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Mechnius 12 finals

  1. 1. Mechnius 2012 presentMechnius Quiz
  2. 2. Total 6 rounds Round 1 – Direct Clockwise (12) Round 2 – Clues !!! Round 3 – Direct Anti clockwise (12) Round 4 – Long Visual Connect (11) Round 5 – Your Choice Round 6 – Rapid FireDecision of Quiz master will be final
  3. 3. Round ITotal 12 questionsBounce Clockwise10 points for right answerNo negatives
  4. 4. 1By what name this is known ?
  5. 5. Vitruvian Man
  6. 6. 2The name of this structure is derived from two Greekwords which means “on both sides” and “place forviewing”. These were used for chariot races, gladiatorcombats and executions in ancient Rome.Some of the natural examples are foundin Drakensberg, South Africa; Slane Castle in Ireland; TheGorge, The Red Rocks in USA.What are we talking about ?
  7. 7.  Amphitheatres
  8. 8. 3This regiment which was formed in 1815 in the BritishIndian Army still exists in Indian Army and British Army.Name it
  9. 9. Gurkha Regiment
  10. 10. 4In 2006 a commemorative Coin set was issued to markthe 50th anniversary of the founding of X, making it onlythe second Indian company alongside State Bank of Indiato have such a coin issued in its honour.Name the company ......
  11. 11. ONGC
  12. 12. 5This word was coined by Georges Herpin in 1864. Hetook the Greek root word which means an attraction oraffinity for something, and another word meaning "exemptfrom duties and taxes" to form this word. The alternativeterms considered were "timbromania", "timbrophily" and"timbrology“. Identify the word.
  13. 13. Philately
  14. 14. 6When the ships São Gabriel and São Rafael reached India,a new history was created. Why?
  15. 15. These are the ships which carried Vasco da Gama toIndia
  16. 16. 7David Leavitt suggested this about the death of Alan Turingthat he was re-enacting a scene from a 1937 film , hisfavourite fairy tale, pointing out that he took "an especiallykeen pleasure in the scene where the Wicked Witchimmerses her apple in the poisonous brew.“Name the film ?
  17. 17. Snow White
  18. 18. 8For every year there is a pre-approved list of names for Xwhich are generated by National X Center. Since 1979, thename list alternate between male and female. Xs arenamed alphabetically for the list in a chronological orderi.e. the first X of the year will be given a name that startswith „A‟ , second one starts with „B‟ and so on. The listcontains name that begin from A to W, but exclude namethat begin with “Q” or “U”. There are six lists thatcontinue to rotate.What list…….
  19. 19. Hurricanes
  20. 20. 9The 1968 Olympics marked the debut of Dick Fosburyand his famous “______” jumping style. Till then, all highjumpers cleared the bar by straddling it. But his techniquebegan by racing upto the bar and twisting his body whiletaking off. He went over the bar head first with his back tothe bar. This style is adopted by most jumpers today.Name the jumping style.
  21. 21. Fosbury Flop
  22. 22. 10Gokul Rajaram, a former Google employe is known to usby the name “Godfather of X” . X played a major role inincreased amount of blog writers and similar websites. Infact it is one of the thing that most of the bloggers love ofGoogle.Id X….
  23. 23. Google Adsense
  24. 24. 11Flag of ___________________
  25. 25. English East India Company
  26. 26. 12This was a political scandal during the 1970s in the UnitedStates resulting from the break-in of the DemocraticNational Committee headquarters which eventually led tothe resignation of Richard Nixon from the post of U.Spresident. The FBI connected the payments to theburglars to a slush fund used by the Committee for theRe-Election of the President, a fundraising group for theNixon campaign.Why was the scandal named so ????
  27. 27. Because the Democratic National Committeeheadquarters was situated in Watergate complex inWashington D.C
  28. 28. Round IITotal 6 questionsEach question consist of 3 clues with points 20,15and 10.Negative 20,15 and 10 for wrong answers
  29. 29. 2019 May 1881 – 10 November 1938
  30. 30. 15His famous quote, "the future is in the skies", isembossed today on the façade of Etimesgut Airport andhis surname was presented to him by the Parliament of hiscountry in 1934.
  31. 31. 10He was an Ottoman and Turkish army officer,revolutionary statesman, writer, and the first President ofTurkey
  32. 32. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
  33. 33. 20He is an 8 time academy award winner.He also won Palm d‟Or in 2002. His first wife was Polish actress, Barbara Lass whoalso acted in his 1959 film “When Angels Fall.”
