Bollywood Quiz Prelims


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Quizmaster: Anurag Dash

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Bollywood Quiz Prelims

  1. 1. Quiz Master: Anurag Dash
  2. 2.  Prelims of 30 Points Question 11-20 are starred. In case of a tie these questions will be taken into consideration. If tie still exists, 21-25 will be considered. Else there will be a sudden death from Q. 11 My philosophy for this quiz is ‘3 hours of fun’ Your philosophy should be: aaya hoon toh kuch na kuch lekar jaunga And as usual, quizmaster is God.
  3. 3.  According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word X was used for the first time by H.R.F. Keating in 1976 in this book. Id X.
  4. 4.  6. Remake of which iconic movie.
  5. 5.  dw1g
  6. 6. •• X (1991)• X (1992)• X (1993)• X (1994)• X (1995)• Udit Narayan (1996)• Udit Narayan (1997)• Abhijeet (1998)• Sukhwinder Singh (1999)• Udit Narayan (2000)
  7. 7.  Thisis Sana Saeed, a television actress and a model. In which movie did she make her debut?
  8. 8.  Guddi (1971) Dost (1974) X (1975) Y (1975) Ram Balram (1980) Naseeb (1981) Andha Kanoon (1983) Hum Kaun Hai (2004)
  9. 9.  Sholay Chupke Chupke
  10. 10.  http://www.youtu FVH4oSjqOE
  11. 11.  Thistoy gives the nick name of a famous actor.
  12. 12. X is a 1974 movie directed by Kishore Kumar that brought together the three brothers Askok, Kishore and Anoop on screen along with Kishore Kumar’s son Amit Kumar. Id X.
  13. 13.  2009 Old Harry (short) (completed) 2012 Lykke (TV series) 2009 Trinity (TV series) 2009 Cuckoo 2009 Slaughter 2009 Goal! III (video) 2007 St. Trinians 2004-2007 Holby City (TV series) 2006 Heartbeat (TV series) 2005 Elvis (TV movie) 2005 X 2004 The Afternoon Play (TV series) 2003 Monarch of the Glen (TV series)
  14. 14.  X was born in a royal Patwardhan family. Her father is the former Maharaja of Sangli. She was contemplating going overseas to pursue her studies in Management, when Sheela, the former wife of actor/film-maker, Amol Palekar (their then neighbour), approached her to act in a television serial Kaachi Dhoop, which she accepted. The TV serial proved to be very popular, and as a result she also ended up appearing in Honi Anhonee, and Kisse Miya Biwi Ke. Due these serials, she got the lead role in the movie A which became a blockbuster. But shortly after its release, X decided to get married to her boyfriend, Himalay Dassani. She conditionally offered to act in movies provided a lead role was provided to Himalay. She did star with him in three movies Qaid Main Hai Bulbul, Tyaagi, and Paayal, but all three failed at the box office.
  15. 15.  Swatantrapur is a free custodian colony built in 1939 by Raja Bhavanrao Shrinivas "Bala Sahib" of Aundh princely state near Atpadi. The movie X was inspired by the story of an open prison experiment Swatantrapur. It won a Silver Bear at the 8th Berlin International Film Festival and it was the first Indian film to win a Golden Globe Award.
  16. 16.  X, an Apple computer buff, had set up an Internet café in a 5-star hotel in Mumbai using a leased TCP/IP line in 1994 before VSNL brought Internet access to the general public. He was also the founder and first chairman of the Internet Users Community of India (IUCI). When A opened its office in Mumbai several years ago X was invited by Jerry Yang. As the launch festivities started building towards a climax, X was pleasantly surprised to hear the band playing his song B. Later, Yang told him how inspired he was by the song B and the way the actor had used the word in his inimitable style in so many of his films.
  17. 17.  Popular Bollywood music hosting site ‘’ offers visitors to listen to any random song on its homepage through a tab titiled ‘Surprise Me’ or ‘_______ ____’.
  18. 18.  Only 5 movies have so far won the big 4 i.e. best movie, director, actor and actress at Filmfare. First to do so was Guide followed by DDLJ and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Which two movies released in the last decade complete the list?
  19. 19.  Remake of which classic Bollywood movie.
  20. 20.  Video clip: Scene from Transformers 3 in Hindi
  21. 21.  Which upcoming  http://www.youtu movie was rumored to have uFRk2DU7kQ the following song by Pakistani singer Bilawal Balouch in its album?