Q senate challenge open 2012 finals
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Q senate challenge open 2012 finals



Q Senate Challenge national open quiz 2012

Q Senate Challenge national open quiz 2012



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    Q senate challenge open 2012 finals Q senate challenge open 2012 finals Presentation Transcript

    • Akhil R NairAkhil R Nair
    • Akhil R Nair
    •  Runners-up = Kamla Gupta Trophy The third place = Sampangi Cup Then Winners = ___X___ ???? The trophy was named after the late Maharaja Sir Manmatha Nath Roy Chowdhary of X, which is now in Bangladesh. Akhil R Nair
    •  Santosh Trophy Akhil R Nair
    •  The memorial & significance of place where it is situated. Akhil R Nair
    •  Memorial of Terry Fox , a Canadian humanitarian, ampute athlete, and cancer research activist erected outside of Thunder Bay on the Trans Canada Highway near the spot where Fox was forced to end his marathon. Akhil R Nair
    •  Date : October 1, 1975 Location : Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City, Philippines Akhil R Nair
    •  Thrillain Manila - Fight of the Century between Muhammed Ali & Joe Frazier Akhil R Nair
    •  X is the only goalkeeper ever to win the European Footballer of the Year Award (1963) FIFA established the X Award for the best goalkeeper at the World Cup finals FIFA polls named X as the sole goalkeeper in World Team of the 20th Century, FIFA World Cup All-Time Team and the FIFA Dream Team Akhil R Nair
    •  Lev Yashin Akhil R Nair
    •  In 1998, X filed a lawsuit against Y, stating that there were too many similarities between the two. In the lawsuit, X listed that they both attended UCLA and both wore the #33. He felt that Y was making profits and sponging off the name and number he made famous in the 1970s. He won a court order that required Y to drop the "X" name off his jersey. In addition, all Dolphins jerseys with the "X" name and #33 were immediately pulled from the shelves and merchandising catalogs. Y complied and had his name changed to simply Abdul. Y maintains that he chose the #33 as his uniform number not because of X, but because of former Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Dorsett. After the lawsuit, he changed his name in 2000. Akhil R Nair
    • X – Kareem abdul jabbar Y- abdul karim al jabbar Akhil R Nair
    •  The earliest known reference to X is in a 1744 British publication, A Little Pretty Pocket-Book, by John Newbery. Consensus once held that todays X is developed from the older game ‖Rounders‖, popular in Great Britain and Ireland. It was also known by the name ―town ball” in early 1830s. The rules of the modern day game was evolved from the Knickerbocker code made by NY Knickerbockers club which is believed to have played the first recorded X match. Akhil R Nair
    •  Baseball Akhil R Nair
    •  In 1985, aged 15 years and 3 weeks, she became the youngest-ever player to reach the semifinals at the French Open, where she lost to Chris Evert. Steffi Graf won Golden Slam beating her in 1988 Seol olympics Known as the Pearl of the Pampas,and also as The Divine Argentine Akhil R Nair
    •  Gabriela Sabatini Akhil R Nair
    • Akhil R Nair
    •  SingerElton John’s 1975 song "Philadelphia Freedom" is a tribute to which famous tennis player ??? Akhil R Nair
    •  Biilie Jean King Akhil R Nair
    • A line of the Exchange Variation in chess (1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Bxc6 dxc6 5.0- 0)is named after a legend in this field and is called the __________ after he successfully resurrected it at the 1966 Havana Olympiad. Akhil R Nair
    •  "Fischer Variation" Akhil R Nair
    •  Which bowling technique also known as fast leg theory bowling, was a cricketing tactic devised by the English cricket team for their 1932–33 Ashes tour of Australia, specifically to combat the extraordinary batting skill of Australias Don Bradman. Akhil R Nair
    •  Bodyline Akhil R Nair
