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Get the title to your home free and clear with quiet title

Get the title to your home free and clear with quiet title



Quiet title can get the title to your home free and clear.

Quiet title can get the title to your home free and clear.



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    Get the title to your home free and clear with quiet title Get the title to your home free and clear with quiet title Presentation Transcript

    • Get The Title To Your Home Free And Clear With Quiet TitleVisit us at http://www.tila-now.com
    • With wrongful foreclosures still out of control, and banks continuing to make asmuch money as they can off of their unethical and illegal predatory practices, it canfeel like it is impossible to fight back. It doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems tostop the wrongful foreclosure of your home however.Because of the greed and blatant disregard of regulations on the part of lenders,they might have done quite a lot to ensure that you can not only stop them fromforeclosing on your home, but also get the title to it free and clear but usingsomething known as a quiet title action.A quiet title is a lawsuit that can help to remove any claims on the title to your homefrom predatory lenders such as Bank of America, Countrywide and others. Moreand more people in recent months have been bringing lawsuits such as theseforwards in an attempt to stop wrongful foreclosure and have their fraudulentmortgages nullified. Visit us at http://www.tila-now.com
    • It is not just homeowners that have been wronged by the banks suing for quiet titleactions however. Almost everybody and any level has been involved in suing bankslike Bank of America for fraud. Even the government has named them as the targetof several investigations and lawsuits.A quiet title action along with a securitization audit can protect your home fromfraudulent charges brought forth by predatory lenders. The purpose of quiet title isto remove the cloud over the title so that the plaintiff may be free of claims againstthe property forever, therefore “quieting” any challenges or claims to the title.Quiet title lawsuits have become an increasingly popular way to attempt to stop thewrongful foreclosure on properties and as a way to have predatory loans nullified. Visit us at http://www.tila-now.com
    • Quiet title has proven to be a very popular way for homeowners to fight back againstpredatory lenders. Many people have successfully been able to get the title to theirhome free and clear thanks to a successful quiet title action. You can even becompensated financially for any excessive interest that may have been paid on yourmortgage.By working with qualified legal professionals and using evidence that clearly showswrongdoing on the part of your lender that a securitization audit provides, you cannot only save your home, but walk away with the title to it free and clear, and neverhave to worry again. Visit us at http://www.tila-now.com
    • This is why if you think you can benefit from quiet title, you should contact areputable audit company such as Tila Solutions to find out if a quiet title action isright for you. For over a decade, Tila Solutions has been looking out for thehomeowner with their forensic loan audits and securitization audits. A Tila Solutions Consultant is available by telephone at (702) 508-0335. Or youcan visit the Tila Solutions website at quiet title Visit us at http://www.tila-now.com