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Introduction Mediterranean Treasures
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Introduction Mediterranean Treasures


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Mediterranean Treasures, import & export platform for quality gourmet products form Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece. Our port folio is selected for Delicacies, Organic and Foodservices companies in …

Mediterranean Treasures, import & export platform for quality gourmet products form Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece. Our port folio is selected for Delicacies, Organic and Foodservices companies in the Benelux, Middle East and Asia. Our idea is to inform our customers and their customers that we have the opportunity and aibilty to start with more focus on healthy, tastefully and particular sustainable production of food and ingredients. Lets try and find together new directions and discover the amazing taste and values for our love ones.

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  • 1. Introduction
  • 2.  Food 3.0  Sourcing  Publishing  Trading  Business Development
  • 3. Mediterranean Treasures About us Environment & Trends Our aims The pillars of our succes
  • 4. About us Who we are Jan Robijns Ron Franken Henk Terol Gordon Dumoulin Unni Chrishan Manolis Koutentakis
  • 5. About us About us
  • 6. About us About us Business Developments & Sales Support Mediterranean Food & Beverages Producers in Europe, USA, Arabien areas and Asia.
  • 7. Added values for food consumption Tags: healthy, olive oil, grains, vegetables, fruits, beans and nuts The Mediterranean diet is a modern nutritional recommendation inspired by the traditional dietary patterns of Greece, Spain and Southern Italy.[1] The principal aspects of this diet include proportionally high consumption of olive oil, legumes, unrefined cereals, fruits, and vegetables, moderate to high consumption of fish, moderate consumption of dairy products (mostly as cheese and yogurt), moderate wine consumption, and low consumption of meat and meat products
  • 8. Health effects (source: wikipedia)  A number of diets have received attention, but the strongest evidence for a beneficial health effect and decreased mortality after switching to a largely plant based diet comes from studies of Mediterranean diet, e.g. from the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study.  The Mediterranean diet often is cited as beneficial for being low in saturated fat and high in monounsaturated fat and dietary fiber. One of the main explanations is thought to be the health effects of olive oil included in the Mediterranean diet.  The Mediterranean diet is high in salt content. Foods such as olives, salt-cured cheeses, anchovies, capers, and salted fish roe all contain high levels of salt.  The inclusion of red wine is considered a factor contributing to health as it contains flavonoids with powerful antioxidant properties.  Dietary factors are only part of the reason for the health benefits enjoyed by certain Mediterranean cultures. A healthy lifestyle (notably a physically active lifestyle or labor) is also beneficial. Environment may also be involved. However, on the population level, i.e. for the population of a whole country or a region, the influence of genetics is rather minimal, because it was shown that the slowly changing habits of Mediterranean populations, from a healthy active lifestyle and Mediterranean diet to a not so healthy, less physically active lifestyle and a diet influenced by the Western pattern diet, significantly increases risk of heart disease.There is an inverse association between adherence to the Mediterranean diet and the incidence of fatal and non fatal heart disease in initially healthy middle aged adults in the Mediterranean region.  A 2011 systematic review found that a Mediterranean diet appeared to be more effective than a low- fat diet in bringing about long-term changes to cardiovascular risk factors, such as lowering cholesterol level and blood pressure.  A 10-year study found that adherence to a Mediterranean diet and healthful lifestyle was associated with more than a 50% lowering of early death rates. A 5-year study of 7,447 people reported that the Mediterranean diet reduced the risk of heart disease in people at high risk by "about 30 percent" when compared with individuals on just a low fat diet.
  • 9. About Us
  • 10. About Us
  • 11. Why Mediterranean Treasures?  The global commodity world is changing rapidly  Increasing development ICT  Importers/agents needs trustful partners/suppliers  Most importers/agents looks around:  New entrepreneurs who are understand the business  Who use the latest ICT technical opportunities  Who are educated by the new rules of food export and cultural behavior  Opportunities to build trust with traders and suppliers  Solution we discover About us
  • 12. Mission Statement  We create new business opportunities in the food industries,  Support suppliers and importers/agents into their fields of expertise, mainly in trade & development sector.  Our mission meets the expectations of our partners as well as our societies interests.  Mediterranean Treasures invests her finance, intellectual and management resources into business and economic development to achieve a success in the accomplishment of its mission. About us
  • 13. Our Core values  Knowledge  Experiences  Innovative  Expertise  Transparency  Available network  Commitment  Sharing About us
  • 14. Our Brand Mediterranean Treasures  Mediterranean Treasures  The umbrella for facilitating all necessarily support to all our other companies in the field of trading, publishing and development  Mediterranean Treasures Business Development  The umbrella whose activities are in the global commodity area with focus on food, beverages and travel  Mediterranean Treasures Insider  The company whose publishing activities are the window for and from the inner circle inside the food business world  Mediterranean Treasures New Products Development & Sourcing  This umbrella is primarily active in the sourcing area whose acting in between trading and business development About us
  • 15. Our Corporate Profile  Established in 2013  Specialized in supplying port folio commodities:  Olive Oil, Olives, Organic food concepts, Sweets, Cheese, Pasta’s, Pesto’s, Marmalades, Honey, Sauces, Salts, Vinegars, Pickles, Fruit, Vegetables, Cosmetics??  Wines  Travelling  To meet the needs of our global customers  Network coop partners in Europe, ME, Asia and USA  To service and to support our customers in their activities in their own region: (marketing, communication, branding, private label, etc.)  To understand the needs in sourcing new markets and clients for our suppliers and traders About us
