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Our free CNA Practice Exam helps nursing assistants get certified by asking relevant questions using real-life situations encountered in nursing homes, hospitals and long-term care facilities.

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    CNA practice exams are mockups of the Certified Nursing Assistant examination (offered by the National Nursing Aide Assessment Program), and are meant to prepare you as a student for the actual examination. Since the CNA exam is divided into two: a written test and a practical test, you will need sufficient practice in both these components if you are to pass the exam.

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CNA Practice Exam

  1. 1. CNA Practice Exam for Nursing Assistants <br />This is a free 20-item CNA Practice Exam that is better than your average CNA practice tests out there. It contains real-life clinical scenarios just like the real test.<br />
  2. 2. Become CNA Certified!<br />Nursing aides or nursing assistants should prepare for the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) exam the right way.<br />That means answering relevant CNA practice exams with clinical scenarios that test the mettle of a nursing assistant. Like the quiz that we are sharing here! This will increase your confidence in passing the written part of the CNA exam.<br />This 20-item quiz is part of a 50-item fully-interactive CNA practice exam at our website. Gauge your knowledge and skills as a CNA with these challenging questions. <br />The quiz starts at the next slide. Good luck!<br />
  3. 3. When the head of the bed is raised to an angle of 30 degrees, the position is called <br /><ul><li>Fowler's position
  4. 4. Semi-Fowler's position
  5. 5. Trendelenburg's position
  6. 6. Reverse Trendelenburg's position</li></li></ul><li>Prior to changing the position of the patient, the nursing assistant should<br /><ul><li>Confirm with the charge nurse
  7. 7. Change bed sheet
  8. 8. Open door and windows
  9. 9. Explain the procedure to the patient</li></li></ul><li>At least how long should you lather during hand washing?<br /><ul><li>10 seconds
  10. 10. 15 seconds
  11. 11. 45 seconds
  12. 12. One minute</li></li></ul><li>A patient has right leg weakness. The nursing assistant would teach the patient to hold the cane in which hand? <br />Answer:<br />_______________________________<br />
  13. 13. When talking to a hearing impaired patient, the nursing assistant should <br /><ul><li>Talk using a high-pitched voice
  14. 14. Repeat instructions
  15. 15. Face the patient while speaking
  16. 16. Shout loud enough for patient to hear</li></li></ul><li>Select five reasons. Passive and active ROM exercises are recommended because they <br /><ul><li>Increase venous return
  17. 17. Maintain muscle strength
  18. 18. Distract the patient
  19. 19. Satisfy the doctor
  20. 20. Prevent muscle stiffness
  21. 21. Encourage mobility
  22. 22. Increase hydration
  23. 23. Make the patient breathe better
  24. 24. Prevent contractures </li></li></ul><li>The activity order for a patient reads "Up ad lib" which means <br /><ul><li>Complete bed rest
  25. 25. Bathroom privileges
  26. 26. Semi-Fowler's position
  27. 27. In and out of bed as tolerated</li></li></ul><li>This is considered the most important infection control technique. <br />Answer: __________________________<br />
  28. 28. Lifting a heavy object should require bending at the <br /><ul><li>Knees and waist
  29. 29. Knees while keeping a straight back
  30. 30. Waist while rounding your shoulders
  31. 31. Waist while maintaining straight legs</li></li></ul><li>Before feeding a patient who is unable to feed himself, ensure that he is<br /><ul><li>In a 15-30 degree position
  32. 32. In an upright sitting position (45-90 degrees)
  33. 33. Lying down
  34. 34. Standing </li></li></ul><li>A nursing assistant can identify herself/himself as a nurse. <br />True or False?<br />
  35. 35. There is an existing DNR order for a patient. Suddenly, that patient's heart stops beating. The nursing assistant should <br /><ul><li>Administer CPR immediately
  36. 36. Perform intubation
  37. 37. Stop IV drips
  38. 38. Withhold CPR and ACLS</li></li></ul><li>When taking the blood pressure reading, place the diaphragm of the stethoscope over the<br /><ul><li>Brachial artery
  39. 39. Radial artery
  40. 40. Ulnar artery
  41. 41. Carotid artery</li></li></ul><li>When taking the blood pressure reading, place the diaphragm of the stethoscope over the<br /><ul><li>Brachial artery
  42. 42. Radial artery
  43. 43. Ulnar artery
  44. 44. Carotid artery</li></li></ul><li>A patient needs assistance with his oral routine medication given "p.c." which means <br /><ul><li>Before meals
  45. 45. After meals
  46. 46. During meals
  47. 47. At midnight</li></li></ul><li>You are talking to a patient when you notice a sudden slurring of speech and some facial weakness which resolves by itself after a few moments. This event which is a precursor of stroke is called a<br /><ul><li>Phlebitis
  48. 48. Cardiac arrest
  49. 49. Transient ischemic attack
  50. 50. Paraplegia</li></li></ul><li>A nursing assistant communicates with a patient with dementia effectively by the following means, except <br /><ul><li>Using short and simple sentences
  51. 51. Giving one-step commands
  52. 52. Speaking clearly and loud enough for patient to hear
  53. 53. Giving detailed instructions </li></li></ul><li>Upon learning from the physician that he has terminal cancer, a resident tells the nursing assistant that there has been a mistake. The nursing assistant's proper response is to <br /><ul><li>Point out that doctors never lie
  54. 54. Recognize that denial is expected
  55. 55. Urge the patient to undergo additional tests
  56. 56. Downplay the concerns of the patient</li></li></ul><li>A resident with left-side weakness is about to be transferred to the wheelchair. The nursing assistant should position the wheelchair on which side?<br /><ul><li>Right side
  57. 57. Left side
  58. 58. Behind the patient
  59. 59. Either side</li></li></ul><li>What sense is the last to go in a dying patient? <br /><ul><li>Vision
  60. 60. Smell
  61. 61. Taste
  62. 62. Hearing</li></li></ul><li>A resident who just found out that he had cancer says "I have been a good person, why do I have to suffer? Maybe God is mad at me." The best response is <br /><ul><li> Crack a joke about the situation
  63. 63. Reply that God does not have anything to do with it
  64. 64. Listen to what the client has to say
  65. 65. Ignore the resident's remarks</li></li></ul><li>For the answers to these questions, take the complete fully-interactive CNA Practice Exam at:<br />