Timing Between Lh Surge And Ovulation


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Timing Between Lh Surge And Ovulation

  1. 1. Timing Between Lh Surge And OvulationUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgSharon asks…Ive tried all diffrent ovulation calculators and all them say imovulating a diffrent day by like a day or 2?How do i know wen is the exact day of ovulation if there diffrent days?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Vanessa, the reason you are getting mixed answers on ovulation is we all ovulate at differenttimes each cycle! The only constant thing is our luteal phase, this is the time between ovulationand flow. Now, the only way to know for sure when you ovulate is to chart OR use ovulation testkits known as OPK’s. They can detect the LH surge and determine if you are about to ovulateor have.Its best to use both methods but it can be maddening lol. Trust me, until you really understandyour own body’s fertility signs it can be more confusing than anything. I suggest doing what Idid. Go to a site like fertilityfriend.com. There you can sign up for a free account and then signup on the left for the fertility charting lessons. They are free as well and will come daily viaemail. They are incredibly helpful and will offer some great insight as far as what is fertilecervical mucus and other signs to look for.Get yourself a Basal Body Thermometer. You can get them for about 4-6 bucks at your localdrug store. They are great because they read another tenth of a degree. Instead of saying 98.6, 1/7
  2. 2. a BBT will say 98.67. This way when you chart which is taking your BBT at the same time eachday before you even get out of bed then typing it in, it will show even slight variances.The chart will also allow you to keep track of when you make love so you have an idea of howyou are doing in that department. Though the best way to conceive is make love every day orevery other day once. That way you don’t miss your window.Best of luck and blessingsMandy asks…Is the Answer daily ovulation tracker a good product to use?I am using the Answer daily ovulation tracker. The control line seems to be getting darker butthe test line seems to be getting lighter. Has anyone had problems with this before?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:I got pregnant using this brand. If your test line is getting lighter then you may have alreadypassed your “peak.” I had a fade in period where the test would get darker for a couple daysbefore I got a positive. Make sure you aren’t using first morning urine. I think the directions sayits okay to, but your results are going to be better if you take the test between 10 a.m. And 5p.m. It has to be the same time everyday and try not to pee at least 3 hours before the test orurine will be diluted. It is possible for the line to get lighter after the LH surge is on its way backdown. So, I hope you’ve been bd-ing. Keep using the tests until you run out just to be sure thatthe LH surge isn’t on it’s way up. 2/7
  3. 3. Lizzie asks…What are the stages before Ovulation and what happens after?Can anyone tell me what happens when you get ready to ovulate and after ovulation? Whatoccurs afterwards?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:.The First Days of the Menstrual CycleThe menstrual cycle actually begins with the first day of your period. During this time, estrogenlevels in your body are extremely low. This signals your body to produce FSH. As the levels ofFSH in your bloodstream rise, approximately 20 follicles inside of your ovary begin to mature.One of these follicles will begin to secrete estradiol, a type of estrogen, while the weaker folliclesdie off. As your period ends, your body will prepare for ovulation by creating a thicker uterinelining, appropriate for implantation. Your cervical mucus will also change, from thick and clumpy,to thin and slippery.OvulationOvulation occurs around the 14th day of your menstrual cycle. During this time, estrogen beginsto rise rapidly, peaking about a day before ovulation. As your estrogen levels peak, your bodywill experience a surge in LH, triggering your ovaries to release an egg from its follicle. This eggwill enter one of your fallopian tubes and travel towards your uterus. The leftover egg folliclegradually shrinks, becoming the corpus luteum. The corpus luteum secretes progesterone,helping to prepare your uterine lining for pregnancy. 3/7
  4. 4. MenstruationIf your egg is not fertilized after ovulation, your body will progress into the menstrual phase of itscycle. During this stage, the unfertilizied egg is expelled from the vagina along with the uterinelining. This is your menstrual period. Typically, menstruation lasts between three and sevendays, though it can last as long as ten days. Your menstrual blood may change in color, rangingfrom bright red to deep brown. You may also notice some small clots in the blood. This isbecause your menstrual fluid is actually comprised of various cells and tissues. Duringmenstruation, hormone levels drop, signalling the cycle to start all over again.I googled stages of menstrual cycle. You should too.Also read the book, taking charge of your fertility. It will educated you beyond what you everthought you’d know.Carol asks…When should I start using my ovulation kit?My period ended today and I brought the First Response ovulation predictor strips.When should I start?Also what time of the day should I use them?*My periods are extremely irregular by the way if it helps* 4/7
  5. 5. Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Hi!If you have a 28 day cycle then start on cycle day 12, if you have a 30 day cycle then start on14th cycle day and so onIts best to use anytine between 2pm to 8pm make sure you have not peed for atleast threehours and dont take too much liquid in before testing. Test everyday at the same time till youdetect your LH Surge. One detected stop using the OPKs and start baby making the following 4days atleast. Good luck hun!Betty asks…Did any other women have problems with their menstrual cyclebefore trying to conceive?I’m bleeding between my periods and so I have an appointment with the gynecologist to makesure it’s not something bad before conceiving. It’s frustrating because I wish I could start tryingalready. Any other women had a similar situation? Thanks.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Yes! I was extremely irregular my whole life. Sometimes I would go 3-4 months without a period 5/7
  6. 6. and sometimes I would bleed every two weeks for a couple months. This also meant myovulation was all off as well. I ended up having to go on birth control for 2 months to get myhormones straightened out, and when I went off the pill, I ovulated 3 weeks later (I usedovulation tests and caught the LH surge) and got pregnant that time! Your only other optionwould be to test ovulation every day until you catch the LH surge, and then be strategical inhaving sex for the next 3-4 days. It was VERY hard on me too, so I completely understand. Thelast thing I wanted to do when I was trying so hard to conceive, was go on birth control!! But itworked, and in the end, I had to thank my doctor for insisting on it. Good Luck!!Maria asks…how long does the ovulation stay current in your urine afterputting it in a cup?I urined in the morning – in a cup then realized the ovulation stick was in the car so I waited like2 hours before I did the test with the morning urine… would this still be accurate? Does theovualtion hormone go away?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:It took you 2 hours to get to your car and back? Anyway, you shouldn’t be using the morning –the best time to test is between 10am and 7pm. The test is looking for the LH surge whichhappens 12-36 hours before ovulation so yes, it does go away. 6/7
  7. 7. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Answering Your Questions on LH Surge http://LHSurge.org Timing Between Lh Surge And Ovulation 7/7Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)