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Poetree company presentation 2014

  1. 1. Company Profile April 2014
  2. 2. 01/04/2014 www.poe-tree.com 2 Who we are Vision – Mission Our target consumer group Our product Contact details Agenda
  3. 3. 01/04/2014 www.poe-tree.com Producing premium quality olive oil for 80 years Family history and tradition – Our family has been producing extra virgin olive oil for more than 3 generations from the same fields in Messinia, Greece. Our long tradition of caring for our nature, the olive trees and producing exceptional quality olive has been passed on to us from our great grandparents and is an integral part of our heritage. – Our olive oil is produced from the same family owned trees that were planted on our fields by our great grand father, Dionysis Michalarakos from the early 1900 until about the 1930s. Certified Organic since 2003 – Since 2003 the olive oil certified organic, but our family has always been cultivating the olive trees without the use of any fertilizers and pesticides and in for a more natural and healthier olive oil. Why did we decide to package our olive oil and export it to Europe – The recent economic crisis and the hardship that we and other Greek people are experiencing inspired us. We wanted to take the fruit of our land and instead of selling it to whole sellers, to turn it into a business that would allow us to support our community and ourselves. Support, that extends beyond the need to create jobs, and into the necessity to support those in need. The distribution company – Inspirational Foods is based in Greece and is the distribution company that we have established to sell the highest quality Greek natural and organic products to customers across the globe. – Our first brand is Poe-tree Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Poe-tree is our creation. Our inspiration, tradition, history in a bottle. Inspiration that comes from our nature, the health of our family and our children, and the need to live healthier more fulfilling lives. 3
  4. 4. 01/04/2014 www.poe-tree.com Our field: Location 4
  5. 5. 01/04/2014 www.poe-tree.com 5 Who we are Vision – Mission Our target consumer group Our product Contact details Agenda
  6. 6. 01/04/2014 www.poe-tree.com Nature is our inspiration… Mission: – To improve the health of our environment and the health of our families, by producing and selling the highest quality olive oil using sustainable business practices. ! Our Vision for the future: – We believe that every brand has a responsibility to improve the quality of people’s lives and to contribute to improve our society. As our business grows, so does our responsibility. Our commitment to sustainable development, socially responsible practices guide our actions and is a fundamental part of who we are. 6
  7. 7. 01/04/2014 www.poe-tree.com Our Values and Commitments Improve people’s health – To produce and sell the highest quality products – To inspire our customers to live healthier lives ! Improve the health of the environment – Organic Farming – Practice sustainable farming – Only use recyclable materials – Take responsibility for the packaging by paying for its recycling • Extended Producer Responsibility ! Create Value for our stakeholders – Support local community – Engage ourselves and our customers to support social causes 7
  8. 8. 01/04/2014 www.poe-tree.com 8 Who we are Vision – Mission Our target consumer group Our product Contact details Agenda
  9. 9. 01/04/2014 www.poe-tree.com Who is our target consumer 9 WHAT MATTERS TO THEM. THEIR VALUES Health. Personal and family health Protecting the environment Quality, Taste Price The social contribution of brands DEMOGRAPHICS Age 35-50 Gender Female Education Higher Family status Married Children Yes Wealth Mid to higher Spare time Family, kids, entertaining friends, cultural activities Social involvement Yes Likes cooking Yes. Does it not only for family but as entertainment Social Media Very active EXPERIENCE / EXPERTISE What do they know about: OLIVE OIL General knowledge Organic Olive Oil Limited. More familiar with other organic products Greek Olive Oil Limited. they know more about Italian TECHNOLOGY How do they reach our site? Google Search engine Social media mentions - Facebook, twitter Blogs/other references From where? Home: PC, tablet. Mobile on super market while shopping
  10. 10. 01/04/2014 www.poe-tree.com How does our product satisfy our customer’s values 10 What matters to our customers. Their values Product features and how they satisfy our customer’s values Health. Personal and family health Protecting the environment • Organic: ‣ No pesticides or fertilizers are used so the olive oil is safe and healthy ‣ The oil is tested for the absence of 180 different compounds and/or harmful substances, to ensure that no contamination has taken place from adjacent field. • We promote Healthy Eating by encouraging people to substitute, fully or partially, butter for olive oil. We have created recipes using only olive oil as fat to inspire our customers to use olive oil as a basic ingredient in their daily cooking ‣ Organic olive oil is a monounsaturated fat, and is considered a good fatty acid (high density lipoproteins, HDLs) protect against bad cholesterol, or low density lipoproteins (LDLs). • Land: We protect the soil from erosion by keeping covered with other plants • Water: Apart from the rainfall we do not water the olive trees • Air: We do not burn the olive branches that result from pruning. Instead we shred them and distribute them in our field to nourish the soil • Energy: The olive are picked by hand • We do not use fertilizers and or pesticides thus reducing harmful chemicals that may pollute our soil, air, and water • We produce our olive oil in a 2-stage mill which produces smaller quantities of waste, and is more energy efficient • We use recyclable materials for our packaging • We take responsibility for the disposal of our packaging. We have joined an Extended Producer Responsibility program to pay for the recycling cost of all our packaging material.
