It has 6 legs A. Its vegetarian What does the word ‘Sikri’ in Fatehpur Sikri mean? • City surrounded by water • City of villages • Victory city A. City surrounded by water Which is the most common password? • 123456 • Date of Birth • Password A. 123456 Round 2- Direct Orals The name of which Software Company means a mixture of ‘Sand, clay and water’?
  5. 5. Adobe Leaning Tower of Pisa is a campanile. What’s a campanile? Bell tower Which sport, also featured in CWG 2010 means ‘Taxofoly’? Archery Why is 9 January celebrated as the Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas? Mahatma Gandhi returned back to India from S.A. on that day What is the uniqueness about the Saragossa sea? It has no coastline (the area also called Bermuda triangle) Round 3- Facebook Id her. Stephanie Meyer Id the buildings on left and right.
  6. 6. North and South block of Rashtrapati bhawan Id. Tapir (Sorry, I don’t remember the other three. One was a dancing style) Round 4- Direct Orals What was used in ancient times by gladiators to tone their muscles and was believed to have an eternal life.
  7. 7. Onions Alaska is the easternmost state of USA. Which is the westernmost? Alaska Chanoyu, is a Japanese art dealing with? Tea making Who’s a fernambulist? Titrowalker In which dance form can you find women wearing White Cassavu sarees? Mohiniattam Which is the only Indian batsman to score a hundred in all formats of the game? Suresh Raina Round 5- Youtube( AV round) Id the footballer. Andrei Arshavin Id the singer. Mika(not the Indian one.) Id the lizard. Jesus Christ lizard Id the monument. Golconda Fort Id the person from this audio clip. Kapil Sibbal Round 6- Twitter( Buzzer) Complete the series- Byte, Kilobyte, megabyte, Gigabyte…….? Terabyte Which is the only vowel to come on the second line of the keyboard? ‘A’ After water, which is the second most drunk beverage?
  8. 8. Tea According to Indian mythology, whose vahana (carrier) is the buffalo? Yamaraj SHARING IS CARING THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE Let it Grow Compiled By: Mukund Marodia ( BBPS, Noida