  • 16. Our Strategy  Create additional value for all assets in the portfolio of Mediterranean Treasures International:  Achieve strong and transparent financial results;  Provide high quality export management – including via partnerships with leading and added values products;  Maintain strict financial discipline, based upon:  Transparent KPIs for all food umbrella’s.  Enhance portfolio strategy and export management. About us
  • 17. The principles of Portfolio Management  The approved Strategy assumes that Mediterranean Treasures investment activities meet the following key criteria:  All target investments (existing portfolio companies and potential targets) should generate return on investments greater than weighted cost of capital  All targets should become profitable and self-sufficient in terms of funding needs in medium term perspective.  Mediterranean Treasures manages export food portfolio’s trough four Business Units, each possessing and operational expertise «Mediterranean Treasures Trading» (Export), b2b Assets», «MT Insider», «Business Development»).  New investment projects are initiated in the industries with strong prerequisites for stable and long term growth.  For the purposes of additional value creation Mediterranean Treasures may consider various partnership solutions with financial and strategic investors on a level of portfolio company. About us
  • 18.  We share common corporate culture  We are investing in human capital  We are building contemporary motivation schemes  We are educating our partners About us Our Corporative Culture
  • 19. Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy About us  Improving quality & innovative business development  Providing a safe work environment and investing in the development of human potential  Protecting the environment  Investing efficiently in production to increase competitiveness and contribute to the wellbeing of society as a whole  Taking into account the expectations and opinions of all stakeholders to adopt a systematic approach to building honest and mutually beneficial relations based on ethical principles  Developing local communities, particularly by creating mutually beneficial social partnerships in the regions where the Corporation is present  Ensuring that its social accountability is transparent
  • 20. Environment & Trends
  • 21. Global trends who are influence the business  2050 Global population more than 9 milliard citizens  More pollution from factories and manufactures  Needs for food concepts with added values without destroying the globe Environment & Trends
  • 22. Short term responsibilities  More food production area  More values inside the food for end consumer  Vitamins as alternative  Other food consumption patrons  Insects  More soya alternative meats  More healthy edible oils  Environment & Trends
  • 23. Group members in: Azië / China/Hong Kong Europa: Portugal / Spanje / Frankrijk / Italië Griekenland / Cyprus /Italië Europa: Duitsland / België en UK UAE / Arabia  Gordon Dumoulin, Frank Baan en Henk Terol  Ron Franken  Manolis Koutentakis  Jan Robijns en Henk Terol  Unni Krishnan
  • 24. Global buyers and sellers network with Mediterranean Treasures
  • 25. Why this platform?  SME’s mostly dependent on their government  Knowledge and experiences sharing with group members and import partners  Sharing costs and focus on efficiency of the operation
  • 26. Why Mediterranean Treasures?  Anticipation towards emerging and growing economies like China, Brazil etc. ○ disposable income in those regions is growing ○ Needs safe produced and controlled food products  Strongly positioned niche brands  Increasing world population (9 billion)  Changing consumer demands and wishes to new food concepts, ○ convenience, inspiration, healthy, organic, simple selection, to combine and connect in local food habits, focus on using social media (young) women,  Mediterranean Countries have a lot of opportunities in that specific global markets, use the Mediterranean Diet as key  Safely produced, quality is high, all necessary production requirements are available, evidence on taste and packaging, etc.
  • 27. Platform for business development and export support to international growth markets for producers of Mediterranean Delicacies and special products.
  • 28. Mediterranean Treasures Delivers 1  Professional support to SME’s in delicacies  An existing and growing network of importers wholesalers and buyers at retail formulas  Up to date knowledge and experiences of food and beverages in retail Europe, USA, Arabia and Asia  Lots of local consumers insights  Distinctive vision of new media and Shelf management  Support in shops and tastings for partners  Delivers experiences in cultural and social differences in export markets  Delivers experiences with export of food & beverages to different regions  Insights that can support local/regional retail channels
  • 29.  Tailor made sales and marketing services  Continuous updates on local market and consumer insights  International relations progress and reports  Key Account plans for monitoring developments and organic understanding of  Plano grams and promotions  Year action plan progress  Creative marketing solutions Mediterranean Treasures Delivers 1
  • 30. In short:  Cooperating in a group of professionals who can/want to contribute to the development and support of food & beverages - companies/brands in global markets.  That existing distribution networks present distinguished products as well as importers, wholesalers and retailers approaches on basis of a distribution philosophy.
  • 31. Witch Delicacies for retail and b2b?  Olive oil & olives  Wines  Tapenades, marmalades, pesto’s and pasta’s  Chocolate, chocolates  Cake and sweets  Coffee & tea  Honey and honey related products  Mustard and Mayonnaises,  Sauces and soups for b2b,  Cheese and cheese related products  Special products as salt, vinegars and pickles  Deep frozen fish, soups, sauces, etc  Sourcing for special demands/requirements
  • 32. Selection criteria  Licensed by Customs of Government for export  Ingredients report for the FDA (s)  Production control and resources as HACCP  Other relevant and necessary registrations  Willingness to labels in languages  Wishes of the market/importer to adjust possibility of tailor made productions  Marketing support for local parties  Presences and support by means of scholarships/master classes for importers and wholesalers  Websites (language adjustments) for professional and consumer support
  • 33. For more information Henk Terol  Phone: : 0031 (075) 6123987,  Mobile 0031 (0)654977703  E: or  W:, (under construction)  Skype: henkterol21