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StartingBloc Los Angeles Institute 2013 Essay 2: Quingan Zhou
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StartingBloc Los Angeles Institute 2013 Essay 2: Quingan Zhou


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Quingan Zhou's Response to Essay #2 for the 2013 StartingBloc Los Angeles Institute Application

Quingan Zhou's Response to Essay #2 for the 2013 StartingBloc Los Angeles Institute Application

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  • 1. StartingBloc Institute for Social Innovation Los Angeles, 2013 Application Essay #2
  • 2. #1: Quing’s Professional Networks Milken Family Network Riordan Programs NetworkStartingBloc Yale University Network QuingCommunity Critical Language Scholars Network StartingBloc Fellows! Network of researchers and Who would you like to connect with? institutional leaders at I would love to help! prominent medical centers around the globe
  • 3. #2: Quing’s International Experience US State Department Language Immersion Human Rights in Korea Internship in Research in Argentina 2011 United Kingdom 2008 2009 Quing, I want to start a social enterprise for Definitely! Let mehomeless youths in connect you with Study Abroad Pablo – he’s a Argentina. Any super nice human in Spain local contacts? rights advocate in 2009 Buenos Aires!
  • 4. #3: Quing’s China Expertise 2011 – present: I launched and currently oversee a cancer research funding program in China for the Prostate Cancer Foundation Want to expand your You want to new mobile app forintroduce your solar clinical trials abroad? energy product to Here are some folks Need a China? Why don’t I you can talk to at place to Traveling to connect you with Peking University stay in Nanjing? Here are someone at the First Hospital and Shanghai? the restaurants Ministry of Science Fudan Tumor Center. you must try out! and Technology?
  • 5. #4: Quing’s Leadership Strengths Based on StrengthsFinder 2.0 Assessment*, my strengths include: Communication = I am a good conversationalist and presenter who thrives in settings where everyone feels safe thinking out loud and debating ideas.With my StartingBloc Fellowship Class, I will: 0 Sift through possibilities and assess the pros and cons of each person’s innovative theories and proposals. 0 Encourage everyone’s ideas to expand, narrow, and take on new forms. 0 Respond to differing points of view. 0 Make situations fun! *Sources: Strengths Based Leadership. Gallup Press. 2009.
  • 6. #4: Quing’s Leadership Strengths (Con’t)Woo = I can draw people into difficult conversations toaddress social dilemmas. I am devoted to the people in mylife.With my StartingBloc Fellowship Class, I will: 0 Encourage everyone to express their opinions. 0 Share my personal and professional experiences and encourage others to learn from my successes and failures. 0 Continue mentorships and friendships beyond the Institute.
  • 7. #4: Quing’s Leadership Strengths (Con’t)Focus = I know what’s important, follow through, and stay ontrack. I prioritize, then act.With my StartingBloc Fellowship Class, I will: 0 Help others understand what needs to be done to improve their products or processes. 0 Help others make choices methodically. 0 Strategize systematically to achieve maximum efficiency, productivity, and profits.
  • 8. #4: Quing’s Leadership Strengths (Con’t)Futuristic = I am inspired by the future and what could be. Itend to talk about inventions and technologies that few haveconsidered.With my StartingBloc Fellowship Class, I will: 0 Empower others to dream big and change the world. 0 Help others select the best choices and eliminate potential roadblocks by looking ahead. 0 Help others to see there is more than one way to obtain an objective by generating different possibilities.
  • 9. #4: Quing’s Leadership Strengths (Con’t)Learner = I have a great desire to learn and want tocontinuously improve. I find both the outcome and theprocess of learning exciting.With my StartingBloc Fellowship Class, I will: 0 Ask others in-depth questions to help them refine their ideas or consider other options. 0 Encourage others to gain insights from their mistakes and not repeat them. 0 Inspire others to constantly self-improve. 0 Teach others what I have learned.
  • 10. Quing Wants to: Introduce Fellows to her networks Connect Fellows to Help Fellows her international focus and circles prioritizeEmpower Consult onFellows to Quing China-relateddream big projects for Fellows Stimulate Inspire Fellows debates to constantly among self-improve Draw Fellows Fellows into challenging discussions