    •  He is the youngest captain ever to lead his team to the Champions League title which also made club and national teammate Fabien Barthez the youngest goalkeeper to win. He was once derisively described by Cantona as "the water-carrier" by which Cantona meant that he only existed to pass the ball to "more talented" players. In 1996, he was chosen to lead France replacing Cantona, what would later be called the "Golden Generation―. Who is he ? Akhil R Nair
    •  DidierDeschamps Captained France in 1998 WC and 2000 Euro cup to victory… Akhil R Nair
    •  Inthe world of golf which who is known as ―Big Easy‖ ? Akhil R Nair
    •  Ernie Els Akhil R Nair
    •  Alumni of Osmania University and IIM,Ahmedabad Begun carrier with AIR first Indian commentator to be invited by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 92 Worked for ABC Radio Grandstand and BBC advisor to the Mumbai Indians for the 2008 IPL Written the book ―The winning way: Learning from Sport managers‖ with wife Anita Akhil R Nair
    •  Harsha Bhogle Akhil R Nair
    •  Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is better known in US and Canada by another name which was derived from the name of one of the legend in baseball who dies of this disease. Name the disease???? Akhil R Nair
    •  Lou Gehrig disease Akhil R Nair
    •  Thisunfortunate Croatian lost in 92 Wimbledon final to Agassi, in 94 & 98 to Sampras. But after returning from a long haunting shoulder injury he won the 2001 Wimbledon in style beating Pat Rafter to become the only person to win the mens singles title at Wimbledon as a wildcard Akhil R Nair
    •  Goran Ivanisevich Akhil R Nair
    • Akhil R Nair
    •  Otto Rehagel Akhil R Nair
    •  The musical Chess, with lyrics by Tim Rice and music by Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson, tells the story of two chess champions, referred to only as "The American" and "The Russian". The musical is loosely based on the 1972 World Championship match between X and Y. In later versions of the show, "The American" is named "Freddie Trumper" and "The Russian" is "Anatoly Sergieveski―. Name The American & The Russian???? Akhil R Nair
    •  The American – Bobby Fischer The Russian – Borris Spassky Akhil R Nair
    •  This term refers to the field of baseball statistical study and the development of new statistics and analytical tools. The term is also used to refer directly to new statistics themselves. The term was coined around 1980 by one of the fields leading proponents, Bill James, and derives from the Society for American Baseball Research. Find the term ?????? Akhil R Nair
    •  Sabermetrics ―Society for American Baseball Research[SABR]‖ Akhil R Nair
    •  6–4, 5–7, 3–6, 6–4, 6–2 This is the scorecard in a particular WTA tour Championship final in 1990 which is the first ever 5 set WTA final. Who are the finalists ? Akhil R Nair
    •  Monica Seles & Gabriela Sabatini Akhil R Nair
    •  The X olympics was boycotted by the Western nations protesting against the Afghan invasion by Soviet Union. The Soviet and its allies boycotted the Y olympics conducted in a western country. Id X and Y Akhil R Nair
    • X - 1980 Moscow Y - 1984 Los Angeles Akhil R Nair
    •  Traditionally,X was made from two specific types of granite called "Blue Hone" and "Ailsa Craig Common Green", found on Ailsa Craig, an island off the Ayrshire coast in Scotland. Blue Hone has very low water absorption, which prevents the action of freezing and melting water from eroding the stone. Ailsa Craig Common Green granite is a lesser quality granite. The second location where granite comes from to manufacture X from is in Northern Wales. This granite is called "Trefor" and comes in shades of blue/gray and red/brown. Akhil R Nair
    •  Curling stone Akhil R Nair
    •  The logo is called "Inspiration", and was created by an agency called Africa. The design stems from an iconic photograph of three victorious hands together raising the worlds most famous trophy. As well as depicting the humanitarian notion of hands interlinking, the portrayal of the hands is also symbolic of warmly welcoming the world to their country. Which logo? Akhil R Nair