  11. 11. 01/04/2014 www.poe-tree.com How does our product satisfy our customer’s values 11 What matters to our customers. Their values Product features and how they satisfy our customer’s values Quality Taste Price The social contribution of brands • Organic certification • Extra Virgin: Highest quality olive oil with acidity below 0.8%. Our oil has acidity < 0.4% and we do not sell olive oil with higher acidity at production. • Unfiltered:This process maintains all valuable ingredients and the oil has better taste • Cold pressed: The olives are processed at below 27C to ensure that the oil maintains its important organoleptic elements. • Unique Serial Number: This allow the customer to trace where the olive oil was made. • Olives are pressed within 24 hours of picking to ensure that the organoleptic characteristics of the olive oil remain intact • We include on the package all chemical parameters and certifications for full disclosure • We support our community by creating jobs and by supporting local producers to adopt sustainable cultivation practices. • We plan to support causes that promote healthy eating for children in Greece and in local markets • We plan to embark on a campaign advocating the elimination of 3-stage mills and their replacement with 2-stage mills that consume less energy and produce less harmful waste. • Fruity olive oil with no defects and high essence of green tomato, green leafs and slight essence of floral. Contains all the premium characteristics of the Koroneiki variety which makes it suitable for salads and fish with no interference to the taste, boosting the overall flavor. • We intend to have a Retail Price slightly lower than the average price of similar products in each country.
  12. 12. 01/04/2014 www.poe-tree.com Consumers do care about the environment and social causes ✓ More than 50% of people questioned say they are concerned about environmental issues ✓ More than 33% claim to be prepared to pay a little extra for environmentally responsible products or services ✓ Around half claim that they will not purchase products from companies that have negative reputation regarding the environment. from a recent Study about “How consumers perceive sustainability in the US, China, and beyond” by Interbrand ! ✓ Profit + Purpose: 76% responded “it is ok for brands to support good causes and make money at the same time”, up from 70% in 2010 ✓ Social Purpose as purchase trigger: 53% responded “When quality and price are the same Social Purpose most important factor” in choosing a product, up from 41% in 2010 ✓ Purchase Frequency: 47% responded that they have bought at least monthly a brand that supports a cause, up from 32% in 2010 2012 Edelman goodpurpose Study on Social causes, Purpose ! Clearly, people are taking action with their money, and are increasingly supporting brands and products that are placing equal emphasis on their profits, on the welfare of the society and the environment around us. 12
  13. 13. 01/04/2014 www.poe-tree.com Importance of environment in consumer’s decisions - Interbrand 13
  14. 14. 01/04/2014 www.poe-tree.com 14 Who we are Vision – Mission Our target consumer group Our product Contact details Agenda
  15. 15. 01/04/2014 www.poe-tree.com Poe-tree Premium Organic EVOO 15
  16. 16. 01/04/2014 www.poe-tree.com Poe-tree Premium Organic EVOO Premium quality organic olive oil from Messinia region in Greece. The olives are hand picked in November while still green and grown using sustainable cultivation practices and strict organic standards. No pesticides or fertilizers are used and the olive trees are not watered. The olive oil is unfiltered to maintain all its valuable nutrients and produced using cold extraction process at temperature lower than 27o C, in a 2-stage olive oil mill. It is a single-varietal olive oil from the Kore- neiki olives which produce olive oil with very high level of polyphenols, natural fruity taste, and dark green colour. Available in 500ml and 200ml bottle contained in cardboard box to protect oil from light. 16
  17. 17. 01/04/2014 www.poe-tree.com Poe-tree Premium Organic EVOO Tasting Notes: Fruity olive oil with no defects and high essence of green tomato, green leafs and slight essence of floral. Contains all the premium characteristics of the Koroneiki variety which makes it suitable for salads and fish with no interference to the taste, boosting the overall flavor. Organoleptic: Fruity: 7.5, Bitter: 3, Pungent: 2.5 Olive grove & production location: Messinia, Greece. Olive Variety: 100% Koroneiki Harvest: Early Harvest. Hand-picked in November 2013. Pressing: Cold pressed below 27oC and unfiltered. Analysis at production: Acidity (as % of oleic acid): 0.53% (max 0.8%), Peroxide Value (meq 02/Kg) : 8.8 (max 20), K-232: 1.64 (max 2.5), K-270: 0.149 (max 0.22), ΔK: -0.00 (max 0.01) Organic Certification: Certified by Dio Organization in accordance with Reg. (EC) 834/2007 since 2003. Security Features: Holographic security label with unique serial number. Self life: 24 months from production. Storage guidelines: Must be stored in a cool and dark place, away from direct sunlight . Packaging: Rectangular clear glass bottle, contained in cardboard box. Sizes: 500ml, and 200ml 17
  18. 18. 01/04/2014 www.poe-tree.com Awards Silver Medal in the 2014 BIOL International Prize for the Best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil held in Andria - Italy 18 The BIOL Prize, which is sponsored by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) and the Italian Ministry of Agricultural Policies, is considered as the global reference point for the best organic extra virgin olive oils. ! This year, more than 425 organic olive oils from 17 countries were submitted to be judged by an international panel of 26 judges. ! The oils undergo rigorous chemical tests by qualified laboratories and only the highest quality olive oils are tested by the judges for their organoleptic characteristics to produce a complete reliable and updated overview of the organic olive oil worldwide sector.
