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Een presentatie, voornamelijk over mijn laatste opdracht, China en UAE, voor een Griekse olijfoliegroothandel.

Een presentatie, voornamelijk over mijn laatste opdracht, China en UAE, voor een Griekse olijfoliegroothandel.

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  • 1. About me!
  • 2. Story about me  Self-made person and improved my skills.  More than 20 years in publishing houses responsible for sales of advertising space. This business, by many underestimated, is versatile and particularly instructive. By insights into many branches you develop yourself as an interesting partner for companies and institutions. Added value: development to full partner at management / marketing decision-making. Evaluate my own weaknesses but especially developing my talents and skills. Learned: Always do your homework, seek creative solutions to solve problems, or results from analysis and display it on an attractive and intriguing way. Preferably with some suggestions and show it without addressed moralizing.  About 5 years worked in advertising agencies as client service director and responsibility of boards. Learned processes into (inter) national communications agencies. The divisions between and political importance of creation and business, especially in international level, experience and know them to go. Added value: development from a sales-oriented to a listening and originator personality. Furthermore learned into coaching and leadership into and teamwork promoter as especially as a powerful tool in organizations. Learned understood the political game. Furthermore I see occupy breaking through of innovations in many fields of marketing, communications and media. I participate and was a part of their place in the mix  I worked till now more than 19 years as an independent entrepreneur for (inter) national customers.  Personality: integer, people man, go-getter, creative, inspiring, honest, enthusiastic, flexible and open minded.
  • 3. Experiences  International Marketing, Sales & Communication  Branding, Brand Manual, Concepting & New Packaging design, Presentations, Franchise & Store concepts, Brand Experiences Shops, Investment Planning, Marketing, Product, Export/Sales & Key Account Management, Web visibility, online strategies for product support, New Marketing (2.0) approach through social networks, Change Management, Internal Communication, etc.  Business Development Communication Agencies  WPP/Wunderman/TaskForce Amsterdam, BBDO/Proximity Amstelveen  Business Development own company  Client Services & Account Director  Bozell Advertising, ARVH Communications  Sales & Category Management  Sales Director Publishers± Reed Elsevier, Perscombinatie. Category Management Mölnlycke , Elma Ltd.  B2B & B2C, Trade, Retail,  Profit and Governmental organisations  Shelve(s) analyses, included cost & profit
  • 4. Clients
  • 5. China
  • 6. UAE - Dubai
  • 7. “Henk is an extremely enthusiastic person, with great management skills and advertising + marketing experience. It was a bliss working for Henk, I had a great time and learned a lot.” October 27, 2008 Melinda Crawford , Office Manager Admarcom, reported to Henk at Admarcom & Partners Quotes of colleagues, purchasers of marketing & communication services, company owners and decision makers. “Henk always manages to over deliver and in a creative and novel way! Great stuff from a great guy!” July 31, 2008 Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert Jan Karel Kleijn hired Henk as a music in 2008 , and hired Henk more than once
  • 8. Working with Henk for the same purpose: the global positioning and identity branding of producers of authentic Greek food products, I found in Henk a super driven partner, coach, mentor and co-developer. Even though marketing Greek products is often a bumpy road, Henk has always shown an unstoppable energy and expertise to present and develop every level of his brand, anywhere in the world to anyone he chose fit to be partner. 'No-nonsense', 'Exciting' and 'Inspiring' are only the first 3 characteristics that come to mind when thinking of Henk's commitment and work. You have a serious brand, with a serious aim for a serious market? I'd definitely have a chat with Henk!” October 16, 2009 Robijns Jan, Export Development Manager, Attiki Pittas was with another company when working with Henk at Elma Ltd (Greece) Crete “Henk is a strategic miracle, always looking for new challenges. Beside this he´s a great person to work with and always in for a talk.” November 17, 2006 Lilian Heijmans , Marketing Communication Consultant , Heijmans Marketing en Communicatie Advies working with Henk at Admarcom Network Compagnons in Wunderman - Amsterdam “In addition to being a pleasant human being, Henk is a very honest, straight forward and capable communications professional. In addition, he is the ideal person to discuss concepts and ideas in a wide variety of business areas. He transmits these qualities in his early contacts, impressing even people whom he has just met. And he does his homework!” October 11, 2007 Ron Franken , Owner , Tynwald International was with another company when working with Henk at Admarcom & Partners CEO/Owner at Admarcom & Partners
  • 9. “Henk's enthusiastic and professional approach to new business led to numerous valuable contacts. Henk is an open minded, flexible man with great spirit and fun.” November 3, 2008 Sandra Horlings , Managing director , Proximity , managed Henk at Proximity “Henk is a great and pleasant guy to work with. Straight forward, reliable, skilled communicator and out-of-the box thinking. He surprises me, for over 20 years now, with his up-to-date knowledge and views on the business. I highly recommend Henk as business partner.” November 11, 2008 Top qualities: Great Results , Good Value , Creative Paul Vermeulen hired Henk as a Business Consultant in 1984 , and hired Henk more than once “Henk is een inspirerende man die zijn kennis en ervaring opgedaan in de bureauwereld wil toepassen aan klantzijde. Hij vindt het belangrijk om bij te blijven in de online ontwikkelingen. Henk komt over als strategisch, voortvarend en snel. Is een stevig gesprekspartner.” July 30, 2008 Marguerita Suddaby-Bisschop , Consultant werving en selectie , OCG “Henk weet meer dan Google!” November 10, 2008, (Henk knows more then Google!) Job Koopman , Consultant / CSD, digital leader , Proximity (BBDO) worked with Henk at Proximity Business Development Management at Proximity
  • 10. “Henk was one of the cool people at Proximity. Loved discussing new stuff with him. Props for Henk...” November 5, 2008 Maarten Groen , Proximity BBDO , “Henk is a super enthusiast, hard-working professional, always looking for opportunities. He thinks in solutions and in human values. A real pleasure to work with him.” October 29, 2008 Évi Anlauf , Client Service Director Automotive , Wunderman ,worked with Henk at Wunderman Amsterdam “Henk is always looking for creative solutions to get the best results within the given time frame and money frame. He is responsive, has a professional mindset and it is fun to work with Henk!” October 28, 2008 Top qualities: Personable , High Integrity , Creative Mirko Creyghton hired Henk as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2007 “Henk is a great marketing/communication expert with a very good network!” November 28, 2007 Frans Rodenburg , Mediadirector , PPGH/JWT , frans@wisecrackers.nl was with another company when working with Henk at Perscofrans@wisecrackers.nlmbinatie Sales Manager at Perscombinatie
  • 11. Recent project  Elma bulk into three independent Business Units  Planning: Business, Export, Marketing, Product and Communications  New website: www.elmaltd.eu  Port Folio Management  Key Account System and Client Report System  Category Management  Focus export China, Arabic Speaking countries, India, Russia and USA  Target groups analyses; b2c, b2b,`retail, wholesale, agents, city analyses, agent profiles  Consumer profiling  New brand profile, Brand experience shop concept, packaging concept and brand manual for Cretan Treasure
  • 12. Change Management From only BULK into three Business Units
  • 13. Brand experiences shops
  • 14. Proposals to Emke Group UAE
  • 15. Global brochure grid
  • 16. Global brochure grid
  • 17. www.elmaltd.eu
  • 18. Voor meer informatie: http://nl.linkedin.com/in/henkterol http://admarcom.jouwweb.nl/even-voorstellen Henk.terol@admarcom.nl Henk.terol@gmail.com Skype: henk.terol21 Mobiel +31654977703