  34. 34. 15He then married Sharon Tate, the upcoming actressof that time.On 11 March 1977, he was arrested in Los Angeles forthe sexual assault of 13-year-old Samantha Geimer duringa photo shoot for French Vogue magazine.
  35. 35. 10His famous movies are…The Pianist (2002)Oliver Twist (2005)The Ghost Write (2010)Carnage (2011) etc……..
  36. 36. Roman Polanski
  37. 37. 20Alumnus of Indian Institute of Management Calcutta.Worked for companies such as StandardChartered, DBS Bank and IDBI Federal Life Insurancebefore turning to writing.
  38. 38. 15At the Jaipur Literary Festival in 2011 he said that “Hebelieves that religiosity and liberalism go hand-in-hand inIndia”.He targeted social media websites for promoting hisdebut novel, and made a trailer film with a backgroundscore reportedly by Taufiq Qureshi and uploaded iton YouTube.
  39. 39. 10His third book, The Oath of the Vayuputras is expectedto release in 2012
  40. 40. Amish Tripathi
  41. 41. 20In 2004, Art Silverblatt and Nikolai Zlobin described it asa "muckraking site" in their book "InternationalCommunications: A Media Literacy Approach"
  42. 42. 15It carried out an investigation on defence procurement,called Operation Westend, received international attention,and led to the resignation of Indian Defence Minister in2001
  43. 43. 10The first issue of the magazine was published in 2000 asa news website. It transitioned through a printednewspaper format until it became a magazine in 2007.Editor in chief is Tarun Tejpal
  44. 44. Tehelka
  45. 45. 20 He made his first significant impact in tennis in 1990 byknocking Boris Becker out of the first round of the FrenchOpen mens singles where he went on to reach thequarter-finals.He helped Yugoslavia win the World Team Cup in 1991.
  46. 46. 15He lost to Andre Agassi in 1992 and to Pete Sampras in94 and 98 Wimbledon Single‟s finals.He won bronze at Barcelona Olympics in 1992
  47. 47. 10He is the only person to win the mens singles titleat Wimbledon as a wildcard in 2001 after a tough andemotional 5 set match against Patrick Rafter.
  48. 48. Goran Ivanisevich
  49. 49. 20 Featured in India Todays list of 100 People WhoShaped India.She was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1956,and Sangeet Natak Akademi Fellowship in 1967.
  50. 50. 15She was instrumental for the legislation for ThePrevention of Cruelty to Animals Act,1960 and forlater setting up of the Animal Welfare Board of India,under her chairmanship in 1962.In 1977, Morarji Desai offered to nominate her forthe post of President of India.
  51. 51. 10In January 1994, an Act of the IndianParliament recognised the Kalakshetra Foundationwhich she started as an Institute of NationalImportance.‘She is considered the most important revivalist inthe Indian classical dance form of Bharatnatyam fromits original sadhir style
  52. 52. 10Rukmini Devi Arundale
  53. 53. Round IIITotal 12 questionsPounce with bounce anti clockwise10 for direct+10/-10 for pounce
  54. 54. 1It is a Russian nesting doll which is a set ofwooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside theother. The first Russian nested doll set was carved in1890 from a design by a folk crafts painter ,SergeyMalyutin. Traditionally the outer layer is a woman, dressedin a sarafan, a long and shapeless traditional Russianpeasant jumper dress. The figures inside may be of eithergender; the smallest, innermost doll is typically ababy lathed from a single piece of wood.Name it Pic in next slide
  55. 55. Contd….
  56. 56. Matryoshka Dolls
  57. 57. 2X started its actual operations in India in the summer of1888, when crates full of Y soap bars, embossed with thewords "Made in England by X" were shipped to theKolkata harbour and it began an era of marketing brandedFast Moving Consumer Goods.Id X & Y ?
  58. 58. X – Lever BrothersY – Sunlight
  59. 59. 3He was a prominent Indian theatre and film personalityfrom Bengal. He became a member of the Indian People‟sTheatre Association, a left-leaning group of artists who aimed atreflect the suffering of the poor in their work, so as to make asocial impact for the betterment of that section of society.Name his wife who is more famousin another field…..