  19. 19. 01/04/2014 www.poe-tree.com Security features for in-store promotions and traceability Security hologram with unique serial number. – It is very important to us for the customer to have all the information about the olive oil. The serial number allows the customer to know where and when the oil was produced, bottled and sold. – It also allows the customer to register to our members area and receive inspiring recipes, special offers, test new products and news about our olive oil. ! QR code that directs the customer to a microsite with all details of the olive oil. – Even before the customer buys Poe-tree Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, she can have all the information at her fingertips. She can scan the QR code in the bottom of the box with a smartphone and see when and where it was produced, the chemical analysis, and the organic farming certificates. – The microsite can be customized to include in-store promotions and/or promotional material specific to each point of sale. 19
  20. 20. 01/04/2014 www.poe-tree.com Web Site 20 Home Page Registered area with Recipes and offers for customers
  21. 21. 01/04/2014 www.poe-tree.com Poe-tree Premium Organic EVOO 21 INSPECTION& CERTIFICATIONORGANIZATION OF ORGANICPRODUCTS 38 AristotelousStr.,104 33 Athens- GREECE Tef.;OO3O2LOa2 24 3A4 Fax O03O2LO82 Lg LL7, E-mail:lnfo@dionet.gf,Website:wrury,dionet.€r Reg.Numberz15414-l/13 PLIANCE W Operator'sfull name MICHALA RAKOSD/ON/S/OS Fiiiitei'itsName GEORGIOS Address' KRES/VAS22KtFtStA14561 PidieciuiC, ATHENS ,D|O'sCo-dC 21051030457 RegiCttetion Deta November 2$n 2003 OPERATOR'SPERSONALDATA DIO, Inspectionand Certification Organizationof OrganicProducts,accreditedby the Hellenic Ministry of Rural Developmentand foods underthe decisionnumber:305612(Gov. Journal: l082l11-06-2008),upon providing this Affirmation of Compliance,statesthattheabovementionedoperatoris fulfilling therequirementsof theEU Reg. 834/2007andall of itsamendmentsthereof,sincetheRegistrationDateregardingthebelowmentionedoperation * O.P.: OrganicPhase T.P.: TransitionPhase I.F.. InspectionPhase This document cannot be usedasa Product Certificate. Only the Original is valid. Responsible Maria Tsou Mavropoulos Department Issuing Date: September4'h2013 'li ;., i iiaci"$imnDnie fi;T*t:;", :. -""' MBSSINIAS LOGAS KARDAMIS OLIVE TREES 20 o.P. November 25'n 2003 November25'n 2003 312-078-5330-040 K.E.4l l-91lEN03/01-08-2008 uction AFFtRh'tuqrtoNor coMPil"ANcE DIO Inspection and Certification Organization of Organic Products, accredited by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food according to the decision 305612 (Gov.Journal: 1082/11-6-2008), certifies that the Operation: GR.-BIO-01 ADI}RESS NAME MICHALI PHILIPPA 22KresnasStr.,Kifisia 14561GR 210s1130048 2llt2l20l2 04t09t20r3 04t09t20t3 DtoaoDE EEG.ISE Tl0ryrr: L:,i:iiD-d-'T-,t,..:.=::-- hassatisJiedtherequirementsof Reg.(EC)834/2007andall of itsmodificationsthereof, regardingthefollowingproceduresandproducts: PRODUCT ACTIVITY CERT.DATE 10.41 OLIVE OIL TRADING 2t/[2/2012 ThisDocumentis issaedfor everylegal use,exceptfor tradingparpose. Only the original is valid _ 15373-3/13Date of Issue: Valid Since: Valid Until: In Charge of Iss Nikolaos Derm Code:4'l1-93/03/01-08-2009 38Aristotelousltr, 10433,Athens,6reece,Tel:+302108224384,Fa*+302108218117,E-maihinfo@dionetgr,www.dionet.gr Dro Organic Certification for Olive Oil Trading Organic Certification for Olive Oil Production Poe-tree Olive Oil Analysis
  22. 22. 01/04/2014 www.poe-tree.com 22 Who we are Vision – Mission Our target consumer group Our product Contact details Agenda
  23. 23. 01/04/2014 www.poe-tree.com Contact us Sakis Michalarakos ! Inspirational Foods 22, Kresnas Street 14561 Kifissia GREECE ! Tel: + 30 213 024 0641 Mobile: + 30 6944 560010 sakis@poe-tree.com www.poe-tree.com 23