    •  2014 Brazil FIFA WC Akhil R Nair
    • Akhil R Nair
    • Akhil R Nair
    •  Paarl Stadium Akhil R Nair
    •  Name this place which is related to mahatma gandhi during his stay over there & the place also acts as the adminstrative capital of the region.This place also acted as the base camp for an IPL team owned by an indian film star,when IPL was played over there. Akhil R Nair
    •  Bloemfontein Akhil R Nair
    •  ―90 minutes for X” is a match played between the Africa XI and the Rest of World XI to celebrate the birthday of X which ended 3–3. Akhil R Nair
    •  Nelson Mandela Akhil R Nair
    •  Why the bike number ’74’ has not been used by any Moto GP rider after April 2003 ? (used only in a specific occasion by one rider in his jersey) Akhil R Nair
    •  Itwas the number of Daijiro Kato who died in an accident in the Suzuka circuit while riding on his Honda bike. He was the former 250cc world champion and regarded as ―legend‖ by FIM Akhil R Nair
    •  Itwas a regular season game between the Philadelphia Warriors and the New York Knicks held on March 2, 1962, at Hersheypark Arena in Hershey, Pennsylvania. But at the end of the game, the match went into the record book for two main reasons, one being the most combined points scored by both teams in a game. What was the other record which still stands ? Akhil R Nair
    •  WiltChamberlain’s 100 points game NBA’s single game scoring record Akhil R Nair
    •  _____cup was a team tennis competition for women contested from 1923 through 1989 between teams from the United States and Great Britain. This was resulted as U.S. player Hazel Hotchkiss _______ wanted to generate international interest in womens tennis the way Davis Cup did for mens. But it terminated in 1989 following lower interest as USA dominated the cup winning it 51 times while Britain won it only 10 times. Akhil R Nair
    •  Wrightman cup Akhil R Nair
    •  Who is common to the following matches 2010 FIFA WC final 2010 UEFA Champions league final 2009 FA cup final 2007 League cup final Akhil R Nair
    •  Howard Webb Akhil R Nair
    •  Name the brand…. It is here in a sports quiz due to its some peculiarity Akhil R Nair
    •  Maria sharapova Akhil R Nair
    •  Pic shows the surface on which a game is played. Give the correct name of the surface Akhil R Nair
    •  Curling sheet Akhil R Nair
    •  What list and who comes first Akhil R Nair
    •  Most test half centuries Allan Border Akhil R Nair
    •  Brawler is a fighter who generally lacks fineness and footwork in the ring, but makes up for it through sheer punching power. Mainly Irish, Irish- American & Mexican-American boxers popularized this style who tend to lack mobility, preferring a less mobile, more stable platform and have difficulty pursuing fighters who are fast on their feet. They may also have a tendency to ignore combination punching in favour of continuous beat-downs with one hand and by throwing slower, more powerful single punches . This style of boxing was used by a popular fictional boxer. Who is he ? Akhil R Nair
    •  Rocky Balboa Akhil R Nair
    •  2012 Australian Open men’s draw is having the peculiarity that all the top 100 ranked tennis men will compete except one. Who is this former runner up ? Akhil R Nair
    •  Robin Soderling Akhil R Nair
    •  Only Asian player to be included in the list titled "Greatest Ever Footballers― by Association of Football Statisticians Asian Footballer of the Year in 1999 Named the worlds top goal scorer in official international competitions by the IFFHS(109) First Asian to play in UEFA champions league & played for Bayern Munich, Armenia Bielefeld & Hertha BSC Akhil R Nair
    •  Ali Daei Akhil R Nair
    •  The match was nicknamed ―____ meets ____" as an allusion to tremendous punching power of Chávez and blinding speed of Taylor. Akhil R Nair
