Q & A On Lh Surge And Ovulation


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Q & A On Lh Surge And Ovulation

  1. 1. Q & A On Lh Surge And OvulationUnderstanding Luteinizing hormonehttp://lhhormone.orgJenny asks…What does it mean if LH surge/+ovulation test, lasts for severaldays?I’ve been testing positive on my ovulation test since Friday and it is now Sunday – 3 days.Does that mean I haven’t ovulated yet? The line is darker than the control line so I know it’s apositive for sure. It seemed to have been fainter at one point Saturday evening but by night timeit had become very dark again and is still dark today.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:You could be catching the LH surge on the way up and down. Time to baby dance!!Baby dust to you!! 1/6
  2. 2. Carol asks…Low LH Surge, Ovulation Bleeding?I have been testing for a LH Surge for nearly 20 days. I was due to Ovulate 23-30. On 26-27 Ihad a slight slight LH surge. My cervical mucus has been like egg whites. Last night I startedwith slight spot bleeding and mild cramping. Am I ovulating even though the ovulation tests didnot detect a high LH surge?Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Some times ovulation kits dont seem to work…it can be possible to miss Lh surge some womenshav to take a test every few hours to catch ovulation…it looks like u hav ovulated as u hadovulation bleeding ,cramping and mainly ur cervical fluid…just to make it 100% sure u can watchfor your temperature..if its high for 3days in arow then ovulation is confirmed…good luck to u…Maria asks… 2/6
  3. 3. Late LH surge Ovulation?TTC for 3 months…no birth control used and having relations daily even through menstruation.Had two successful pregnancies in prior marriage. Second husband has tested very fertile. Firstmonth of using an OTK and LH surge occured day 25 of supposed 29 day cycle…why wouldthis happen? Can one get pregnant with such a late LH surge / ovulation? Never gave it asecond thought before, now wondering if I can conceive again.Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:You musta been totally stressed..one reason why you ovulated late..If you ovulated on day 25,then your period would show up approx 13 or 14 days from then…so, that month your cyclewould be 25 + 13 = 38 days long. If you had intercourse on day 23,24,25,26,27 then you maylikely get pregnent. Good luck.Helen asks…Help needed in understanding my LH surge/Ovulation…?Hello,I recently started using OPK tests to help predict my LH surge in hopes to better pin point my 3/6
  4. 4. day for ovulation in addition to tracking my BBT and CM. In the days leading up to Saturday Icould see my test line becoming darker each day that I tested and on Saturday around mid-dayI recieved a positive test line result for which my husband and I planned BD time accordingly.On Sunday my BBT spiked and my CM was no longer the egg white consistency thereforeconcluding that I ovulated. So that said in trying to better understand my body, since my LHsurge occured Saturday and my temp spiked Sunday am I correct in saying that my surge/fertile window is small, because I have read that once your LH surge happens you can haveup to 36 hours. Has anyone had similiar experiences, if so, I would love to hear them. Thankyou!Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:Yes, once your LH surge happens you can have up to 36 – 48 hours however, it depends whereyou caught the LH surge. If the LH surge was on the way up when you caught it with a + OPKthen yes, you might have a 36-48 hour window to catch the egg. If the LH surge was caught onthe way down, you might only have a 12 hour window.Everyone’s surge/fertile window is small. Once you get get a + OPK, you should expect toovulate within 12-48 hours. OPK’s are not going to give you a precise hour in which youovulate, only a range narrowed down to two days.The LH surge is like a mountain when plotted and most women will ovulate 34-38 hours afterthe “peak” of the LH surge. OPK’s detect the LH surge, but they can’t determine where in thesurge you are (where on the mountain you are). The LH surge can last as short as 24 hours oras long as 48 hours. A + OPK could mean you are catching the surge on the way up (meaningyou might ovulate 48 hours later) or on the way down (meaning you already peaked and mightovulate in as little as 12 hours from the + test).Hope that makes sense.If you had a + OPK on Saturday, and a temp spike on Sunday, then you probably caught the LHsurge on the way down and you ovulated sometime later that Saturday or early on Sunday.However, its only Monday – you need at least 3 days of elevated temps to confirm ovulation hastaken place. One high temp does not confirm an ovulatory temp rise.Good luck! 4/6
  5. 5. Nancy asks…I need help with this, Lh surge, ovulation, etc?? please answer?If I finally detected my lh surge today with a clearblue digital opk?this morning when I woke up I took a ovulation test (digital) and it came back like it has been acircle , so I took it as a no your not having an lh surge yet, so I had to come home from work atnoon, I thought what the heck ill test again, so I did and I finally got the smiley face I waslooking for, I tested just a second ago, like 730 again, and it was smiley face too,lol, ok so myquestion is, I see women saying 1 dpo 2 dpo, 3 dpo, etc how will I figure my day of ovulation,how will I know? Also, we dtd last night, which was out first night with preseed and are going todtd agin tonight and tomorrow *with the help of preseed of course*, so with that being said,what are my chances of becoming pregnant this cycle??? what else can I do to increase ourchances this time around…Pregnancy Advisor’s answers:You and DH should bd at least every other day until you are no longer getting “smiley faces.”The opk’s detect your LH surge which happens before you ovulate. Once you no longer getpositive opk’s you have already ovulated. Then you are in the TWW. Good luck and i hope thishelps some.Powered by Yahoo! AnswersAnswering Your Questions on LH Surgehttp://LHSurge.org 5/6
  6. 6. Q & A On Lh Surge And Ovulation 6/6Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)