  60. 60. Mahasweta Devi
  61. 61. 4They are a part of a predominantly desert-dwelling Arabianethnic group. The name of this tribe derives from theword ”bādiyah” which means semiarid desert.Id this group….
  62. 62. Bedouin
  63. 63. 5X is a volcano in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon. It eruptedthousands of years ago resulting in the formation of a crater.Subsequent lava flows sealed the bottom allowing it to be filledwith approximately 4.6 trillion gallons of water from rainfall andsnow melt, consequently forming Y, the world‟s seventh deepestlake in the world. The entire mountain range is located in the YNational Park. A small volcanic island, Wizard Island appears onthe west of this lake creating a „volcano in a lake in a volcano‟.Id X and Y …………. Pic in next slide
  64. 64. Contd……
  65. 65. X – Mt.MazamaY – Crater Lake
  66. 66. 6With which invention related to one of the natural disaster canyou connect A ?????B is his invention. A B
  67. 67. Seismograph
  68. 68. 7Name of this Indian state is derived form the Sanskrit for“without flatness or plains” or “unequal”. It is also believed thatthe name is derived from one of the kingdom which ruled there.
  69. 69. Assam
  70. 70. 8For which Indian newspaper did they work for?
  71. 71. The Pioneer
  72. 72. 9This art form is similar to the European dramatic version, Opera.It has a history of about 400 years and is closely related withLatin Catholics.A Malayalam film which is closely related with this art form wasreleased in 2010, which became the first Malayalam movie fromReliance Big Motion Pictures.Identify the art form and film.
  73. 73. Art form – Chavittu nadakam
  74. 74. 10The 1939 Tripura session of Congress saw Gandhiji and Netaji inopposite sides. Netaji & X were the candidates for thepresidential post of Congress. X was supported by Gandhiji, butlost to Netaji by 95 votes. A book written by X is considered asthe History of INC .Find X …
  75. 75. Pattabhi Sitharamayya
  76. 76. 11Charles Darwin described it as "ugly animals, of a yellowishorange beneath, and of a brownish-red colour above: from theirlow facial angle they have a singularly stupid appearance.“Identify it.
  77. 77. Galapagos Iguana
  78. 78. 12He was an Indian international footballer and first class cricketer.His club career started and ended at Mohun Bagan despiteoffers from clubs like Tottenham.He was the captain of Indian football team which won the AsianGames gold in 1962.He won the Arjuna award in 1963 and Padmashri in 1983.He also acted in a Bengali movie “Prothom Prem”
  79. 79. Chuni Goswami
  80. 80. Round IVTotal 10 slides5 pts for identifying each slide10 pts bonus for getting all 10 correctSlides 1-2 :: +50/-25Slides 3-4 :: +40/-20Slides 5-6 :: +30/-15Slides 7-8 :: +20/-10Slides 9-10 :: +10/-5
  81. 81. 1 +50/-25
  82. 82. 2 +50/-25
  83. 83. 3 +40/-20
  84. 84. 4 +40/-20
  85. 85. 5 +30/-15
  86. 86. 6 +30/-15
  87. 87. 7 +20/-10
  88. 88. 8 +20/-10
  89. 89. 9 +10/-5
  90. 90. 10 +10/-5
  91. 91. All are known as “Gandhi” of their respective areas
  92. 92. 1 A T Ariyaratna Sri Lankan Gandhi
  93. 93. 2 Ibrahim Rugova Balkan Gandhi
  94. 94. 3 Ahmed Sukarno Indonesian Gandhi
  95. 95. 4 Jomo Keniyatta Kenyan Gandhi
  96. 96. 5 Aang San Burmese Gandhi
  97. 97. 6 K Kelappan Kerala Gandhi
  98. 98. Baba Amte7 Gandhi of Modern World
  99. 99. 8 Dr. Rajendra Prasad Orissa Gandhi
  100. 100. 9 Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan Frontier Gandhi
  101. 101. 10 Martin Luther King American Gandhi
  102. 102. Round VSelect your topicEach topic contains 3 questions with points in theorder 10,15,20.For wrong answer you will lose your just previouspoint in this round.
  103. 103. SportsPoliticsLiteratureEntertainmentHistoryBusiness
  104. 104. S1 Suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, it was too painful for himto show his index finger raised above the head and this led tothe "crooked finger of doom".Other signals include “crumb-sweeping” wave of the arm,double crooked finger six-phase hop etc.Who is the creator of these signals who is referred as“Bozo the Clown” ??