    •  Thunder meets Lightining Akhil R Nair
    •  Short visual connect 5 visuals Points indicated in slides for connect 5 pts each for identifying slides -10 for all wrong themes Akhil R Nair
    • Akhil R Nair
    • Akhil R Nair
    • Akhil R Nair
    • Akhil R Nair
    • Akhil R Nair
    • Just FontaineAkhil R Nair
    • Cesar Sampaio Akhil R Nair
    • Philip Lahm Akhil R Nair
    • Papa Bouba Dioup Akhil R Nair
    • Siphewe Shabalala Akhil R Nair
    •  WC opening goal scorers Lucien lorrent, lahm,sampaio,shabalala Akhil R Nair
    •  Thissport competition with the nick name ―La Grande Boucle‖ is organised by the Amaury Sports Organisation. The New York Times said the ―_______is arguably the most physiologically demanding of athletic events." The effort was compared to "running a marathon several days a week for nearly three weeks", while the total elevation of the climbs was compared to "climbing three Everests. Akhil R Nair
    • Akhil R Nair
    •  Name the cup and reason for evolution from pic 1 to pic 2 Akhil R Nair
    •  Stanley cup To engrave the names of winning club, players, coach and management, a new metal band have to be added after the completion of all spaces in the previous band. Akhil R Nair
    •  Which Game did he invent ?? Akhil R Nair
    •  Slamball Akhil R Nair
    •  The figure-hugging running suits that he wore in his races were responsible for coining of the term Xs lunchbox in reference to the bulge of his genitalia in his Lycra shorts. In response to this comment he wore some other running suit to show his anger against the media. Name the athlete(X) Also name the running suit Pic in next slide…….. Akhil R Nair
    • Akhil R Nair
    •  Linforde Christie Newspaper print suit Akhil R Nair
    • X was developed among the samurai of feudal Japan as a method for defeating an armed and armoured opponent in which one uses no weapon, or only a short weapon. X means simple art or flexible technique Some examples of martial arts that have developed from or have been influenced by X are: Aikido, Bartitsu, Hapkido, Judo, Kudo, K apap, and Kenpo—as well as some styles of Japanese Karate Akhil R Nair
    •  Jujutsu Akhil R Nair
    •  Thesemi final clash between Portugal & England in 1966 FIFA world cup is known as Jogo das Lágrimas. Portugal lost 1–2 and Eusébio famously walked off the pitch in tears, being comforted by both his teammates and opponents. How is the game better known in English. Akhil R Nair
    •  Game of tears Akhil R Nair
    •  Maratha Warriors Orissa Steelers Chennai Veerans ..What are they? Akhil R Nair
    •  Participants of the first two editions of the premier hockey league. Akhil R Nair
    •  Atthe 2008 Olympic Games he finished in joint eighth place in the trap qualification, missing a place among the top six, who progressed to the final round. He also competed at the 2004 Olympic Games. In addition, he has medals from the Asian Games and the Commonwealth Games. In the 1994 Commonwealth Games in Victoria, British Columbia, he won a gold medal in trap event. Name this lesser known Indian Trap shooter aged 47. Akhil R Nair
    •  Mansher Singh Akhil R Nair
    •  These are player positions for a very fast ball game. Champs are France. Akhil R Nair
    •  Hand Ball Akhil R Nair
    •  Name him, coach to Donovan and Altidore. Akhil R Nair
    •  Klinsman Akhil R Nair
    •  Avalanches,sharks, kings, ducks , Coyotes, Predators ,Hurricanes, maple leafs…. How do we know them. Akhil R Nair
    •  Teams from the NHL. Akhil R Nair
    •  Builtin 1883 and modelled on the Caulfield Racecourse in Melbourne, it is spread over on 225 acres of land facing the sea. It was originally donated by Sir Cusrow N Wadia and today it is on lease from the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) to Royal Western India Turf Club which runs the racecourse. The Grandstand, off the course, is a designated heritage structure. Akhil R Nair
    •  Mahalaxmi race course Akhil R Nair
    •  The end qsenate.blogspot.com Akhil R Nair