Saraswati puja quiz 2014


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Saraswati puja quiz 2014

  2. 2. Prelims
  3. 3. Id the Movie? *1
  4. 4. X is known in Burmese as Thurathadi, Tipitaka in Medaw language, Biancaitian In Chinese, Benzaiten in japanese and Surasawadee in Thailand. By which name we better known this? *2
  5. 5. Sumant Moolgaonkar is often reffered to as the architect of Tata Engineering and Locomative Company. Leading the company nearly four decades he was responsible for building the company into an organization capable of competing with the world‟s best. How is this immortalized in the World of Indian Automobiles? 3
  6. 6. According to Purana which tree Monu brought Kritwika Nakshatra? *4
  7. 7. X is an insulting term often used by blacks to derogates other as “ Black on the outside white in the inside” The term associate with a same name of a famous product. Id the term? *5
  8. 8. Also referred as the Hathiwala cream. It is the flagship product of GD Pharmaceuticals Ltd. On 15th august 1947 it was distributed free to anyone who asked for it during the from two of its outlets. Id the products? 6
  9. 9. This comic Character was introduced by Pran in 1971 for LOTPOT magagine. The side character are protagonist wife,a dog named Rocket and alien friend. Which character? 7
  10. 10. Warner Music group reportedly earns over 500 USD a day from the commercial use of X but a lawsuit was filled in 2013 saying that X belonged to everyone and it cannot be copyright. The case still is on. Id X? *8
  11. 11. X was remarked as the “ Biggest Indian film ever” was trilingual, with all scenes shot thrice in Hindi, Tamil and English. When Tamil version flopped and English version never released. Id the movie? *9
  12. 12.    X, known as Aapka X in the United States and Canada, is a Hindi language Indian general entertainment channel based in Mumbai, which was launched on July 21, 2008. On 21 January 2010, X became available on Dish Network in the U.S., where it is called Aapka X because of a clash with X. Amitabh Bachchan served as brand ambassador for the UK and USA launches. X launched in the United Kingdom and Ireland on Sky on 25 January 2010. Id X? 10
  13. 13. Its gross earnings are 2.35 crore. One reason for its continued success is attributed to the close proximity of Mumbai Central and State Transport Bus Stand, with porters and slum dwellers dropping by during the afternoon due to the low prices and unbelievable comfort. Families consider it a weekend outing, coming during the afternoon,then having a lunch outside. What „phenomenon‟ does this explain 11
  14. 14. Recently amovie named I am sure Go well nominated in 37th Japan Academy Awards along with Jango Unchained, la Mizerable , and Gravity in a best foreign language film category. By which name this movie released in India? *12
  15. 15. @nswers
  16. 16. Jai Ho *1
  17. 17. Saraswati 2
  18. 18.  3 Tata Sumo
  19. 19. Banana Tree 4
  20. 20.  5 Oreo
  21. 21. Boroline 6
  22. 22. Chacha Chowdhury 7
  23. 23. Hppay Birth day to you song 8
  24. 24. Mughal E Azam 9
  25. 25. Colors Tv 10
  26. 26. DDLJ running on Maratha theater 11
  27. 27. 3 Idiots 12
  28. 28. controversial VISUAL ROUND
  29. 29. 1 Id both?
  30. 30. It’s the logo of Punjab province police of Pakistan. Shamelessly copy of which organization logo
  31. 31. Who have been changed?
  32. 32. Id the organization
  33. 33. He is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.why this issue in Controversy?