  105. 105. Billy Bowden
  106. 106. S2Starting from 1928 Olympics, the gold medal winningIndian hockey team holds another unique record whichwas broken in 1968 Olympics. What is that ?
  107. 107. S2None of the teams scored more than 1 goal againstIndia in Olympics
  108. 108. S3The evolution of this was believed to be from the colourof the event organizing newspaper after the journalists hadasked the event director, Henri Desgrange, to make iteasier for them to find the leader in the peloton.What are we talking about ?
  109. 109. Evolution of Yellow Jersey in Tour de France
  110. 110. P1 Founding member of the Communist Party of India.Founder of Socialist the first socialist weekly in IndiaPlayed an important role in the formation of Maharashtra.Remained the Chairman of the CPI till 1978, was removed inthat year because the majority of party workers were against hispolitical line of supporting Indian National Congress & IndiraGandhi.Was in news some months ago in Kerala.Who is he ?
  111. 111. Sripad Amrit Dange
  112. 112. P2Co founded the Penguin Books and also created theSainik schools. He is considered as the prime architect ofThird Bloc policy. He was described as the 2nd mostpowerful man after Nehru by Time magazine.Who is he ?
  113. 113. V k Krishnamenon
  114. 114. P3He was a key figure in the Islamic revolution in Iran anda close confidant of Ayatollah Khomeini. In 1981, after theassassination of Mohammad-Ali Rajai, he waselected President of Iran by a huge margin. Foundedthe Islamic Republic Party, along with like-minded clericssuch as Mohammad Beheshti, Mohammad Javad BahonarWho is this great leader ?
  115. 115. Syed Ali Khameni
  116. 116. L1 By what name these 3 are known ????
  117. 117. Lake Poets
  118. 118. L2He believed that his most enduring contributions wouldbe his "Three Laws of Robotics" and the FoundationSeries.He was credited for introducing the words“Robotics”, “positronic” and “psychohistory”.His other famous works are Galactic Empire series,Nightfall, Black Widowers series etcIdentify the Russian born author ……
  119. 119. Issac Asimov
  120. 120. The plot for this film was based on a story by SamuelHopkins Adams. Which is that story ?
  121. 121. Night Bus
  122. 122. E1Identify the director of this movie
  123. 123. Santhosh George Kulangara
  124. 124. E2X stars in Disney Mobile‟s IOS game “Where‟s My Water?”.It was created to aim at the Angry Birds‟ empire in mobile gamesworld and soon to enter into film world.Identify X….
  125. 125. Swampy
  126. 126. E3It is a 1975 American drama film directed by MilošForman and based on the 1962 novel of the samename by Ken Kesey.The title is derived from an American childrens folkrhyme.Jack Nicholson, Louise Fletcher, William Redfield playedmajor roles.A Malayalam version of this was also made by aleading director.
  127. 127. One flew over the Cuckoo‟snest
  128. 128. H1They met first on 1955 April @ Bandung to lay the foundation ofX. Then in July 1956, they again met @ Briyoni to form thepractical skeleton of X. In 1961 September they met @ Belgradein which representatives from 25 countries participated andfinally X came into existence.Identify X.
  129. 129. Non Alignment Movement
  130. 130. H2 Connect to a dynasty
  131. 131. Eastern Ganga Dynasty
  132. 132. H3He was an archaeologist who is famous for some specialdiscovery in Egypt. What is that special discovery ?
  133. 133. Tomb of Tutankhamun
  134. 134. B1Identify the company ………
  135. 135. Sum Zero
  136. 136. B2The group that develops X was originally called the"Portable Systems" team. X is a 32-bit operating systemreleased on July 27, 1993, which makes it a strategicbusiness platform that supports high-end engineering andscientific programs.
  137. 137. Windows NT
  138. 138. B3It was opened in Seattle, Washington, on March 30, 1971 bythree partners:English teacher Jerry Baldwin,history teacher Zev Siegl, andwriter Gordon Bowker.The name is taken from Moby-Dick after Pequod was rejectedby one of the co-founders, the company was named after thefirst mate on the Pequod.Id the company……..
  139. 139. Starbucks
  140. 140. Round VIOne minute time5 points for correct answerNo negatives
  141. 141. a