  34. 34. 1.Dharmendra And Ram Jethmalani 2.Punjab Police of India 3.Jet Airways 4.Indian Railways for maharaja Express route map 5. accused Boston Marathon bomber @nswers
  35. 35. 24 dry questions 12 clockwise 12 anti clockwise Infinite bounce and pounce available with every questions 1 audio 1 theme RULES
  36. 36. clockwise
  37. 37. Brig.Gen. H.R. McMaster banned this technical tool during his successful capture of Iraqi city of Tal Afar in 2005 and liked it to an internet threat. He remarks “ Its dangerous because it can create the illusion of understanding and the illusion of control, some problems in the world are not bulletizable.”Just id the technical think which he banned? 1
  38. 38. Powerpoint Presentation
  39. 39. In Slovenia, Saint Zdravko was one of the saints of spring, the saint of good health and the patron of beekeepers and pilgrims.A proverb says that "Saint Zdravko brings the keys of roots". Plants and flowers start to grow on this day. It has been celebrated as the day when the first work in the vineyards and in the fields commences. It is also said that birds marry on that day. The earliest surviving X in English appear to be those in the Paston Letters, written in 1477 by Margery Brewes to her future husband John Paston "my right well-beloved X. What is X? 2
  40. 40. Valentines Day
  41. 41. The German town Herzogenaurch was called the Town of Bent Necks in the 1930‟s and 40‟s because the residential of town would carry out a peculiar custom before talking to one another. The custom was People check the other persons shoes before deciding to talk to him. Just Put Funda? 3
  42. 42. This is the town where Adi Daslar and Rudolph Daslar started their first factories. So people the shoe’s company if this is not from Puma or Nike they cant talk
  43. 43. In Oct.2013 a woman named Ceicila Abadie was driving 80mph in a 65mph zone. She was stopped by the cops and issued a warning. But the cop noticed that she was wearing something which could obstract her vision. As it was illegal to wear something obstructing your vision while driving. She was asked to a fine. Thus she became the first person to be fined for wearing X. Id X? 4
  44. 44. Google Glass
  45. 45. X is blend of species used mainly in the cuisine of eastern India and Bangladesh. It usually consists of equal proportions of fennel,nigella black musterd,fenugreek and cumin seeds. In the traditional Oriya or Bengali cuisine the spice blend is added to hot oil or ghee which causes it to make a popping sound. At this point other ingredients are added to the oil and spice mixture emits a distinguished aroma. Id X? 5
  46. 46. Panch Phoron
  47. 47. The problem arose when Sheikh Muszapher Shukhur became Malaysia‟s first astronaut going in a Russian Soyuz spacecraft for a nine day visit to the International space stations. Malaysia space agency Angkasa convened a conference of 150 scientists and scholars in 2006 to address a crucial questions. A document was produced in early 2007 called “ A guideline of X at the International Space Station “. According to report , determining the X should be based on what is possible for the astronaut and a priority list was set up. What is X? 6
  48. 48. It is determining the direction of Namaz in Space
  49. 49. Id X Y Z? Recently X founder of Z company faced a problem while he upgrade his windows 7 version to windows 8.1 then he called Y. unfortunately this was first day of Y in that job. Y also failed to upgrade. So X used the windows 7. but this incident in news. 7
  50. 50. X=Bill Gates Y=Satya Nadela Z= Microsoft
  51. 51. What market is being described? Market research firm Global Industry Analysts, Inc.(GIA) has released a study this past week stating that the X market is projected to surpass $102.8 billion by 2018. Based on GIA figures, the United States, Europe, and Asia-Pacific (notably Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and China) are responsible for more than 90% of the X market. As noted in the GIA report, South Korea alone accounts for more than 15% of the market. India is also a key player in the market both on the demand and supply side. 8
  52. 52. Private Tution
  53. 53. In 1997 to promote local talent it started as on annual inter village wrestling meet organized by two local wrestling enthusiasts Ranbir Singh and Devbrat Gupta. After the untime death of Ranbir Singh the event was then remarks as Ranbir Singh memorial festival in 2000. Later it turned out to the event it is now. Id the event which recently in news? 9
  55. 55. Put funda? Apple Computers logo shows an Apple half eaten. Also in apple computers logo the 7 colors of rainbow are in opposite order indicating unnatural sexual orientation. People connect these signs with some one done a lot of technology in the last century. 10
  56. 56. AlanTuring,who commited suicide by eating a poisoned apple. He also a homosexual
  57. 57. Id X? X‟s father died in a plane crash when his american pilot misjudged a landing. X‟s elder brother was killed when he accidently flew an airplane over power lines in San Antanio, Texus,USA. X was 6‟4”-6‟6” tall & weighing about 165 pounds. He had an olive complex and left handed. British Comedian Dom Jolly claimed that he attend the school with X. 11
  58. 58. Osama Bin Laden
  59. 59. The statue resembles the „X Talli' X‟s statue has an ear of maize in one hand, and a platter with grains on the other. Former minister P Sankara Rao has ordered the bronze statue of X for a temple he is constructing in Shadnagar assembly constituency in Mahbubnagar district. Shankar Rao zeroed in on the artisan, BVS Prasad of Sri Saibaba mega Silpashala of Bommulur village in Bapulapadu mandal of Krishna district to make the bronze statue of X. The statue depict on whom? 12
  60. 60. Sonia Gandhi
  61. 61. +50 , -40
  62. 62. +45 , -35
  63. 63. +40 , -30
  64. 64. +35 , -25
  65. 65. +30 , -20
  66. 66. +25 , -15
  67. 67. +20 , -10
  68. 68. +15 , -05
  69. 69. +10
  70. 70. @nswers
  72. 72. A is a famous story written by B. C made movie of A. C is a famous directer. D composed music for A. E contributed 5000 rupees for A because due to money problem C stopped the production of A. In an interview C told he was inspired after watching F movie to making A. C also a creator of famous science fiction character G. G had a pet cat named H.C also designed the logo of I news paper.
  73. 73. @NSWERS
  74. 74. A=Pather panchali B=Bibhuti Bhushan Bandopadhaya C=Satyajit Roy D=Pt.Ravishankar E=Kishore kumar F=Bicycle Thief G=Prof.Shanku H=Newton I=Aajkal
  75. 75. clockwise
  76. 76. According to Pakistan Media in november 2013 , 8 indian nationals suspected to be undercover agents arrival in Pakistan but were apprehended, interrogated and the deported for violation of Law. They has no reported to the local police stations as required by the rules. They were in Pakistan to participate in an event taking place in that country for first time. Id the event? 1
  77. 77. Pakistan Idol
  78. 78. One school in the sea side town of Brighton banned the use popular dress believing it was only indicative of the Coca-Cola advertising campaign. In the Czech republic a group of advertising professionals started a website against X who is relatively recent to that country. They said Czech X are intimate and magical. All that X stuff seems to me like cheap show business, I am not against X in my country only. X has got to do only with America and Britain. Id X? 2
  79. 79. Santa Clause
  80. 80. Why? Put funda 25th february, 2013 nearly 11 am after announcement of OSCAR awards Zero Dark Thirty won a OSCAR,a tea stall owner in Majimajra, Chandigarh, started distributing free tea and Samosa to everyone. 3
  81. 81. That area in Chandigarh had been converted to abottabad on the movie…that’s because increase of tea and samosa sell that time for this tea satll owner
  82. 82. What is it? A shopping search site pricebaba last year launched a campaign to convince Google to do something but their ambitious goal ultimately ended in defeat following Google announcement. But they have already launched a online campaign to convince for the same thing in slightly different way which apparently matches Google conventions for the same. 4
  83. 83. Android new version called Laddoo
  84. 84. What will you get? On 18th may 2011 Microsoft realeased an update to Windows Vista windows 7 operating systems for a specific purpose. If you install this update and press the ALT key and simultaneously press 8377 on the number pad, in a windows word document. 5
  85. 85. New rupee symbol
  86. 86. Why this software recently in news? “Signature” is a software developed by Peter Millican of Oxford University which analyzes text and can look and compare things like the length of words, the punctuation and it can search for words that are either particularly frequent or words that are distinctive of particulars authers. 6
  87. 87. To check The Cuckoo’s calling originally was written by J.K Rowling or not
  88. 88. Just id X? According to COAI this particular industry yearly losses 20% -25% revenue due to X. At least one company in Bangalore is using X to generate business. In 2007 X declared word of the year by University of Philippines Dilliman. In Bhutan farmers known how much milk their customers want by the number of X… 7
  89. 89. Missed call
  90. 90. + = X? + = Y? 8
  91. 91. X=Jai Ho songs Y= Jai Ho movie
  92. 92. Id X and Y? In 2005 a competition was held to design a new X. 119 entries were received and one was selected but to this day the X remain same. The parliamentary opposition would by specifically like to see removed Y from X, which symbolized the nations struggle for independence, according to press report proposition of new X was rejected in 2005. 9
  93. 93. X= Mozabbique Flag and Y= AK 47
  94. 94. Id the woman? A myth about which woman– whose talents ranged from cooking, sewing,painting,fashion designing, who would pen poetry under the name of “Makfi” and also a rumored the she killed 4 tigers with six bullets while with her husband in a hunting trip. 10
  95. 95. Noorjahan
  96. 96. Id X? 100gram of X contains 186 calories. X also contains about 1.85 grams of fat and 4 grams of protein. In Puri X has been the traditional offering to the Jagannath. The Traditional Odia folklore that likens Jagannath round eyes to X. 11
  97. 97. Rasgulla
  98. 98. Fear of what? Agraphobia Symptoms:- include breathlessness, abnormal sweating, nausea, dryness of the mouth, anxiety attacks, heart palpitations and excessive shaking Treatments:-can include counseling, hypnosis, desensitization, and medication 12
  99. 99. Sexual Abuse